Review Tesla Model Y SUV 2020

Review Tesla Model Y Suv 2020


Review Tesla Model Y SUV 2020

Review tesla model y suv 2020. Tesla Model Y SUV 2020 is a medium-sized SUV that can accommodate up to 7 people in March 2019 and began delivery in March 2020. it has SUV features and drives sports cars.

Model Y can get 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds with a range of 315 miles with a single charge and a maximum speed of 155mph. Tesla puts the safety of the first goal for this electric car, but performance also safety first.

Review Tesla Model Y SUV 2020
Review Tesla Model Y SUV 2020

Elon Musk expects the Model Y 2020 to be the safest mid-size SUV in the world.

Is Tesla Y Model SUV 2020 worth it?

Compared to its competitors (BMW X3M, Audi E-Tron, and Porsche Macan S 2019), the Tesla Y 2020 models are the best medium-sized SUVs also available in the 3 and 2020 Model X models in acceleration, equipment, storage space, functionality, and comfort. it can be ugly and interior design very simple, but the Model Y beats its competitors.

Tesla Suv 2020
Tesla Suv 2020
Big Cargo SpaceNo Control Button for Heated Rear Seat and Temperature
Expansive Glass RoofPoor Rear and Sides Visibility
7 Seat Configuration availabilityVery Simple and Basic Interior Design
The 21-inch wheelsNo Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Cheap Price


TESLA Model Y SUV Price and Model:

Like Tesla Model 3 2020, Tesla Model 2020 Y comes with three trim levels: Standard Range (RWD) – Long Distance (AWD and RWD) – Performance (AWD).

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The standard range will be completed by spring 2021. Rwd Remote was not scheduled for production, while the AWD and AWD long-range models were released in March 2020. The European and Chinese markets receive model Y after 6-12 months.

Tesla Model Y Performance Review
Tesla Model Y Performance Review

Three versions cost between 39,000 and 60,990 US dollars. The following table shows the Tesla Model Y price and standard options:

Standard Range (RWD)Long Range (RWD)Long Range (AWD)PerformancePerformance Upgrade
Seating5 seats5 seats5 seats5 seats5 seats
Interior ColorAll BlackAll BlackAll BlackAll BlackAll Black
Exterior ColorPearle WhitePearle WhitePearle WhitePearle WhitePearle White

*seven-seat configuration will be available in 2021

Power, range, 0-60mph, and top speed:

The Tesla Y model has two free electric motors, one on the front of the ale and the other behind it. They are powered by a 75kWh liquid lithium-ion battery to provide a maximum range of 316 miles, a speed of 155mph top, and 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds.

The following table shows all the information about the range, the highest speed, and acceleration:

VersionsStandard Range (RWD)Long Range (RWD)Long Range (AWD)PerformancePerformance Upgrade
Range (EPA)230 miles (370 km)300 miles (483 km)316 miles (509 km)315 miles (507 km)280 miles (451 km)
5.9 seconds5.5 seconds4.8 seconds3.5 seconds3.5 seconds
Top Speed120 mph130 mph135 mph145 mph155 mph
Delivery DateSpring 2021Not yet scheduledMarch 2020March 2020March 2020


If you want more speeds (up to 155mph), you can get performance improvements for free! However, it will reduce the range by 35 miles (280-mile range). You will also receive:

  1. Power brake
  2. 21-inch wheel
  3. Suspension detected
  4. 21” Overturbine wheel
  5. Aluminum alloy pedal

Tesla Model Y Charging SUV:


Supercharger V2 can charge up to 158 miles in 15 minutes, which means 30 minutes to get a full charge. while the V3 charger charges your Model Y in 22 minutes, depending on the charging power. Keep in mind that it is advisable to charge only up to 90% to avoid shortening battery life.


In contrast to the Tesla X Model 2020 and the Model S with Free Unlimited Supercharging, the charge is paid per kWh or minute. The following table shows the loading times and costs of model Y:

CountryCharging Cost / kWhCharging Cost / Minute
United State$0.28$0.26 above 60 kW
$0.13 at or below 60 kW
Canada$0.44 above 60 kW
$0.22 at or below 60 kW

Charger Type

Charger TypeMax PowerTime
Wall Plug (2.3 kW)2.3 kW37h15m
1-phase 16A (3.7 kW)3.7 kW23h15m
3-phase 32A (22 kW)11 kW7h45m
Supercharger v2 (150 kW)150 kW31 min
Supercharger v3 (250 kW)250 kW22 min

exterior design looks

The exterior design looks ugly. However, this cheerfulness is decorated with a beautiful stained glass roof. The hotel offers additional head rooms and a beautiful sky view with ultraviolet and infrared protection.

As usual, the Tesla 2020 Model Y offers 5 colors, pearl white is standard. The Long Range and Performance version comes standard with a 19-inch wheel. In the meantime, you can get a free performance upgrade to get an amazing 21-inch wheel. Also, there are several cameras outside, so the autopilot function and the controller mode works perfectly.

Entry and exit are very easy thanks to a wide door that is automatically opened and closed. The same applies to the rear luggage door.

Tesla Model Y Pendaw Capacity:

The big news is, Tesla has added a trailer/tow barrier to Tesla’s 2020 Model Y SUV, which can attract up to 3500 pounds/1600 kg. Towing clutch costs an additional 1,000 dollars and is only available in European and North American markets. This feature makes Model Y in terms of capacity like Model 3.


The Tesla Model Y 2020 SUV cargo space is enormous with up to 68 cubic feet. The back baggage is spacious and has two deep storage rooms below. Also, it offers more space for long items such as skiing by folding the second row manually or electronically via a quick-release button in the rear trunk.

Each seat can be folded separately, including the middle one. Also, there is another place in the front trunk for hand luggage, thanks to the lack of engines.

There is no charge ceiling in this electric car. Thanks to the tinted windows, however, you can’t see what’s in it. So you have good privacy without having a cover.

Tesla Model Y Interior
Tesla Model Y Interior

See all Tesla Y Model Dimensions.

Tesla Model Y Internal Review:

The Tesla 2020 Y model shares about 75% of its interior with the Model 3. It has a very simple interior, very simple and minimalistic, but looks fresh and modern. The 15-inch touchscreen does not control anything, not even a heated back seat and a rear compartment, which is annoying because every time a rear passenger wants to check something, he has to ask the driver to do it!!

Tesla Model Y Dimensions
Tesla Model Y Dimensions


The latest Tesla 2020 Model Y comes with a 5-seater configuration. 7 seats will be available in 2021, but we can’t imagine a comfortable third row for children as the roof reduces the back of the head.

Heat pump instead of electrical resistance:

All seats are heated, the Model Y is the first Tesla car to heat a seat with a heat pump instead of electrical resistance. It is more efficient especially in cold weather, but this will reduce the range. Tesla put the same Model 3 seat on the Model Y but lifted it slightly.


The view of the back is poor due to the sloping rear roof, which makes the rear windows small. Disc masts are also slightly large, so the visibility of the curves is also poor. On the other hand, the side view is perfect.

The strange thing is the absence of a head display in front of a steering wheel that shows the level of equipment, speed, range … while you can find it on a 15-inch touchscreen.

Standard features:

The feature of gimmick technology in the Tesla Model Y is a 15-inch model 3-screen token, it controls nothing in the cabin. Also, Model Y provides the following features:

  • Wireless charging for 2 smartphones
  • Bluetooth

In-car entertainment:

  • Stereo AM/FM
  • 15 Speakers in total
  • Internet browser
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 4 USB ports (3 types C + 1 Type A)

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are not supported.

Comfort :

  1. Three rear seats are folded separately and automatically
  2. 2 front and back cup holders
  3. 8-way seat power drive
  4. 8-way power passenger seat
  5. Automatic garage door opener
  6. Parking detectors
  7. Customization Browsing Control
  8. Tilt steering wheel
  9. Electric power steering
  10. Coloured rear windows
  11. Rear-view camera
  12. Audio and cruise control on the steering wheel
  13. Magnetic sun visor
  14. Door bag
  15. Indoor air filtration
  16. Heated Mirror
  17. Air conditioning

Driving characteristics and technology:

  • Dog mode**
  • Autopilot
  • Full self-driving capabilities
  • External cameras
  • Controller mode*

*Touch Mode: You can program your Model Y to activate controller mode via the touchscreen when locked to detect who will break into your car by recording a video that you can watch later and make a warning.

** Dog Mode: You can leave your dog in the car and turn on dog mode. As a result, air conditioning will stay and keep the interior at a reasonable ambient room temperature so that your dog does not potentially die.

Tesla Model Y Safety SUV:

“Tesla’s Model Y may be ready for a list of top safety results like the Model 3, which is based on Sandy Munro’s vision into the crossover front impact structure.”

“Model 3 has the lowest possible injury of any car ever tested by the U.S. government. With Model Y, we hope for the same results.” Elon Musk says

The NHTSA test for Tesla Model Y is not yet complete. But Elon Musk expects it to produce the same results as Tesla’s Model 3 of one of the safest cars ever produced, and we also think it will be on the list of the safest cars because if manufacturers make these electric cars, the first goal is to improve safety. Among the security features we found:

  1. Front and rear head airbags
  2. Stability control
  3. Child safety lock back door
  4. Automatic delay from the flashlight
  5. Tire pressure monitoring
  6. Remote anti-theft alarm system
  7. Detection Flashlight Sensing
  8. Children’s chairs anchored
  9. Drying brakes
  10. Attractiveness control
  11. ABS 4 wheel
  12. Safety system before the collision
  13. Front-mounted double airbags
  14. Flashlight/Driving
  15. Blind Spot Warning Accident Placing System
  16. Activation of passenger airbag occupants

Fuel consumption:

The data currently available is for the performance version. According to the EPA, the fuel consumption of the Tesla Model Y SUV 2020 is as follows:

VersionPerformance AWD
Range315 miles
Efficiency28 kWh/100 miles


Tesla Model Y GUARANTEE SUV is as follows:

  • Battery and drive unit: 8 years or 120,000 miles
  • Base Vehicles: 4 years or 50,000 miles