Predictions Future Technology 2050

Predictions Future Technology 2050

Predictions Future Technology 2050

Predictions Future Technology 2050

Predictions future technology 2050. When we think of 2050, it seems like it’s been many years and we imagine a completely different world, but in reality it’s only 30 years from now and we already know what it will be possible to have by then. We have a lot of environmental and social problems, and let’s see how technology can solve them by 2050. Today’s article on the technologies of the future!

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Before writing this article, I did a little research and checked what influential people in the industry, such as Mr. Kurzweil, Business Insider, Forbes, etc. , think about this topic.
Let’s start with Ray Kurzweil – the world’s greatest futurist, author of bestsellers such as “The Age of Spiritual Machines” and “How to Create a Mind”. He is so influential that Google has hired him to lead its efforts in the field of artificial intelligence. He is very famous for making predictions that are right in about 86% of cases .

Technology of the Future: Technology Forecasts for Our World in 2050

  • Nanorobots connect our brains directly to the cloud

Technology of the future: nanorobots. He believes that by 2050, nanorobots turn our brains directly into the cloud, this will give us a complete immersion in virtual reality from within the nervous system. Just as we know with our smartphones, we will be able to do this with our brains, we will be able to expand our neocortex in the cloud. And forget about memory problems, evidence problems, etc.

  • Reincarnation of people through AI

Sounds scary, I know! And probably most religious people will be very much against it, however,
Kurzweil says we will be able to “bring back” our relatives with the help of artificial intelligence.
He says that by 2050 we will be able to send nanorobots to the brains of people to retrieve memories of loved ones. Complement this with a DNA sample of the deceased, and it will be possible to create a compelling virtual version of the survivor. If you’re wondering, there’s a movie about it: Discovery.

  • AI will be a positive net motivator

Many people worry about AI in our lives because they think that eventually robots will replace humans and we won’t have a job.

  • IoT technology will change product design

According to Forbes, by 2050, IoT technology will include 95% electronics for new product designs. And by 2050, everything is expected to be connected to the cloud and the Internet.

  • Space Tourism: A Week in Orbit

According to Business Insider , space tourism may be possible in 2050, but most likely only for the very wealthy. to make tourism possible in 2050. For example, “someone who could afford to pay £ 100 million could spend a week in orbit … but it will only be for rich people in 2050.” he said. time it won’t be something cheap. ”

  • Self-driving cars will make driving safer

Despite the accidents involving self-driving cars that have become major headlines in recent years, this AI area can significantly reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads. According to a Stanford University report, self-driving cars will not only reduce the number of deaths and injuries from traffic, but they can also bring about changes in our lifestyles. We will have more time for ourselves.
In addition, increased comfort and reduced cognitive load with the car and general transport can affect where people choose to live.

  • Charge your iphone with plant power

Did you know that you can charge your iphone with the power of plants? Forests could become the power plants of the future. This is now possible, for example, Bioo is a clean technology company capable of generating electricity through plant photosynthesis.

  • Ocean thermal energy can lead us to 100% renewable energy

Ocean thermal energy is a largely untapped resource and one of the world’s largest renewable energy sources. For example, now Bluerise is working to create an energy breakthrough by generating utility-wide electricity through the conversion of ocean thermal energy. It will be able to outperform fossil fuel-based generation and other renewables that require storage and balancing. Crucial to the future of the energy mix is one of the very few permanent energy sources available day and night, year-round.

  • The EU will face a shortage of IT staff

There is a great demand for developers in Europe, but most IT education is available exclusively in English. Given the 24 official languages spoken only in Europe, it is not surprising that non-English speakers prefer to study in their mother tongue. However, you can see that many coding academies, schools and universities focus only on preparing junior developers for the requirements of specific companies, whether it is language, practice, etc. Although this problem will not be solved now, with these new IT universities and academies, we can fix the situation by 2050.

  • A solution for drones to search for pristine places

Deep in the underground mines some areas are inaccessible. But a campaign like Inkonova started working on builds Drones that fly control, ascend, and use laser technology to scan zones and create their 3D maps. With this advanced air robotics technology, we can push humans into any space untouched by man infrastructure.

  • Half of the world’s current jobs are unlikely to exist in 2050

The world is changing faster than we think, and the way we learn things and what we learn needs to change. Employers need to create an attractive culture of learning at work, giving their employees the opportunity to take responsibility for their professional development. Learn more about it here .

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These are the innovations and technologies that I found most interesting. I’m sure there are many more, please share them in the comments section below! I will be happy to discuss what the technology of the future is, in your opinion.

By the way, if you’re wondering which movies correctly predicted modern technology, check out this interactive infographics .

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