Shelby Gt350 2019 Convince To Buy


Shelby Gt350 2019 Convince To Buy

Shelby gt350 2019, Boom chicken nuggets so before we star this article. I want to talk about my last article, the biggest car manifestation in the history of puerto rico. Put caps on that SO because I decided not to monetize that article youtube was like WHY YOU DO THIZ and well, they didn’t show you guys. I had just uploaded a new FIRE article. So if you want to see crazy nights, talladega nights, some burnouts and lots of crazy stuff be sure to check that article out worked hard on that sucker, ok to todays article, so I had a friend he is something of Shelby. I always forget what he does or is I don’t see race? All I know is he works and he has been helping me fill the void, the gt500 left in my heart.

2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 First Drive – We All Need a Hero - The Truth About Cars

He tried finding a new gt500 for me, but no luck SO now he has been trying to convince me to buy a new 2020 gt500. I told him. I wouldn’t do it now, because I didn’t want to pay for the first ones, since they are going to be more expensive than down the line, and he understood he told me he already ordered his. So i’m like OK and all of a sudden, he is like dude arturo order, one and i’m like LEAVE ME ALONE. So all of a sudden, he tells me here order it. He sent me the ordering papers, all the specs and stuff, so I can order one and he told me’You order it spec it out i’ll pay for it’ and i’m like WHAT so the plan is simple. I SPEC this bad boy out its already ordered its a matter of specs and in 6 weeks or around 6 weeks.

He takes delivery of both. I go see it and if I liked it and fall in love with it, I can either keep it or order. Another one cheaper with whatever specs I WANT and i’m like, OK soooo i’ll, be showing you as I read the sheets, the specs and stuff, and, to be honest, not so much to choose from a lot of stripers. I MEANT STRIPES no strippers either way other than the carbon package. This aint no porsche ferrari, spec that has over 100 different combinations and stuff to choose from. I felt my gt500 had a little more stuff to choose. Maybe who knows so? I went with twister orange.

The handling package, no carbon package – 20 black wheels, no spoiler. I like it clean orange. No, I’m not ordering the painted roof to expensive i’ll, take regular orange juice, i’ll wrap the roof myself and the recaro seats, not electric and the digital dash good radio and line lock, plus launch control, no idea. If that is standard, but whatever SOOOO thats pretty much. It you see.

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That was too quick. I wanted this to be like super hard decisions on what I should go for and what not, but it wasn’t oh well THATS IT FOR TODAY FOLKS stay tuned for who knows how long this will take to be done at the end, its just me, specing, a 2020. Gt500. So leave a comment. If you have any questions and thank you for reading I’LL, SEE YOU in the next one.

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