Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Panels Cost And Instalation


Tesla Solar Panels Cost and Instalation

Tesla solar panels, tesla’s latest innovation in the third version of the solar panel innovation is being developed by a company created by Ellon Musk. This clean energy product, Musk said, will continue to increase production by the end of this year.

Tesla Solar Panels
Tesla Solar Panels

Roof Solar Panels Tesla

“We are currently using a three-roof version of solar tile, and we look forward to significantly increasing solar tile roof production by the end of this year,” Musk said in late April in Palo Alto, California.

Roof Solar Panels Tesla
Roof Solar Panels Tesla

Musk has listed the solar roof as an example of how Tesla made a big promise and eventually realized it. Musk has been showing the solar roof as part of his “future home” vision since November 2016.

Musk announced in March at the launch of the Model Y SUV that 2019 will be the year of Solar Roof and Powerwall. “Due to the extreme challenges with Model 3 production, we basically have to allocate all our resources to Model 3 production because otherwise we will die.”

Musk announced in August 2017 that he and Jeffrey B. Straubel, Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer, had installed these tiles on their roofs. While some buyers like Amanda Tobler and Tri Huynh made deliveries in early 2018, Reuters reports claim the company only installed 12 roofs in May of that year.

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Solar Panels From Tesla

Tesla recommends combining 35 percent solar tiles at $ 42 per square foot compared to 65 percent non-solar tiles at $ 11 per square foot, resulting in a tile price of $ 21.85 per square foot.

Tobler’s 2,000-square-foot roof costs $ 50,000 and produces 9.85 kilowatts, feeding one Powerwall battery. This is an exciting prospect, especially for new home developers.

Tesla Solar Panels And Powerwall

Through Powerwall and Powerpack, Tesla is slowly realizing the vision of a practical and environmentally renewable renewable energy ecosystem. Since the beginning of its development, Elon Musk as CEO of Tesla has held a discourse to pair the Powerwall with solar panels.

Coincidentally, Elon Musk is the director of a solar panel installation expert company named SolarCity founded by his cousin, Lyndon Rive. This unique partnership is not in vain; with SolarCity, Tesla developed its latest product called the Tesla Solar Roof.

Solar Roof is basically a collection of solar panels disguised as traditional roofs. Seen near or far, you can barely distinguish it from traditional roofs. To make camouflage more successful, Tesla plans to offer four different styles, including contoured and textured.

In every part of the Solar Roof, there is a place of high-efficiency solar panel cells that can only be seen if you look at it from above. The outer layer itself is a quartz material that is claimed to be harder than a tile roof.

Accompanying Solar Roof is Powerwall 2 which has a new design. The shape is now much more minimalist than before, but can still save 14 kWh of electricity – enough to liven up a four-room house all day. The price itself is offered at a price of $ 5,500 per unit.

The Powerwall 2 is the perfect match for the Solar Roof, as it can store the waste of electricity generated by solar panels in the morning until noon, for consumption in the evening – including for recharging Tesla car batteries.

Tesla’s mission through Solar Roof is to make solar panels as attractive as the electric car revolution they started. Even so, Tesla has so far not dared to reveal the price and availability of Solar Roof, including details on its installation process later.

Panasonic Tesla Solar Panels

Panasonic will end its solar panel production collaboration with Tesla. The Japanese company will end production in May and exit the Tesla plant located in Buffalo City, New York, USA in September 2020.

Panasonic will reduce jobs by about 400 employees at the plant. This plan is the focus of the Buffalo government. However, Tesla reportedly planned to hire Panasonic employees.

Tesla Lease Solar Panels

As usual, Tesla made its own way, tesla renting solar panels. In a series of tweets on Sunday morning, Elon Musk unveiled a new strategy: hiring solar energy. The company offers small, medium or large PV systems for rental homeowners ranging from $ 50 to $ 195 per month and system capacity ranging from 3.8 kW to 11.4 kW.

On Twitter, Musk is very optimistic about the product’s ability to save money for customers, which is estimated to save customers around $ 500 a year.

Tesla Residential Solar Panels

Tesla Inc. started producing premium roofing solar panels late last month, to meet the demand of consumers who have made savings worth US $ 1,000 since 2017.

Tesla Residential Solar Panels
Tesla Residential Solar Panels

In contrast to traditional solar panels, the solar panel roof produced by Tesla is presented to meet the fossil fuel-free lifestyle of its users.

At the time, Tesla said the product would be launched in the summer of 2017. Only, last November, Tesla founder ELon Musk said the product would go through a six-month testing process.

According to Reuters, during the testing process, Musk, Chief Technical Officer B Straubel, installed a solar roof in their home, which was also used as a pilot program.

Tesla Solar Panels Cost

Tesla solar panel system prices

System size (kW)Tesla solar panels cost (before incentives)Cost per watt ($/W)
4 kW$11,400$2.85
8 kW$22,800$2.85
12 kW$34,200$2.85
16 kW$45,600$2.85

Tesla solar panel system prices post-ITC

System size (kW)Tesla solar panels cost (after incentives)
4 kW$7,980
8 kW$15,960
12 kW$23,940
16 kW$31,920

How to install Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla tested solar roof tiles at its car factory. Its design requires quite complex technology, using special glass so that it can hide fotofolka cells from view, without blocking solar energy.

Powering The Tesla Gigafactory
Powering The Tesla Gigafactory

Based on a building permit recently secured in the city of Fremont, Tesla is likely to test roof technology with solar cells. The permit will allow him to build a test structure to evaluate Tesla’s solar roof product and installation process, at his electric car factory in Fremont, California. Reported from Engadget (2/8), the roof of Tesla solar cells has a design to make it look a little overlapping to make it different from conventional solar cells.

Tesla Gigafactory Inside
Tesla Gigafactory Inside

How to Install the Right Solar Electrical Panel

The installation of solar panels for solar electricity must be done openly. It should not be shaded even if only the exposed part of the panel is exposed.

Further, the mounting position of the panels, especially those on the roof, must have sufficient space for air circulation. The optimal slope of the panel must be at latitude, or almost 15 degrees so that rainwater and dust collapse on their own.

There are two types of solar energy conversion that can be done. Most commonly used with PV solar panels, these panels contain solar cells consisting of silicon crystal plates (Si), which can convert solar energy into electricity.

The simple process is that in the Si plate there are free electrons, which can move when there is a certain wave of light, in this case sunlight. In the presence of sunlight, there will be an electron movement called an electric current.

The second is with solar heat, or concentrated solar heat. So that it can boil liquid, it can also be water, which is then used to rotate steam turbines and generators that generate electricity.