Pre Owned Mustang Coupe V6


Pre Owned Mustang Coupe V6

Pre owned mustang, Hello and welcome to crosstown Auto centers pre-owned superstore, my name is Bailey and today we’re going to be taking a walk around this 2014 Ford Mustang. This is a beautiful 2-door, sedan, rear-wheel drive and ignant silver metallic. Under the hood, you have a 3.7 liter v6 engine fuel efficient and powerful, and on the front you have your daytime running lights, fog, lights, and this Mustang is car proof, clean and accident free. So that is excellent to know. We have all the car proof. History reports for all of our vehicles here and then we’re going to be riding on top of 18-inch Fierce all-season tires they’re, so pretty well.

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Brand new tons of tread left lots of driving. Oh it’s going to be so much fun and then you’re sitting. On top of a chrome rim, you’ve got four-wheel disc brakes as well as nitrogen. All the way around. This is a stunning car and it’s going to be so much fun to drive, but there’s some really great features inside. So why don’t you come with me helping you into your 2014 Ford Mustang, you have this great keyless entry system and it does come with two sets of keys I’ll show you, the remote trunk release a little bit later, so unlock ones to unlock your door and Twice to unlock them all there’s something I want to show you real quick before we continue put your see that little Mustang light isn’t that cool. So at night time, when you close your door, the Mustang Lite is actually going to project on the ground and it is such a cool feature and then right above that we’ve got our defrost.

The side view mirrors with the convex and concave easy for shoulder chicken and on the inside of the door. We’Ve got our power locks and power windows, power mirrors, just above there, lots of power and storage throughout the entire Mustang and what’s really neat as well. That’S there’s lots of lights. There’S a light. There there’s a Mustang light here: there’s lights under there and they’re all interchangeable, so you can have whatever light color you’d, like you, just change them through your settings on your dash so coming on in here now we do have power driver’s seat very comfortable cloth, seating For for through the entire vehicle, then it is very nice wide access to the back automatic headlights just right here I have the lights on because I was playing with the colors and then coming on in love. This, let’s just hurt. Oh sorry about my finger there.

I’M just trying to get myself organized we’re going to turn on the Mustang. Look at that little Mustang, popping up sounds so good. So through your your display setting here, we’ve got these controls. Of course they go up down back forth. You can change all your settings. Your information, your fuel, all that good stuff and then just below that we’ve got forty-six thousand two hundred and sixty nine point three kilometers. So do the 2014.

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You will still have that balance of factory warranty. Just of course, make sure you talk with your product advisor, and you understand everything that is available with the Mustang cool, so leather wrap, steering wheel in front of us. As you saw, we’ve got our volume controls, Bluetooth, hands-free communication. Then our cruise controls as well right here in the center. We do have the sync microsoft sound system with the shaker stereo. Let’S turn that on am/fm stereo satellite radio, which is sirius satellite, you just got to call them up and let them know auxilary device USB. Just in here, you pop this auxilary USB and there is a power outlet right here, put it all in out-of-sight, out-of-mind, cupholders automatic transmission right here you do have that available manual shift.

If you would like trunk, release traction control and then in between all of this, we have our climate control right here, air-conditioning, defrost and let’s just turn that off for a second and those heated seats for your driver and passenger. I love heated seats. Well, as you can see, filled with tons of great features, there’s a few more things just in the back. I want to show you so follow me so now to help you into the trunk space. All you’re going to do is take this key and double click, and just like that, the trunk is going to release. We’Ve got our spoiler on top here: beautiful tail lights, lots of detailing as well and check out this humungous cargo area tons of space, lift up the cargo deck here. We’Ve got our compact spare tire with all the tools and Jack’s that you’ll need a little bit of extra space here and there, but it’s very impressive.

The amount of cargo room in the Mustang close this up as well, there’s no dings, dents or scratches. It was very well taken care of. Oh, that’s, locked, that’s! Okay! I’Ve got the key, so we’re just going to unlock that twice opens up, looks great. Your passenger seat here is powered as well. You do have this little thing as well. Flip it forward. There’S also one up here that I’m sure is a little more convenient access to the back seat here with your child safety locks and anchors, and look how comfortable those seats are.

Actually, their bums will fit quite nicely in there and you can flip those headrests down perfect. Well, I hope you enjoyed walking around this 2014 Ford Mustang with me. It is beautiful again, it’s curved proof, clean low kilometers, great features, and it’s sitting right here at crosstown, Auto Center, we’re on the corner of 156 Street and yellow head trail, and we look forward to seeing you thanks for reading, have a great day.

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