Tesla’S Model 3 Updates Proves Elon Musk’S Long Game

Tesla’S Model 3 Updates Proves Elon Musk’S Long Game


Tesla’S Model 3 Updates Proves Elon Musk’S Long Game

Tesla’s Model 3 updates prove Elon musk’s long game. Tesla quickly drew a fair amount of controversy about the vehicle’s architecture back when the Model 3 was unveiled. There were several concerns against the all-electric sedan, with arguments against the use of a single 15′ central monitor and its hyper-minimalistic interior being portrayed. The glove box of the car, which could only be accessed through the touchscreen, attracted its own fair share of eyebrows as well.

Tesla’S Model 3 Updates Proves Elon Musk’S Long Game
Tesla’S Model 3 Updates Proves Elon Musk’S Long Game

‘Impractical’ and ‘Wild’ concepts

The thought of a glovebox that couldn’t even be unlocked manually was crazy for a decent number of automotive enthusiasts. After all, practically all vehicles on the market, from inexpensive Japanese econoboxes to luxurious cars from Germany, use a manual latch for the glovebox. It was something so easy, so conventional, and here Tesla stubbornly refused to go along with it.

Putting a manual latch on the glovebox would be pretty simple, but Tesla’s emphasis on an electronically controlled system seemed to be more like hubris on the part of the EV builder. Tesla also added modifications to the glovebox of the Model 3, such as a feature that unlocks the storage area immediately in the case of a crash. This was introduced after an incident in which a Model 3 was involved in an accident that broke the 15-inch display, making the driver a very tough time accessing the title and insurance papers of the car.

Tesla has added several features to the Model 3 over the years. These include Sentry Mode, which constantly tracks the environment of a car, and TeslaCam, which functions on the road as an interactive dashcam for the all-electric sedan. The videos have been stored on a hard drive that drivers will have to plug into the Model 3 front USB port.

The functionality is extremely helpful, but some effort on the part of Tesla’s clients is needed. This may have been the reason why drivers do not universally use features such as Sentry Mode and TeslCam. With the introduction of the 2021 Model 3, this may change soon.

Pieces of a Puzzle

Tesla launched a range of key changes for the Model 3 “refresh,” from a revised center console and new Aero Wheels to new headlights. Minor improvements, including a USB port inside the glovebox, have also been added. A video from Hong Kong featuring a 2021 Model 3 further confirmed that there is already a 64 GB flash disk in the USB port inside the glovebox. This extremely slight improvement, which almost seems like an afterthought given the massive changes of the Model 3, makes it much simpler to use features like Sentry Mode and TeslaCam.

This also makes the Model 3 safer, as even criminals familiar with Teslas will no longer have any means of accessing the flash drive containing video recordings of the car. Thieves might just tear out the hard drive that contains Sentry Mode’s records until the “refresh,” which is very doubtful but also possible. With the 2021 Model 3, this will no longer be so, especially as Tesla has already introduced an additional layer of protection in the form of “Glovebox PIN,” which was previously released in an upgrade of the over-the-air program.

What is very interesting is that if Tesla had provided a manual latch for the Model 3’s glovebox, these changes would not work as well as they do now.

The point behind Tesla’s adamant reluctance to provide anything as simple as a physical glovebox lock during the initial launch and release of the vehicle was difficult to see, but it seems like the functionality, or lack thereof, was something that would be useful years after the release of the vehicle.

Tesla’S Model 3 Scle Up
Tesla’S Model 3 Scle Up

The Game of Long

This is something in the Tesla story that has been the main trend. There’s something the company or its CEO does and detractors pounce on the chance to get in a few shots. Products are carried out and upgraded by over-the-air upgrades, and the once-controversial tactics of Tesla and Elon Musk end up making sense before the dust settles. This was the case for the glovebox of the Model 3, and that will certainly also be so for other divisive elements of Tesla’s cars, such as the specification and novel features of the Cybertruck.

Ultimately, the fact that Tesla actually looks further ahead than any of its opponents might very well justify this phenomenon. Skeptics of Tesla may concentrate on what the company is doing today, or the current state of its products, but Elon Musk and his team are still looking into the future. This may very well be the reason why it seems to be difficult for even Wall Street analysts to grasp Tesla’s business. For eg, Morgan Stanley has recently upgraded TSLA stock to an “Overweight” ranking. This is attributed to Tesla’s company spreading from carmaking to other segments, such as tech, according to the financial firm. This is something that has been highlighted for years by longtime TSLA bulls.

What is very surprising is that for years to come, Tesla will continue to annoy skeptics. The organization is also carrying out plans and items that do not make sense to skeptics, such as the FSD beta and features like Smart Summon, much like the glovebox of the Model 3.

This argument is illustrated by a glance at Autopilot’s subpar ratings in evaluations by organizations such as Customer Reports. Yet maybe features such as Summon could serve a higher function year down the line, much like the modest Model 3 glovebox.

One of the more minor changes of Tesla’s Model 3 reveals the long game of Elon Musk and how skeptics skip the argument