Richard Petty Sells 500 Mustangs 'King' In 2017

Richard Petty Sells 500 Mustangs ‘king’ In 2017


Richard Petty sells 500 Mustangs ‘King’ in 2017

Richard Petty sold 500 Mustang. Petty’s Garage has revealed it will build 500 King Edition Mustangs for the 2017 model year.

Richard Petty Sells 500 Mustangs 'King' In 2017

Richard Petty Sells 500 Mustangs ‘King’ In 2017The company kept detailed specifications under wraps but confirmed that there would be a new King EcoBoost variant.  Little is known about the model, but it will be equipped with rear spoilers and a center-mounted Ekzos system that “reflects the look of all the other Little Garaj Mustangs.”

The power supply is provided by the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, which typically produces 310 hp and 320 tork legs.  It’s still unclear whether the model will have performance adjustments, but Petty’s Garage describes it as “the most radical EcoBoost available from your local Ford dealership.”

Customers looking for something more unique can model a limited edition that celebrates Richard Petty’s 80th birthday on July 2, 2017.  Expenditure will be limited to 43 units and each will have an external part of the tricolor that mimics the 25th-anniversary program petty used in 1996.

King and King Premier Mustangs will also return to the lineup with performances between 670bhp and 825.

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All details can be announced closer to the launch, but at the same time, the authorized price of the company will start at 35,000 US dollars.