Tesla Model X Color Interior Choices

Tesla Model X Color Best and Worst Color Interior Choices


Tesla Model X Color Best and Worst Color Interior Choices

Tesla model x color interior choices. Tesla continues to reduce the number of unique features it offers to its fleet of vehicles in an effort to streamline production, this time creating a series of internal options that have been determined for the Model X.

Tesla Bundles Model X Interior Options In Effort To Streamline Production
Tesla Bundles Model X Interior Options In Effort To Streamline Production

The update made to the Model X Design Studio now gives buyers the option to choose from five unique interior bundles, each containing an optional carbon fiber upgrade. This is the opposite of having around fifty unique interior combinations that buyers can choose from before the Design Studio update. Owners of previous Model X were given the option to choose the headliner color, interior decoration type, and seat color, individually.

These new changes follow a series of recent updates made to the Model S and Model X Design Studio, all of which appear to be geared towards maximizing production line efficiency. Just last week, Tesla discontinued the 90 kWh performance variants of the Model S and Model X – the P90D – making the company P100D the new king.

The Palo Alto-based vehicle manufacturer has also reduced the amount of paint available on its vehicle fleet and eliminated coil spring suspension, factory crane mounting and a 60 kWh battery on the Model X.

The combination of vehicle options could be something that will ultimately lead to the Model S and, almost certainly, the Model 3 mass market. production for a 100 kWh battery pack, and moving forward with the activation of Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot.

As the company continues to strive to maximize production efficiency by ‘building machine building’, it is hoped to see a further reduction in the number of unique options available to its fleet of vehicles, while continuing to incorporate new features. most wanted.

Tesla Model X Color Interior Choices
Tesla Model X Color Interior Choices

Here Are the Best and Worst Colors of Tesla Cars to Own

All Tesla cars are not made the same, especially if you want to sell them in the used market.

According to a new study by automotive research site iSeeCars, the brown version of the Model S is the fastest depreciation car of all Tesla model colors, with a 25% higher chance than the Model S average with a cut of more than 10% for resale. market.

Gray and green Mode S cars also tend to depreciate. Both are about 7% more likely than the average Model S to get big discounts.

On the other hand, red Model S cars tend to have the best value. White and silver are in second place, while black and blue cars are close to average.

Fortunately for first-time Tesla buyers, some unpopular colors have been discontinued due to low demand. The brown Model S was canceled at the end of 2014; green and gray were removed from the list soon after. Currently, the Model S comes in five colors: black, white, silver, blue and red.

Explaining the popularity of the red Model S in the used car market, iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly suggested that buyers be able to buy red paint that has experienced a recent price increase. “Tesla recently raised the price of its red model to be the most expensive paint option, so demand tends to increase as used car buyers are aware of the added value,” Ly said in the research report.

Red is also one of the colors most often associated with sports car buyers, Ly added, while blue is “not as popular as luxury car buyers”.

Interestingly, the rate of depreciation for Model X cars of various colors is not much in common with the findings of the Model S – black and white Model X vehicles have the best value, while red and blue are often discounted.

The Model 3 was not analyzed because the study only covered vehicles built between 2014 and 2016, and Tesla did not introduce the Model 3 to 2017.

“Electric cars with the highest supply [set at 10% or less than retail price] tend to be in more general colors, but some models like Teslas, Kia Soul EV and Nissan Leaf oppose that trend,” Ly said. “It’s important to do some research before making a purchase to see if the car you’re considering is a very good price. For Teslas, less popular colors may be discounted more often, but you can still find deals for regular colors.”

The iSeeCars study analyzed more than four million vehicles in various brands sold in the U.S. the car market applies between January and August this year.