Ruby Red Mustang 2015 Stage 3 Convertible Ruby Red


Ruby Red Mustang 2015 Stage 3 Convertible Ruby Red

Ruby red mustang, Hey guys, Ryan great Rex, Florida Murphysboro just got in a new 2015 Roush stage: 3. It’S an automatic convertible ruby red in color, loaded with options. Let’S take a look first off, let’s start underneath the hood Rauch is all new 2015 stage. 3 supercharged 670 horsepower. This thing is amazing: take a look underneath here: you’ll see, the top of the supercharger is branded Ford Racing along with the Roush. This car does have the Roush covers over the valves. You’Ll also notice the badging underneath this particular car is number 104 for 2015.

2019-Ford-Mustang-Ruby-Red-Exterior-Color_o - Brandon Ford

It’S been stamped and signed by the Builder underneath here as well 670 horsepower. This thing is amazing: six-speed automatic transmission, beautiful ruby, red paint job. It’S got the matte black over the top on the hood scoop your silver arouse charge down the side, all new front fascia for this car, your stage, 3 badging very impressive, come on around to the side. The all-new 20 inch Quicksilver wheel, brand new designs. A five spoke split. Your rs3 Cooper Tires just gives it a awesome look for this year. They did give you the option for 2015.

You can go back with a hockey stick design like this one. It’S got the matte black hockey stick the new Roush logo on the side, with the Roush lettering underneath and you’ve got your silver accent down the side of it. Of course, your Roush badging across the front glass. This is on a premium car, so you’ve got your puddle lamps with your pony. Underneath this car does come keyless entry, remote entry, it does have the remote start as well. Awesome feature on a Mustang as you come around to the trunk. Unless this car does have the trunk mounted toolkit very nice feature, all of your tools are stamped by a your flashlight everything it’s just nice.

Little extra added touch that they do. Your convertible boot is in the back here, along with two sets of floor mats, your Roush window sticker total MSRP on this car 73 350. It’S got a ton of extras on it. We get inside we’ll take a look at the rest for more information on this car. You give me a call it’s 888, 439. 1 to 65 we’re Ford of Murfreesboro just outside Nashville Tennessee. We do offer shipping options.

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Airport pickup is available like to fly in Nashville. Ba Airport is the closest to us: let’s put the top down on this thing. It looks just as good with the top down, as it does up as easy as one touch of the button that dropped this top down top is twice as fast as it was previous years, is very simple one latch in the middle to do it. You don’t no need to drop down your visors anymore, very convenient putting this up and down your charcoal black light bar ferme rouse. Another feature just looks awesome on these new convertible Mustangs. Like I said this, car is loaded with options. So you’ve got heated seats, cooled seats, navigation, Bluetooth, full app option.

Everything right here at your fingertips: 6 speed automatic transmission. If you don’t want to shift the gears, this one will do it for you very nice, very convenient brand-new for 2015 as well. Roush has the all-new activated exhaust we’ve done a article. Give you an idea. This car actually has it from your touring. This cars awesome great sound fun to drive 24 miles on it. It could be yours if you like more information.

Give me a call. Eight eight. Eight four: three: nine one, two six, five, four, two Murphysboro thanks for taking the time to view this article, you.

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