Unique Tesla Interior

10 Unique Tesla Interior You Never Imagined


10 Unique Tesla Interior You Never Imagined

Unique tesla interior, Tesla’s exterior and interior design elements are unlike any other car on the market. Except for the original pre-facelift S and Roadster models, all Tesla vehicles have no lattice, giving the current generation S, Model X and Model 3 models very different compared to traditional cars.

Unique Tesla Interior
Unique Tesla Interior

The interior of a Tesla electric car is more unique. Very minimalist, Tesla interiors are centered on advanced technology and sustainability. This unique element makes Tesla stand out from competitors from traditional car manufacturers such as Lexus and BMW.

At the same time, it also makes the company’s vehicle design very polarized. In the automated community, finding a reviewer who praises Tesla’s exterior and interior design is as easy as finding a reviewer who considers it truly offensive.

If the Q2 2019 results from Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch have hints, it seems that a large number of luxury car buyers actually prefer the clean lines and minimalist theme of Tesla electric cars over the conventional accents found on traditional luxury cars. .

The KBB survey gives a rating to vehicle manufacturers according to 12 categories that include safety to prestige. Tesla dominates the list, ranking first in seven of the 12 list categories.

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Some of Tesla’s superior categories are quite surprising, such as Driving Technology and Performance, as these are aspects that electric car companies typically do.

What is surprising is the fact that Tesla is also the first tier brand for Exterior Style, beating Audi and Porsche in the process. Tesla’s Internal Layout also ranked first in the KBB rankings, placing the company above Acura and Genesis.

While the car runs beautifully and looks attractive on the outside, its interior is key to making Tesla stand out from the crowd. Here are 10 incredible innovations from the inside of Tesla that most buyers cannot deny.

1. Tesla Model 3 Has More Hidden Surprises

Sitting in the Model 3 and for a while, you would think that they forgot to install air vents in the car, but the cold interior contradicts this thinking. Hidden air holes, parallel to the wood panels on the dashboard.

The whole thing feels sleek and undeniable. It works like a silent air conditioning system that provides all the freshness without sight and sound. If you want to charge your phone, there is a dock installed in the middle stack. Very efficient and user friendly at the same time.

2. Tesla Roadster Has No Steering Wheel

No, not as you think. This does not mean that the Roadster, which is rumored to be back in the Tesla line in 2020, has overtaken the Model 3 and eliminated steering wheel control. In fact, the steering wheel is not the wheel in this car and looks more like an airplane yoke.

Tesla Roadster Has No Steering Wheel
Tesla Roadster Has No Steering Wheel

With the type of speed the Roadster reaches, 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, he may even fly. So, yoke looks more at home than a traditional steering wheel. Oh, and this one door opens with a finger down on three oblique parallel lights on a B-pole.

3. Tesla Has Largest Touch Screen

Not to be outdone, the Model S has the largest touch screen ever in the car, measuring 17 inches. Honestly, it’s more like a laptop mounted on a dashboard, than a regular touchscreen tablet. While the Model S is not as simple as the Model 3 and has some physical controls on the steering wheel console, the giant screen is a sight to behold.

Tesla Has Largest Touch Screen
Tesla Has Largest Touch Screen

Despite its large size, it does not bother the driver. The screen displays controls that are frequently used all the time, so you only need to touch the screen to access the functions you need.

4. Tesla Model 3 Orange Glass Roof For Cause

While on the inside, the Model 3 glass roof looks ordinary, though stunning, but the exterior is orange in color. These rainbow glasses will give more sunlight, and if the glass is normal, it will also heat up. But nothing is familiar about Tesla, right?

Tesla Model 3 Orange Glass Roof For Cause
Tesla Model 3 Orange Glass Roof For Cause

According to Jalopnik, this special glass has a lining inside that is designed to reflect UV rays and other hot rays from the car, making the interior cooler. This helps save battery and electric distance as less air conditioning is needed to cool the car.

5. Tesla Model 3 Controls Are On The Touch Screen

Honestly, there is no car with a more minimalist interior than the Tesla Model 3. The dashboard has no buttons, knobs, or switches. It looks like a very spacious blank design and does not even have a console steering wheel. The steering wheel, if you can name it, is all in the car because everything else is on the 15-inch display screen.

Two bars and two track balls on the steering wheel are all you can get in the name of physical control. Other validities include flasher hazards, as well as window and door knobs. Model 3 makes every other car ancient by including everything else on the 15-inch touchscreen.

6. Very Child Friendly Tesla Infotainment System

Tesla likes to surprise buyers with something new all the time. When the infotainment system 8.1 firmware update was launched, it was accompanied by a beautiful Easter egg. According to Teslerati, this means that any Tesla owner can update their display screen and turn it into a sketch by tapping the T in the center of the screen three times.

The screen then shows two options to choose from – one is “No, the world is not ready for my art” and the other says “Yes, I am an artist”. The second option then turns the screen into an incredible sketch for drawing and scribbling.

7. Tesla Model X Offers Very Clean Indoor Air

Tesla’s mid-size crossover, Model X is able to filter most of the harmful chemicals in the air, at least from the inside of the car. According to Tesla, the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) screening system is part of Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode and is another example to show how advanced Tesla cars are compared to competitors.

Honestly, most of us do not think about the air we breathe. But having a car that takes care of you and your lungs is definitely annoying. The same thing was introduced in Model S.

8. Very Spartan Tesla Model 3 dashboard

Get into the Tesla Model 3 and there are moments of panic caused by who moves the cheese. Why, because the dashboard may be the same spartan as the first car in automotive history.

Spartan Tesla Model 3 Dashboard
Spartan Tesla Model 3 Dashboard

According to Business Insider, this is a plastic layout of a dashboard with only a steering wheel and a 15-inch touchscreen in the middle, mounted on a floating handle. There is no cluster of instruments at all. For everything, the driver should peek at the screen display, whether it is speed, or temperature or battery waste. Honestly, the Tesla 3 is very different from its predecessor (S and X) models.

9. Tesla Keep Climate On

Caring for children or pets in a car parked in the scorching summer is a bit tedious even for just a few minutes. Leaving them in an idle car poses another danger. Tesla has the answer with the “Keep Climate On” feature which helps the car maintain a comfortable indoor temperature even when the ignition is off.

Tesla Dog Mode Temperature Inside
Tesla Dog Mode Temperature Inside

Another feature is “Dog Mode” which not only keeps the temperature inside but also displays a message on the display screen, telling passersby that their dog or pet is comfortable in the car and does not need rescue.

10. Touch Screen That Makes Tesla S Go Sonic Model

Tesla’s Model S offers a weird Funny Mode. This is very similar to the speed of a spacecraft featured in a sci-fi movie. When the car is in this mode, it will release extra energy from the battery and the car reaches the 0-60 sprint in just 3 seconds.

Touch Screen That Makes Tesla S Go Sonic Model
Touch Screen That Makes Tesla S Go Sonic Model

Tesla’s P85D workforce that makes this incredible amount of energy can turn an ordinary car into a Sonic car avatar. It is done with only one touch option, not even a single button, on the touch screen located right next to the drive.