Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me

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Find Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me

Tesla Supercharger, Supercharger is the name of a gas station or gas station for Tesla cars. This is a supercharger for Tesla electric cars as a service to its customers. This infrastructure plays a very important role in the development of electric cars. Just look at Tesla, if not for the extensive network of Chargers, it is impossible for Tesla to win the title of the number one electric car manufacturer.

Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me

Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me

Tesla Charger Technology

In addition to expanding its distribution, Tesla also did not forget to perfect the technology brought by the Supercharger. Last March, Tesla introduced the Tesla supercharger v3, a new generation electric car charging technology that is claimed to be able to transfer energy faster (250 kW compared to V2 which is only 150 kW) and more economical.

Tesla Charger Technology

Tesla Charger Technology

Supercharger V3 is no longer just a discourse or proof of concept. Tesla has just opened the first Supercharger V3 station in the city of Las Vegas, right next to the legendary Caesars Palace casino. There are a total of 24 charging units in the area.

Tesla did not forget to apply the principle of “clean renewable energy” which is their reference. Apart from the line of solar panels that make up the roof of this charging station, Tesla also uses a number of Powerpack units to store excess energy and use it when needed.

So how much time does it take for an Tesla customer to stop at the station? Tesla claims that in 15 minutes, the Supercharger V3 can supply enough energy to cover a distance of 290 km. This means that with 24 units of chargers, the Supercharger V3 station is capable of serving up to 1,500 Tesla users per day.

Interestingly, as you can see, there is almost no physical difference between the Supercharger V3 unit and the previous version. The difference is the cable, where the V3 relies on a cable with liquid cooling technology, which can not only transfer energy faster, but also produce a cable that is physically thinner and more flexible, even though the plug is still the same. .

Supercharger V3 has actually been discussed by Elon Musk and his men for the past three years. The increased efficiency offered by this new generation charging technology is also what ultimately allows Tesla to maximize the clean energy ecosystem that is the backbone of their business.

Tesla 2020 Supercharger Map

Tesla super charger travel planner is rumored to be updating the Supercharger electric car charger map for this year. In the new edition map there are more locations and new routes followed by the Supercharger charging network.

Tesla supercharger map near me

Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me

Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me

Maps of Tesla Supercharger are spread over many cities, both for those of you who live in America and you can find local tesla charging stations in San Diego and Houston (enlarge image above, to see detailed map of Tesla refueling stations)

At that time the company was having trouble installing the Supercharger V3 which is the latest version of the Tesla electric car charger.

Tesla added more than 2,000 new Superchargers in the second half of 2019. The accumulated volume has reached more than 15,000 Superchargers worldwide.

Previously, Tesla began shipping Model 3 sedans made at its factory located in Shanghai, China. This was achieved in less than a year since the facility was first built.

Citing Reuters, Tesla held a special event marking this achievement on Monday (30/12/2019). At the event, 15 Tesla employees used the car they bought.

The company said it wanted to start shipping from its factory in Shanghai before Chinese New Year on January 25th.

“From now on, the (Tesla) Model 3 made in China will start driving on the roads and lanes in China,” said Tesla Vice President Tao Lin at a presentation event attended by Shanghai officials and government officials.

Tesla Develops European Electric Charger Network

Tesla launched a network of super charging stations in Europe ahead of the construction of the Berlin electric car plant.

Electric car makers this week showcased high-speed chargers at their research campus in Berlin. Tesla says it is expanding its charging network to convince potential buyers with concerns about access to power plants.

“Now as part of our commitment to make Tesla ownership easy and convenient for everyone including those who do not have direct access to home or office charging, we are expanding our super charging network to downtown,” said Tesla filling infrastructure manager for Europe. , Jeroen van Tilburg.

Tesla plans to open at least one other fast-charging site in the city before Germany by the end of this year. Tilburg emphasizes that Tesla still believes in slow workplace and residential charging as the primary methods for charging vehicles but wants to offer faster options.

The super charger allows a Tesla Model 3 car to travel 75 miles in five minutes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was recently in Germany to visit a European gigafactory site. Tesla will build a new version of the Model Y crossover at the factory, and possibly even build a battery cell.

Tesla Charger Cost

The goal of Tesla’s refueling gas station network is to provide travel freedom to Tesla owners at lower petrol prices. Tesla updates prices regularly to take into account electrical changes, construction and maintenance costs to support its fast-growing network.

The cost of the charging station is approximate. The estimated cost assumes a Supercharger cost of $ 0.26 per kilowatt hour. The price of 21 MPG petrol for Model X and Model S and 28 MPG for Model 3 is $ 2.85 per gallon. Charges may vary depending on vehicle location, configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operation, and environmental and climatic conditions.

Tesla Charger Time

The original Tesla V1 and V2 supercharging stations charge up to 150 kW of power distributed between two cars with a maximum of 150 kW per car, depending on the version. They take about 20 minutes to charge up to 50%, 40 minutes to charge up to 80%, and 75 minutes to 100% on the original S 85 kWh model. This charge is quite fast with an increase in power of 150 kW per car.

Tesla Lifetime Battery

But simply maintaining Tesla’s battery life – about 300,000 to 500,000 miles – is not enough. Long-distance electric trucks and robotaxis will pack more miles a day than the average passenger, which is why Musk wants batteries that can last up to 1 million miles.

Tesla Charger At Home

The best place to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. Continue when you get home and wake up fully each morning. Fill your car from the sun and drive in the sun by adding solar panels to energize your home.

Tesla Charger At Home

Tesla Charger At Home

Find Tesla Supercharger Stations Near Me
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