Saleen Mustang Price 2007 Clone


Saleen Mustang Price 2007 Clone

Saleen mustang price, Heyo, I’m out at a young body shop when I was taking quiz to the vet back driving down this road to get to the vet, and there was this purple. Saleen Mustang kept catching mine, so I mean ate me up until I stopped in and met the guy. I was like hey brother, you know this is what I do so here. We are as what I’m saying, Bill’s the owner of the car, and he doesn’t want to be on camera, but it’s not a real Selene. It’S a clone but um. He bought it as a wreck, it’s a no seven. He bought it as a rack and put it back together and he did all the swing treatment to it and you know no, no, not to uh to Jack.

2015 Saleen 302 Black Label Mustang Unveiled | Autofluence

I, like his stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always been a little bit bigger fan of sling and I hated to see what happened with Steve and the company and all that and there’s not gon na, be any new saleem Mustangs. Coming from my understanding, you know, as we know so, there’s some cool Steve things coming from SMS is the name of his company, Steve slings, new company, but he’s doing work with good dodge and also never know, but anyways Ivy’s been a fan of the Saleen Mustangs. Never saw one in this color and I thought I’d shoot it to a do. A little law feature on it. He’S added the Saline supercharger to it. Just got on aluminum overflow good-looking car painted the that’s painted that’s amount of sticker, which is cool, put the carbon fiber on the mirrors. Much like myself, I mean he’s made it he’s made it uh a saline clone, but a really a really good one.

You know it’s a loaded, car windows and all that it’s got to shake a 1000 system in it. Put up changed out. Two seat covers. I think those seat covers like a 2010 which are kind of cool, just a nice nice Street driver. You know it’s not a show car, you know it’s it’s, he drives it every day. It’S a daily driver and you got to appreciate that you know senator exhaust. You got to love that rear diffuser carbon fiber.

How cool is that big fan of center exhaust got the tail lights in it? Let’S see us up to the 1000 system, the 20s on it the Saline wheels. You know sill plates everything, floor, mats, carbon fiber a little bit in there. The brakes are off the gt500, he painted the calipers, those are Bromo calipers and the rotors of gt500 account holders and he painted the brand was black and a pedestrian Volvo on good. You know this nice touches. That’S the carbon fiber diffuser in the front good-looking car. I like, where they put the I love that no, as you know, just there’s just not much about that’s Sheriff’s Department, how’s, it going yeah he’s he’s here, I’m in the middle of shooting a article on his car, though brother yeah, um, anyways uh. She kept.

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She got excuse me, I’m a little. I’M a little. Take him back. Bet him the rope kind of Sheriff’s Department wheeling up on me like that plug. I didn’t jump over the fence and take off his article, so anyways um, it’s a very cool car caught. My eye and I’ve been trying to get out here. I wanted to just do us.

Do a quick feature, quick walk around on the car? Let y’all see it so anyways off its bills. Oh seven, Selene clone from somewhere in Tennessee, hope you all enjoy, have a good day, see ya. I just wanted to add a short clip of the car when it was all closed off and when it was running – and you hear the whine of that supercharger – it’s got a mild ruffle to it here, the second to warm up. I guess it’s not gon na. Be any fun taking right in sister cops are here already: that’s crazy, huh! That’S a first got a deeper stop trolling on me. Well, I’m doing a interview, while I’m shooting the feet around a car and his noise, and he said that supercharger was noisy here. The boost gauges here, something bad, Oh, some that don’t anyways I just wanted to just face it.

They really wanted to get to things so when it was running and uh and a picture of it all closed up because, like I said, I think it’s one sweet car hope y’all enjoyed it. I really am gone. This time see ya.

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