Tesla Cybertruck Interior

New Tesla Cybertruck Interior Design You Never Imagined


New Tesla Cybertruck Interior Design You Never Imagined

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Cybertruck is the latest Tesla, a very common pickup truck, with an interior design rarely found for electric cars in its class.

Tesla Cybertruck Bed
Tesla Cybertruck Bed

The interior of the Tesla cybertruck has an open design due to its simple and clean dashboard with no design elements other than a central infotainment screen. Tesla cyber trucks will likely have HVAC vents like the Model 3 and Model Y because the prototype does not seem to have HVAC holes at all.

Tesla Cybertruck Interior
Tesla Cybertruck Interior

The cabin is very different from the exterior design. Now, people have strong opinions about the Tesla Cybertruck, including who the winners are and who lost from this blast exposure in California.

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Seating according to futuristic exterior design, the Tesla interior is quite tame and has a minimalist approach. Nothing too strong there, except the white dashboard on the table.

For starters, the dashboard only contains large infotainment tablets and an unconventional-shaped steering wheel. The only hard thing in the interior is the lack of items you usually find in the car.

Cybertruck has a capacity of 6 seats, two rows with three seats each. The middle front seat is folded to hide the sixth seat. The lack of wing mirrors has been replaced by the wide view of the camera, which may be located at the back of the Cybertruck.

The Tesla Interior Cybertruckseries includes an Autopilot camera, a new MCU screen, etc. Choosing a bold design like Cybertruck, accompanied by great specifications and prices, in my opinion, is a very smart move by Tesla.

See details of the following Tesla Cybertruck internal survey

1. Tesla Cybertruck Steering Wheel

Cybertruck is equipped with a steering wheel like the Roadster. The most disturbing design on the inside of Cybertruck is the steering wheel. Today, the design of the Cybertruck steering wheel is more like an airplane than a car. I can see the design of this new steering wheel is very problematic for drivers who use the entire steering wheel while driving, like the popular hand-over-hand technique I use myself.

Tesla Cybertruck Steering Wheel
Tesla Cybertruck Steering Wheel

This steering wheel change can be a difficult distraction from the traditional driving methods that most, if not all, drivers use. This steering wheel design works on airplanes because pilots do not have to rotate the wheels in full rotation as the driver does in the car.

In a car, it can even be dangerous if there are only two places to hold the steering wheel while doing sharp turns or other maneuvers that require some full wheel rotation.

2. Tesla Cybertruck Mirror

Tesla Cybertruck does not have side mirrors, and although this is not the first time Tesla has launched a vehicle without side mirrors, in this case, Cybertruck mirrors are LCD screens that provide streaming video for the driver to see behind the vehicle. This means that Tesla pickup trucks cannot have rearview mirrors if the law allows it.

Tesla Cybertruck Side View Camera
Tesla Cybertruck Side View Camera

3. Tesla Cybertruck Glass Roof

Cybertruck has a roof made of transparent Armor Glass. On other vehicles, this will be referred to as a panoramic sunroof. But as we talk about the Tesla truck here, consider it a luxury viewing portal to see the Space X rocket explode into the sky from inside the taxi.

Tesla Cybertruck Glass Roof
Tesla Cybertruck Glass Roof

4. Tesla Cybertruck Seat

As expected, this is a six-seater with a folding center seat that not only serves as a large armrest but also storage space and has three cup holders.

Tesla Cybertruck Seat
Tesla Cybertruck Seat

5. Tesla Cybertruck Screen MCU

Cybertruck comes with a 17-inch touchscreen. The dashboard looks similar to the Model 3 and Model Y but the MCU screen is two inches larger. It makes sense because the cabin is bigger too.

Tesla Cybertruck Screen MCU Display Breakdown
Tesla Cybertruck Screen MCU Display Breakdown

We see new software in the MCU screen UI. One of the biggest changes to the menu on the side, not the bottom. Worst compared to MCUs with worn parts, such as spark plugs or timing belts on ICE vehicles.

6. Tesla Cybertruck Bed

The Tesla Cybertruck has a 6.5-footbed, but the rear armrest is folded and serves as a passage for longer items.

Tesla Cybertruck Bed
Tesla Cybertruck Bed

Tesla Cybertruck does not have side mirrors, windshield wipers, and front bumpers. Based on the previous Tesla launch event, this seems to be a normal pattern so we hope everything can still change. Also, Tesla’s website says that “All configurations are US specifications only. Global specifications will be expanded at a later date upon request.”, So I think we should wait.

7. Tesla Cybertruck material

In addition to being minimalist, the dashboard looks like marble. To everyone’s surprise, here is the material for the Cybertruck dashboard:

  • Marble
  • It tastes like high-quality cardboard
  • It is made of paper
  • In the event of an accident, pieces of stone or solid metal will be more dangerous

Tesla Cybertruck Price

Price Range


We are fans of electric vehicles, and we also love the utility truck pickups offer. But all bets are here because the Tesla Cybertruck radical design will not fit the existing prints or meet known expectations. The specifications look great, and the price matches the price that people seem to be willing to pay for the truck, but the dramatic conceptual nature of the truck itself leaves us with many questions. Needless to say, we can’t wait to ride it.

Tesla Cybertruck 2020 Review

Tesla is known as one of the first automotive manufacturers to enter the era of electric cars. Starting from Elon Musk’s comments about his desire to produce a truck that is different from all the trucks that have been marketed. After a sedan to the SUV, the Tesla Cybertruck 2020 was finally introduced as the fourth model in the Tesla line.

Not Elon Musk if he can not bring interesting features in the production car. This electric pickup truck can accommodate up to six people, is claimed to be bulletproof (both body and glass), and has a ground distance that can be adjusted with its adaptive suspension.

Musk also invited the media and some people to try driving after its launch at SpaceX headquarters, in Hawthorne, California. With over 200,000 units ordered since its debut, let’s take a look at the Tesla Cybertruck 2020 review below.

Exterior of Tesla Cybertruck 2020

Cybertruck uses unibody construction (called exoskeleton) like most passenger cars, rather than the body construction found on pickup trucks. Using 30x series stainless steel body panel with 3 mm thickness. Therefore, the panels can only be bent in a straight line, resulting in a unique triangular shape.

You can feel the unique effect when looking at the front end of the Tesla Cybertruck 2020. There is no indentation on the grille like most other conventional cars. Of course, when powered by a battery, the front grille needed to let air into the machine is no longer needed. Can be seen from other Tesla models.

There are only headlights that extend from side to side, such as RoboCop helmets, without fog or turn signals. The front lid is made straight without a dent. No longer a solid line, but all dimensions of the vehicle get a firm angle. The contrast of the contrasting colored bottom bumper completes the futuristic (really) look of this car.

Seen from the side, the dimensions of Cybertruck are very different from trucks in general. You can feel the triangular effect when looking at the exterior of the Tesla Cybertruck 2020. Meanwhile, its dimensions are made denser and lower than the Ford F-150, which is the king of pickup trucks in America.

Another uniqueness is that Musk claims the stainless steel alloy on the Cybertruck body is very strong and is called bulletproof. In his first performance, he hit the side door with a hammer. Even the car window cracked when the stone was thrown. Musk says this is because the hammer that blows on the side body causes the glass to lose its bending effect.

The unique design of the rear light bar is also different from other pickup trucks. While it looks like a sedan, this car is actually a pickup truck with its roof covered like a roof. However, you can open the rear body with a cargo capacity of up to 2.8 m3 and 2 meters.

QnA Tesla Cybertruck

Why is Cybertruck so cheap?

Cybertruck avoids this expense because it uses whole flat steel sheets. That is not only to avoid costs but also because the use of Tesla from 30X cold-rolled stainless steel is so difficult that ordinary printers will break if they try to form this steel plate.

Will Cybertruck rust?

Elon Musk has stated that the outer shell of Cybertruck will withstand rust and corrosion from most types of salt and dirt. This body type is suitable for pickup truck buyers. But we should think that that is a good number if the truck lasts longer.

How much does Tesla Cybertruck cost?

$ 39,900
The base price of the Tesla Cybertruck is $ 39,900. The model with a distance of 300 miles has a retail price recommended by the manufacturer of $ 49,900. A top cyber truck with a distance of 500 miles should be sold for $ 69,900

What is special about Tesla Cybertruck?

Versatile utility. With a capacity of up to 3,500 pounds and adjustable air suspension, the Cybertruck is the most powerful tool we have ever made, engineered with 100 cubic feet of external, lockable storage – including a powerful tonneau cover that is strong enough to stand.

What are the uses of Cybertruck?

Tesla’s goal in developing Cybertruck is to provide sustainable energy substitutes for the approximately 6,500 fossil fuel-powered trucks sold daily in the United States.

Why does Cybertruck look weird?

According to TechCrunch, the reason Cybertruck looks so weird is because of the “unibody truck”. This means that unlike most of the more common pickup truck designs, made from separate frames and bodies, the Cybertruck is built around a “metal enclosure” that holds and protects the battery well.

How much Tesla Cybertruck has been ordered?

Elon Musk has not renewed Cybertruck pre-orders since late November last year, reaching 250,000. But thanks to the Cybertruck Owners Club, we have solid evidence that on February 18, Tesla had ordered around 535,000 funky new electric vehicles.

Where will the Tesla Cybertruck be built?

Austin, Texas
Tesla will build a new plant in Austin, Texas to manufacture Cybertruck vehicles, its electric trucks, and Model 3 and Model Y. Austin and Tulsa, Oklahoma make an offer for Elon Musk to be in those cities.