Tesla Electric Car For Kid Model Y

Tesla Electric Kid Car Model S And Model Y


Tesla Electric Kid Car Model S and Model Y

Tesla kid cars, the presence of Tesla is not a new thing for automotive enthusiasts, especially those who are not far from the world of technology. Tesla is one of the beginners of electric vehicles equipped with self-driving features. Granted, self-driving rules are still being studied by local governments, but this does not stop the giant company from releasing its latest variant.

Tesla Kid Cars
Tesla Kid Cars

Tesla, a luxury electric car manufacturer from the United States, seems to be starting to target the children’s market by producing a mini version of its flagship sedan, the Tesla Model S.

In collaboration with Radio Flyer, a U.S. children’s toy manufacturer, Tesla markets its electric toy car for $ 499 per unit.

Interested children can start ordering a car. Meanwhile, Tesla and Radio Flyer will start shipping their toy cars in May.

The toy car has only one seat and is suitable for children aged three to eight. This sedan is available in three colors, namely red, blue and metallic silver.

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Tesla claims that the toy car is powered by a special lithium ion battery, which can last longer and recharge quickly. Cars can accelerate at a maximum speed of 10 km / h.

When the battery runs out, the user simply needs to plug it into a charger like other electric vehicles, or remove the battery located at the rear, charge it outside the car, and install a spare battery so the child can continue driving.

“This cute Model S is pretty fun,” wrote Tesla boss Elon Musk on his Twitter account.

Other features of this toy car, similar to a real car, are functional headlights, luxurious Tesla interiors, luggage located in the muzzle of the car, and an actual audio system.

Tesla itself currently has only two car models sold in the market: the Tesla Model S and the Model X. In March, Tesla plans to launch a third variant, the Model 3, which is estimated to be cheaper.

Tesla Model S Kid Car

Tesla also launched a variant for children. Available in 3 color variants, the Tesla Model S is also available in mini sizes, and is suitable for children.

Tesla Model S Kid Car
Tesla Model S Kid Car

This car is equipped with a Speed Lithium-ion battery, so that the charging process can be 3 times faster than conventional batteries. In addition, the battery is also durable, even children can play longer.

The car also comes with 2 speed options, so parents do not have to worry about the safety of their children. High speed is provided for those who are advanced, while those who are still in the learning stage can choose the low speed switch.

Designed similar to the original car, even children can plug the iPod into the dashboard if they want to drive while listening to a song. Meanwhile, for those who want to bring other toys, luggage located on the front can be used to transport the ball or other toys.

Tesla Electric Car For Kid Model Y

Designed for toddlers one and a half to four years old, the First Model I Y offers a “true Tesla experience” that replicates the design of the Tesla Y Model.

Tesla Electric Car For Kid Model Y
Tesla Electric Car For Kid Model Y

The toy is 26.57 inches (675 mm) long and weighs 8.38-lbs (3.8 kg) equipped with horns, ergonomic seats, black wheels with rubber handles and a steering wheel that serves to direct the wheels. But unlike the original, this children’s car does not have an electric drive.

This is not the first Tesla product to offer Radio Flyer. In 2016, they launched the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer, which can be adapted for children aged 3-8 years. This car uses Lithium Ion battery technology.

“We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Tesla with the First Model I Y,” said Wagon Radio Chief Officer Robert Pasin, as reported by Carscoops on Sunday (23/8/2020).

“Working with the most innovative and sustainable automotive companies is in line with our brand value and gives us the opportunity to offer products that they like and trust to consumers,” he said.

My First Model Y is available for pre-order on the Amazon and RadioFlyer sites for $ 99.99, with shipping in the United States and Canada starting October 23rd.