White Mustang Car 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429


White Mustang Car 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

White mustang car, I am lu another episode of my car story, i’m here with eric through an tale and guys tell us where we’re at first of all grab midwest car exchange out nelson Illinois, home of the world’s classic and most car dealership. I’M gon na grab the cameras. I usually do cuz, I’m gon na and and and where we stand by to the car for a second again and and and who’s the older brother. I am and where’s your dad. He isn’t what joy himself having a little uh little him time. I guess so, while he’s gone, we’re gon na talk about his car yeah, all right great come on back guys, and what do we have here today? We’Ve got a 69 boss 429.

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This car is featured with 4-speed. Obviously the big 429 engine especially made for the NASCAR circuit – this one actually is sporting 16,000 original miles and it is an all original car. So this is one of dads favorite. Is this dad’s favorite car? Hey it’s in there, it’s in there it’s in the top. Five, I definitely say that it’s in the top – five – okay, so he’s not here and we’re letting him know what that you guys are working here and give us a quick plug. As I’m walking around the car, you guys sell cars yeah we sell cars, consign them of primarily we’ll do restorations too, but we’re a family-run business for the past 24 years. Now it’s just been the four of us over here and twelve thousand square foot indoor showroom and we sell worldwide.

Ok, so today we’re just featuring one of the beautiful cars that you have here today and will feature more of those as well and as you get close, that have great stories, you guys call me on in and we’ll definitely do some stories so so this is Great and your what what what town are we in we’re in El SAPO annoy Alsip Illinois miles south of the city of Chicago? Ok, great so we’re in Alsip Illinois and we’re looking at considerably the baddest Mustang of all time, the boss 429 and the colors one Bolton white and through those people who want to see some detail.

You can stop on this at anytime and get some of that detail as you can see, but you don’t have to look at in a book because we’re looking at the real thing, love the sport mirrors. Now, how long have you had this car we’ve actually had the car for about 8 17 years now, 1988, so yeah about 17 years now, so this car is not just one that you sell, but this is kind of a family member I mean it is. It is the redhead stepchild, the the third son and, as I understand it, there’s a story on when you know your dad buys and sells cars. I mean that’s great. How did he have to what did he have to do to get this one? Actually, this car and the 1970 Faust 302 it’s an orange car. He primarily went to go, buy these two cars out of a collection he when he arrived there.

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He goes all right. I want these two cars there I was nope nope nope. You got to buy twelve more cars to go along with it so 14 car package. So to get these two, you want to get yourself your boss, 429, there’s a little stipulation to it without a go. There’S the exhaust on this one and I’m taking my time on this because it just it’s a beautiful, beautiful car. If you went over everything he wet sanded and buffed, the car inside notes, it’s still sporting original paint. So this is your real original boss and although your dad and you you, gentlemen and your mother go to some wonderful car shows this one stays right in the showroom it does and the bars are around it, and this is the one that’s special for your dear Dad right well, look at the beautiful tail right there.

Oh it’s swoops down yeah, it looks just fantastic clerical body ones, clearly, a the fastback and again, arguably arguably one of the most beautiful Mustangs. I keep in mind. The car is not numbers-matching user. The car came from Ford Motor Company with a 385 then went over to Motorcraft, where they cut ground and dropped in a 429 for the insurance companies was rated at 350 horsepower. Realistic numbers are over 500. 550. Okay: let’s take a look at the interior.

Go I’ll! Let you open that and let’s start right on the side. Cuz people love all that little badging and stuff, so I’m gon na do this at the door and let’s look at the model. Nascar, that’s great! What’S it for how about that? Kk! 429! Oh back! In 69 and 70, one of the stipulations for NASCAR was Ford had to build extra mount a number of 429 in order to race in the NASCAR series, the boss or Ford Motor Company built 800 of these boss, 429 Mustangs between 69 and 70. Just to get him into the race and let him use the engine, so this is one of them that allow them to do that and you know pretty straightforward four-seat Mustang back seats really you’re never used unless you have small children, which, probably when you guys got This car, you could see the size of both of you, guys, are towering over man yeah. I don’t think I was ever small at any point: yeah, I’m not the smallest guy in the planet. I’Ll tell you that, but you guys are making me look pretty small. I mean a basketball game right now.

I just clearly be the guard, but yeah there you go um there. We go sixteen nine six, six, that’s original, I’m the original odometer and it’s kept there still sports. All the factory markings is about to in a door jamb. So it’s all all original never been eaten up or ripped apart, tampered with or kind of, a shell be a little stripe in the four-speed there. Now now guys, you know just in a level of honesty, you guys ever take this thing out when dad’s not around I’d, absolutely love to, but, like I said uh since I can remember, I don’t think I’ve ever heard this car run wait. Sometimes it’s right. So dad you’re safe alright.

So, although if we do get it running so dad dad next time, I’m out when you will chat and talk about the cars and the boys and things, but but they’re there taking care of your business while you’re gone we’re to say this cuz. This is on film right, Yeah, right right right, that’s true too. Let’S top pop the hood cuz, that’s really the the cherry on the sundae. It’S the bread and butter there we go just jammed in there has monster heads on top of this 429. This was actually the equivalent of the Mopars Hemi engine: okay semi heavy. They call it semi heavy yeah, semi, honey, honey, honey, nice and you’ve got the hood scoop divots there, the 46. Maybe someone can tell us, there’s some forty-six markings there and a forty-six marking there.

I’M sure some of that hinge to and on the hinge right there, so you viewers who know these cars feel free to comment as we go accordingly, but this is really always a treat whenever you get a 429 Mustang there you get the chance to so and As they said, it’s kind of the overall it’s really packed in there, even even dad, would get the chance to enjoy reading some of these badges. You may never been able to read until we’ve got high def like this, so for all those people are wanted and we’ll just do that. So gentlemen, let’s shut the hood Eric jump on it, you tick off yeah Tim jump in customer King, hey stand right there. You stay right. There stay right. There, Tim thanks for being on my car story. Thank you.

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