Supercharged Roush Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Demon

Supercharged Roush Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Demon


Watch Supercharged Roush Ford Mustang Duel Dodge Demon At Drag Strip

Supercharged Roush Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Demon at the drag bar. Options like the trans brake and the line lock are cool, but in fact, it’s a custom suspension from the devil that really gives you a bonus on the starting line.

Supercharged Roush Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Demon
Supercharged Roush Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Demon

We show this because it is very easy to see directly in the video at the main part of the page. This clip comes from Demonology on YouTube – providing for all sorts of demo moves and we’re really paying attention to this McLaren 720 car race again in December. In this round, Mopar’s potential competitors are older Chevy pickups and Ford Mustangs, and while this may seem meek, competitors don’t do the inventory.

We don’t know the extent of the work to the truck, but it’s undoubtedly built for a nice straight line with a v8 underneath and a large nitrous bottle mounted inside the mattress. For a Mustang, it’s a Roush doll with more modes, v8 chargers packed and different gadgets.

Horse ratings for both cars have not been determined. But the machine does not appear to be gradual at all. However, the devil has the advantage of having a purpose created to be launched as a scalding locomotive, and with this observation only 1/8 mile long, a good launch is more important.

We didn’t break the end result in a movie like this all the time, but nitro in a Chevy truck is not an operation to run for the Demon, so you can guess all the odds. However, the pick-up was effectively held considering that it was a way out of the energy with gasoline laughs.

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For a rechargeable Mustang, there are two races between the vehicle and the challenger has a bare and transparent starting line, profitable at every turn.

Can a Mustang make a disturbance? Let’s go to the video, but for Ford’s followers in the market do not have their expectations.

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