Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior Option

Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior Option


Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior Option

The Tesla Model 3 configuration in China is evolving with more interior options. Tesla Inc. began shipping Model 3 electric cars built at the Shanghai factory worth US $ 2 billion in less than a year since operating.

Tesla says it is a record for global carmakers in China and will increase shipments next month.

“From now on, China-made Model 3 will start running on China’s highways and lanes,” Tesla Vice President Tao Lin told Reuters.

Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior Option
Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior Option

The Shanghai factory is part of Tesla’s plan to increase its presence in the world’s largest car market and minimize the impact of the US-China trade war.

Tesla China General Manager Wang Hao said Tesla plans to increase delivery of the Model 3 in January. Wang said the Chinese government had supported the plan.

According to Wang, the factory has reached a production target of 1,000 units per week, or about 280 cars per day. In addition, Wang delivered Chinese-made sedan sales so far very well.

Tesla has taken a different approach to the Chinese market compared to other countries in order to drive sales, such as offering racing events and showroom parties.

Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior
Tesla Made In China Model 3 White Interior

Tesla China has released a white seat option for the Model 3. Previously, electric sedans were only available with black seats for Chinese buyers.

China-made Model 3 has been a hit in the world’s largest automotive market, but this Tesla interior vehicle customization is not available until now. Tesla officially made its white seat option available on April 23rd. The increase costs USD 1,132. The price of this increase is approximately the same as the US $ 1,000.

@ Ray4tesla first reported the change on Twitter, noting that many users have been waiting for the release of the White Chair.

The addition of white Tesla seats in China will certainly add to the sales features for consumers in the country. Internal options are available for all three Model 3 MIC configurations: Standard Rear Rear + Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive remote, and Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Performance.

When Tesla first launched the Model 3 in the United States, white Tesla interior options were only available for car Performance variants. Just a year later in July 2018, electric car manufacturers made the white interior available for the Dual Motor Long Range sedan configuration.

While each vehicle is very environmentally friendly and offers a fairly large range rating and high-performance standards, customization features can add appeal to buyers who do not like the black interior.

To make its vehicles more environmentally friendly, the company began using animal-friendly and skin-free materials in July 2017. The interior of the Model 3 was officially “vegan” in September 2019. Vegan does not mean animal-derived seating options; everything is now made from “Tesla Synthetics”.

Tesla’s presence in China has seen vehicle makers enjoy a lot of success during its trial period. Although the company closed its Shanghai Giga production plant for a long time after Chinese New Year due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Tesla continued to grow into a competitive car manufacturer in the world’s largest automotive market.

Tesla registration numbers in China soared from February to March. Due to a pandemic that reduced Model 3 registration in February to 2,314, vehicle orders in March saw a 450{de2acbcee8d61a5fa265cd4a90ecacbba3b3399487c296f1708f6b31bc6a4561} increase. Chinese consumers registered 12,709 Model 3 sedans with the Chinese Ministry of Communications the following March.

The company launched more Model 3 configurations, combined with the addition of new custom Tesla interior colors, bringing more traction on the most affordable Tesla vehicles. The rise in Shanghai Giga production rate, combined with evidence of increasing demand, has made Tesla a filling force in China’s highly competitive automotive market.