The Bullitt Mustang Big Muscle Dubai


The Bullitt Mustang Big Muscle Dubai

The bullitt mustang, There was sitting on the side of the road over 8,000 miles away from my home in California. It had the correct dark, Highland, green, pink, the iconic American torque thrust wheels and a stance that was about as close to perfect as you could possibly get so the other day we were at the Advanta caffeine machine. We came upon this a 1968 Ford Mustang, that’s kind of a tribute car to the movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen, now believe it or not. We’Ve actually been looking for not so much a pullet replica develop a big muscle, but a 68 musta. I mean it’s one of the most iconic American cars. Ever we just didn’t know. We were going to fly 14,000 miles to find one.

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This is a car that inspires so many people to do what they do right I mean I have a 68 Charger. This is the 68 Mustang that car chase in the movie Bullitt inspired. So much of what I do with big muscle, I never thought I’d be driving you to the Phillies, but I am it’s a convincing now granted. We were a long way from San Francisco and Frank bullet was nowhere to be seen and there wasn’t a black 68 Charger in sight. That, however, didn’t stop me from taking advantage of an open road that lay in the middle of the desert just outside to buy when a gracious owner tossed me, the keys to a 68 Mustang Fastback and said habit College, the owner. He found Lee’s car and it was, it was a mess right. There was no dashboard in the car, the pain was immense, the body was a mess, it was solid, but he did a lot of work.

He had never seen a 68 Mustang Fastback in person ever. He had seen it on television he’d seen in the movies, but it never actually laid his eyes on one until he saw this car we bought the car in Colorado. Had the car done shifted back to the UAE. So what do we have for mechanics? Let’S talk about this now the Mustangs were always. There were always fun little sport coupe cars. This started out as a 289 car, but he had it stroked to a 347. He added fuel injection to it.

He had a t5 training and the result is a car that not only sounds good put that performs great as well suspension modifications are subtle, but they’re correcting their right, meaning you look at the stance of the car. He’S got the torque thrust. Replica wheels he’s got a nice set of VFG, you know radial TAS on it and its stance very well right, it doesn’t rake, it just sits, nice and flat, and the car looks really really good. The rack on this thing is really quick. Like I go like this we’re moving, I can do a quarter turn in my charger and the thing just doesn’t go anywhere. I mean that this, the steering racks on these cars have been used on so many different. I rods and they’re wonderful and they’re great.

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They feel good, it just intergrate. It feels right so specialized it’s pretty stock with the shox. Now you can adjust the performance stiffness, it’s not out of the realm of you know. We didn’t go too crazy with it from let’s make it a Pro Touring Car. Instead, what we did was, let’s just make it a real good driver, understand this. A stock 68 Mustang is no joy to drive they handled poorly. They aren’t that quick and they don’t take abuse nearly as well as you might think.

Thanks, however, to the fuel-injected 347 stroker, the t5 transmission and some updated suspension fits not only was romping on this thing, a non-issue, but that type of behavior was more than encouraged by its own, sound, so good and it dries beautifully right. It’S it’s so cool to be driving one of these here now. If I didn’t tell you that I was in the Middle East driving through the desert, we could tell you we were in Moab Utah. We can tell you that we were in Southern California bite his bone. You guys would know the difference, except when I was driving by and a herd of camels crossed in front of the car. I didn’t expect that kind of through look at all these panels. Look like I’ve got a huge pump.

Is it yeah? That’S the other thing about that. This place. There are they’re, not big on stoplights they’re big on roundabouts you’re, not familiar with roundabouts. No, they are my favorite nice of Flash. Let’S do a poll. Let’S see hello camels here in the Middle East, it gets hot outside like stupid, hot so think about. I don’t know it’s July and it’s a hundred and thirty out, and you want to take your big block muscle car, your small block, muscle car out for a ride.

Well, the simple matter: is you can’t you just can’t these cars don’t perform well in the heat? Even in the States, these cars just don’t form well in the heat, so they’re basically parked for most of the year. You get three to four months out of the year and then maybe you can take it out every now again at night and really ring about and enjoy them. But the heat makes these cars kind of prohibit, but it makes it I’m gon na try to say, but the captain when we came over here I didn’t know what to expect. As far as car culture, I mean we look at the car culture online and all we see are you know la Ferraris and zondas and koenings eggs and every other form of high-end. You know exotic, but the muscle course even the classic American scene over here has really caught on and it’s really starting to grow. The Emiratis are looking at these cars and they’re going there’s something to this. We want to experience this.

I love you engage mint of these cars. I love the way they make me feel and they do too and that’s the coolest part, like you know, as an American to be over here and see one of our cars that’s really being enjoyed for what it is of the style makes me really really proud And the other cool part is I’ve got not only great contacts but we’re friends that I don’t give it what your political views are. I don’t give it what your religious views are. I don’t care as far as this goes. It’S a great equalizer man. Sadly, you could be Jewish, we all speak automobile. We all speak hotrod.

You keep doing that, we’ll be a better place. It’S unbelievable! This is a wonderful experience Khalid. I can’t I can’t thank you enough for letting us do this. You know I think now we have to do is I want to see what other cars are out here? Something up. Look at you, America! Look at your mirror! You really really you got ta be kidding me. Nobody can faster right next to the highway. You guys are never gon na believe what we just saw.

This is the great. This is awesome. I loved it. I love being here. I love this place. Dude he’s rolling, there’s a guy next to us in what seems to be like it’s got to be like an early 70s Ford, f250 or f-150. Woods can be converted and, unlike a prerunner truck and he’s bombing, oh he’s stopping he’s stopping up here.

Okay, it’s time to talk with this guy hang on a second. He stopping and he’s looking at us he’s just laughing I’ll, be right back, because this is too good. What’S going on, dude holy cow, it’s hard to put into words what it was like to drive. One of the most iconic American cars who were desert the Middle East, stating it was a sublime experience, would be an understatement and honestly, one that I didn’t think could be topped until that is. I was passed by another classic Ford that tackles speeding abuse in a much different fashion than Mustang. I was promising.

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