Types of Technology Devices and Communication Technology

Types of Technology Devices and Communication Technology

Types of Technology Devices and Communication Technology

Types of Technology Devices and Communication Technology

Types of technology devices and communication technologies . At this time, we are experiencing the rapid development of amazing technologies in this modern age, especially in technologies such as information technology and communication technology. Different types of technology are also evolving more and more sophisticated and fast to make people’s lives easier.

Information technology devices are all types of equipment used to obtain the necessary information through printed or electronic media. Communication at this time is something that is very important for all people in the world.

In ancient times, ancient people communicated through graffiti or images in caves. In general, the technology is divided into two parts, namely communication and information technology, so that the information and communication technology equipment will be slightly different, but generally the same.


  1. Computer

    A computer is a tool in the form of hardware and software that is used to help process data into information and save it for later display. Computer-generated information can be in the form of text, images, sound, video and animation.

  2. Notebooks

    Laptops are equipment that performs the same function as a computer, but in a practical form that can be folded and carried because it uses a charger so that it can be used without the use of electricity. Laptops or notebooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This device performs the same functions as a computer. It’s just that the product has been deliberately made more practical so that it can be folded and moved anywhere.

  3. Netbook

    A netbook is a variant of a laptop, but its size is smaller and its hardware characteristics are lower, and there are some features that have been removed in order to reduce the size and reduce the price of the netbook itself.

  4. Tablets

    Tablet PC – a laptop or notebook in the form of a book. Has a touch screen or digital tablet technology that allows computer users to use a pen or digital pen in addition to a computer keyboard or mouse.

  5. Television

    Television is a device of information technology in the form of a broadcasting system, accompanied by image (visual) and sound (audio). Therefore, this device is used to directly transmit information in the form of moving images or videos.

  6. Radio

    A radio is a technological device used to transmit a signal. This electronic device has the function of transmitting information in the form of sound from the transmitting station through a predetermined frequency. The radio uses electromagnetic waves to transmit sound in the air.

  7. Newspaper

    Newspapers are print media used to convey information in writing and images that are published daily with the latest news on various topics.

  8. MP3 Player

    An MP3 player is a device that can store data and can be used to play music and listen to the radio at the same time.

  9. Video Player

    Video player is a term commonly used to describe computer software for playing video files.

  10. Digital Camera

    A digital camera is a technological device commonly used to record images or videos using digital or disk storage methods.

  11. Calculator

    A calculator is a tool used to add or calculate different units.


    Phone / Mobile

    Mobile phones or they are usually called mobile phones or cell phones are electronic telecommunication devices that have the same basic features as regular landlines, but can be carried everywhere (portable, mobile) and do not need to be connected to the phone. network with cables (wireless; wireless).


    Faxing is a means of sending documents or photos from one place to another using a telephone line. Delivery can be made when the sender and recipient activate this machine.


    A telegraph is a machine / tool that uses telegraph technology to remotely send and receive messages.

    Email / Messenger

    Email is a letter through electronic media. In fact, e-mail is an abbreviation of “E-mail”. Through e-mail, we can send e-mail both as text and in combination with images sent from one e-mail address to another address on the Internet.


    Postal mail is a means of sending ordinary letters through the delivery service of postal parcels. Perhaps some people will be a little confused between media and information. Simply put, information equipment is a means of transmitting information or data from one person to another. While means of communication are a means of communication.

    With the development of technology in this modern era, it is easier for us to carry out activities. This article is about different types of information and communication technology devices that can be given, hopefully it will be useful