Cyber Club Mode Tesla In CA

Tesla Cyber Party Mode In Ca


Tesla Cyber Party Mode in CA

Turn your tesla into cyber party mode. In a major DIY scheme, Tesla owners in CA are running a complete ‘Cyber Club Mode’ while security is still in operation. By installing a special LED fiber optic package in the best do-it-yourself build, California-based Tesla Model 3 creator, Dr. Gregory Chew, expanded his interest in music and car modification.

Cyber Club Mode Tesla In CA
Cyber Club Mode Tesla In CA

In addition to illuminating the interior cabin of the electric sedan, the upgrade of the Aftermarket LED can be used as Tesla’s “Cyber Club Mode” that can coordinate the lighting effects via the Model 3 sound system with music playback.

Driven by Dr. The chewing behind the project came from seeing a presentation at the German luxury vehicle makers’ Mercedes Vision AVTR, a supercar. “On the front benches, there are lights like Tron. I began to check the internet to see the different solutions on sale. XKGLOW has excellent records of durability and uses the least amount of electricity to run,” Chew told Teslarati.

Tesla Model 3 Kit Led Fiber Optik

Chew told us that after testing different products from different vendors on eBay and Amazon, Chew said that the XKGLOW package was better in terms of build quality and energy efficiency, after eventually installing the XKGLOW.COM fiber optic LED kit. I tested a range of various lighting industry suppliers… but the consistency and longevity of the XKGLOW product line are far better than the BEST I tested,” said Chew.” “Too much electricity is consumed by comparable illumination, and removing defective sections would be problematic.”

Tesla Model 3 Wiring Board For Lights Teslachew
Tesla Model 3 Wiring Board For Lights Teslachew

In Model 3, Chew assembled the following components to build his car’s greatest cyber club.

Full KitConsole
& Dash
Door Fiber
Front Seat
Back Fiber
6ft Fiber Optic10442
5v LED Head12444
5V Controller211
12V Controller211
12V 10” Strip44
12V Mini-Pod44
6ft Wire2224664
3ft Wire164444
TOTAL MSRP$903.15$196.87$171.85$171.83$230.78$131.82

We sell 2 starter kits priced at $74.99 and $124.99 for those of you not looking to go quite as extreme, which will provide a good accent and the option of building on later as both are plug and play. All the exciting software features mentioned above can still be enjoyed by you. But if your car can never get enough light, make sure to consider the outer underglow package so that it’s illuminated inside and out.

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Tip for installation

1. Power Source Link

As there is no 12V car battery to connect the electronics to when it comes to lighting on an electric vehicle, many people question how to get electricity. For you to consider, here are a few options:

Source For Constant 12v:

Source of wire leading to 12v cigarette lighter in rear console when the car is “awake” or when sentry mode / camping mode is active:

XKGLOW provides a range of switches that can be added between the power source and the controller if you want to turn the package on/off.

  • move from 12V to 5V for fiber optic interior kits
  • 12V dual output switch
  • 12V single out switch

Plug-in for Cigarette Lighting:

The two above strategies would take some experience to work on Tesla, but it gives a cleaner look. Alternatively, as a direct plug-n-play option, you should buy the XKGLOW cigarette plug directly.

2. The Optic Fiber Alteration

Different trimming of the “flange” will help you obtain a better bent conforming to the body shape while bending the optic pipe over curves. The smooth curve often helps to spread the light equally, since the sharp corner appears to trap more light than the other sections when there is a sudden bending. An example of how the optic fiber is trimmed to fit to the seat back cover’s 3D curves is shown below.


Trimming off the entire flange and applying a heat shrink can help to both route the fiber and retain the light for the optical fiber that is concealed under the body panels.


3. Illumination of door panel

With the combination of a 5V fiber optic and a 12V pod or strip, every door panel is lit up. Below is an example of how the wires are routed behind the door panel of the 5V and 12V systems and how the door panel appears when it is finished. The four panels are all designed using a common methodology.

4. Lighting under seat

In addition to the fiber optic pipe, to create the even ground effect, 10in flexible strips were attached to the places marked with red in the images below.

Lighting Under Seat
Lighting Under Seat

Last but not the least: Schedule ahead of installation. To keep wires and controls organized, use zip links, clips and Velcro. Locate all controllers in one easy-to-access spot, so that you can quickly access the core components when checking, troubleshooting or updating is necessary. Needless to mention, seeing that this degree of organisation is total and everything functions flawlessly gives you the utmost satisfaction.

Tesla Model 3 Wiring Lights Teslachew
Tesla Model 3 Wiring Lights Teslachew
Tesla Model 3 Chew Rear Seats
Tesla Model 3 Chew Rear Seats

Fiber-optic LED kits can be done as a DIY project, however, according to the details on the XKGKOW website, installation can also be done by a qualified installer in each area. Chew says he chose to work on the project himself and enjoyed the process he described as “art”.

Tesla Cyber Party Mode In CA
Tesla Cyber Party Mode In CA

Tesla vehicles are well suited for cosmetic options, and these indoor LED lights are no exception. Chew’s cabin design with lights aligned with music is undoubtedly the coolest, and its video system has garnered nearly 20,000 views.