Tesla’S Adaptive Air Suspension Cybertruck Feature

Tesla’s Air Suspension Cybertruck Feature


Tesla’S Air Suspension Cybertruck Feature

Tesla’s air suspension cybertruck feature. Tesla’s air suspension work for Full Self-Driving will be a killer Cybertruck feature. In comments on Twitter recently, Elon Musk says a lot of work is being done on the height of Tesla’s air suspension and sluggish algorithms. The system, Musk said, is connected to the Fully Self-Driving Suite, with air suspension and sluggish settings automatically adjusted how the vehicle works.

Tesla’S Adaptive Air Suspension Cybertruck Feature
Tesla’S Adaptive Air Suspension Cybertruck Feature

Musk’s comments are interesting considering that the only air-suspended vehicles in Tesla’s existing product range are the Model S and the Model X, which is a fraction of the company’s total production. The majority of Tesla vehicles that produce today are Model 3 and Model Y, both of which are more affordable and serve the mass market. Both are also with spring suspension settings.

Speculation is rife that Tesla will eventually add smart air suspension options to the Model 3 and Model Y, and its parts have also been added to the all-electric sedan parts catalog at some point. Elon Musk, however, is firm enough on the idea that both mass-market vehicles will not accept air suspension options.

Ok. Overall air suspension height and attention algorithms get a lot of attention. It will be linked to the FSD, so act automatically.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 26 November 2020

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Given the recent comments of Tesla’s CEO, it seems rather strange that Tesla will devote much of its resources to a system that uses only a fraction of its fleet. With this in mind, Musk’s latest tweet seems to hint at two possible scenarios: first, that Model 3 and Model Y will get an air suspension sometime in the future, or two, the height of Tesla’s FSD focus air suspension and damping system will eventually become a key feature for cyber trucks coming.

Cybertruck offers some new features that make it an attractive vehicle for pickup buyers. One of them is the smart suspension shown at the opening of Cybertruck. The smart suspension is also not all about utilities, since its features, similar to the models S and Model X used, can also be used to make the trip smoother and more comfortable.

Such a system can make Cybertruck one of the easiest pickup trucks on the market. Modern pickup trucks are comfortable enough, with vehicles such as 1500 RAM screening even SUVs and crossovers in driving quality. Tesla, however, can distinguish Cybertruck from its competitors by using its technology to give electric steel pickups an advantage.

Using FSD to automatically adjust the Smart Chassis settings for Cybertruck can be this advantage. Although they are refined today, very few pickup trucks can automatically change the height of their journey to optimize the travel quality of their passengers. Tesla will likely deliver cyber track with basic autopilot, after all, and Full Self Drive may be more mature when an all-electric pickup truck starts delivering customers.