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P51 Mustang Car The LOOP Show

P51 mustang car, Hello hi welcome back to our zoom sorry, our studio after trotting around the world of racking up the air miles, and, of course, do you think we come back through there anything other than a bang, not a chance David. What’S in the show things he rounds up, the news from this year’s Farnborough International Air Show Philip Steinbach shows off his extreme s back three for two and we have some of the stars from the little grandstand air show, but first rich with the news start with The new aircraft, one that really caught our eye was a tech now P, 2010. Now it’s just in concept. Designer stage at the moment won’t be seen until next year’s era. Friedrichshafen Show 2011. Broadly speaking, it’s a Cessna 172 rival, a four-seat high wing and composite fuselage around about three hundred nine thousand dollars. A good price, really look forward to seeing that at the show next year now.

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Look a bit of industry news, Frank Robinson, of course, the stalwart of helicopter design, man that really pushed training and helicopters on worse with the r22 and then, of course, the big r4 before he has finally decided to retire. He’Ll be just a few days short of 81 years old and officially hands over the reins to some current best of luck with the golf game, Frank now talking of golf it’s time for the sports news. First of all, congratulations Paul, Bonham! The first ever redbull pilot to win back-to-back championships with the races canceled in Budapest and Portugal. The final round was, at the lapses. Ring in Germany was Hannah’s out that took the checkered flag in Germany. We’Ve pulled one and finishing in second place, but as Paul would frown so consistently over the whole season. He’D already won the championship and would be talking to him in just a moment.

Now, aside from the race in the end of the year, itself was overshadowed by two quite tragic events. Just a few days before the last, it’s ring race. The series technical director Adrian John, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Germany. Just a few days after the season ended, Alejandra proclaimed one of the most popular parlance. A lot from Spain was killed in an aerobatic practice session back in his homeland. All my commiserations go to his family and friends later on rebel themselves, revealed that there will be no Red Bull championship in 2011. So, for the time being, all bombs going to remain the reigning champion now to talk to us about what truly has been a really grueling season.

We have Paul bottom on the phone hi Paul, how you doing yeah good, very good. Congratulations on the championship, Paul, as you all know, it’s been quite an eventful season. How would you sum it up? I would say interesting that the highlight for me was New York with such a fantastic backdrop. We had our fair share of genres and wins, of course, with the incident in the water, but I think that took the limelight away from often also a very very good year for exciting racing. I’M very pleased that we finished this year on a higher charge. The racing was concerned after my stroke years of o7a. Now a is it’s great to have the win back-to-back champion.

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So how do you feel about the races being put on hold for next year? There’S a bit of me: that’s disappoint, just because it means you know. We can’t keep sharing on a roll, but on the other hand, if it a relief as well, it is it’s got. Ta be hard work. I’Ve been waiting for seven years now, I’m gon na be nice to have a bit of a break time. As we all know, the Red Bull series is a really close-knit community and you lost two friends at the end of the season. How’S that affected everyone. One thing I do think is incredibly sad about this.

This year is that we always have a few beers at the end of the last race, celebrate the fact that hey we’ve got your grape and also the rule, still there and sadly this year. That wasn’t the case because the raging judge and his Habakkuk sad accident, and then of course you know a week later we hear the news for Alec as crash the gauge in Spain to two very big characters from the race. I’Ve had Lee no longer around. Do it kind of over really is a tragic end to a tough year, thanks very much for your time. Paul much appreciated. I hope to speak to you soon. Yeah, don’t know why and then come on sweet so back to this summer.

Of this use, aviation shows, of course you would have seen this awful. I hope, but don’t be thinking only Americans do big spectacular, shows because of course, farmer, which comes out every 10 years in the UK is one of the true Giants of world aviation: commercial airlines. Mostly lot of military stuff, but means something for everyone that loves aviation, so we’ve been an element DC to go on a good-looking chose that give it seven eight seven, three nine! It’S well public debut here at Farnborough. An indication of the high esteem which two shows held Farber is Europe’s top civil and military Air Show held every two years: Port Elizabeth Paris. The appeal of the Farnborough show is the mix of aircraft from the Dreamliner and a military transporter from Airbus. Alongside the extra three hundreds of the blades team and the latest fighters from the US in Europe, big business is done at Farnborough. It’S the meeting place for the powerhouses of the aerospace industry so to the star the show the Boeing Dreamliner.

Some some fliers come out as an early customer for the Dreamliner, many more expecting what they like by the low operating costs and there’s a nice touches for the passengers. For example, Windows, pretty cool, you just press this button and they lighten or darken cause of what you want. It’S gon na be an awesome passenger experience. What’S it like for the guy shopping with Captain Mike Bryan, the food here crossover from Seattle, so a nonstop flight. Yes, absolutely our first time to leave the United States and come back to the Farnborough. I’Ve been there before in a different airplane, the epic team and just just had a wonderful flight over plane, perform beautifully and just came in right on time. I think we were about 90 seconds off target time.

Where does his aircraft sitting the Boeing range similar to a 767, so around 8,000 mile range filling that period. I certainly destroy AZ going big and landing at hub airports where this has taken a different approach. This airplane is in the bowing philosophy of flying where it’s needed, and we just got the approach about going for very efficient airplanes with very efficient engines. I’Ve got the new designs for both of those on the feet. The engines we’ve got the composites. It’S a combination of the airplane design, the systems, the engines and all coming together with the targeted design to optimize with a very modern airplane. This is probably the first company different.

No, I mean we’ve got flight control system that we’ve improved on from the triple 7. You put a triple seven pilot in here. He can’t tell it’s just better. We have better response when an engine fails, it’s just a bit smarter, but when you get down to the piloting controls and the way that it flies and handles and lands, it’s just a beautifully flying airplane. It’S always a lot of passenger friendly developers in this era. Be ready for the pilots as well after seeing a flight deck, I think you’ll you’ll agree. There are there’s 15 inch displays.

You can move the systems around your situational awareness, the the head-up displays the roominess of where you’re standing. It’S a really nice flight deck. It’S not cramped, it’s it’s modern and it’s a pleasure to fly over. I’M gon na show this we’re working on our test program where we’re going 24 hours a day 7 days a week, getting it completed soon as we finish that get into the service as fast as possible. Ok, thank you. Ok over budget little food, billions of euro here late and now reported to be overweight as well. The airbus a400m military transport plane hasn’t had a happy start in life, but airbus, the makers, refuse to be limits, are about it.

They say they’re going to try and sell it to the americans trying make up lost profits. Six five, Barbara, isn’t just about airliners and fighter jets. It’S also about helicopters, and this morning augustawestland launch aw 169 brother to the aw139. It’S a multi mission, multi-role helicopter, the AAW 169 light twin, is aimed at the growing police and emergency services market. It’S Avion. It will be the latest of maximum situational awareness and all-weather operations. The cockpit is nvg, that’s night-vision, goggle compatible and a four axis auto flight control system is included to minimize crew workload.

It was also the UK debut for August grand new, the latest version of the grand with a full glass cockpit, synthetic vision for axis autopilot. New, cleaner engines and seats with better crash protection. General aviation has its place at Farnborough as well, but manufactures like diamond launching a new AV version of their da 42 and this da 42 powered by biofuel derived from algae pond life versus place. The algae biofuel is said to contain one-eighth, the level of hydrocarbons, meaning less pollution and greater efficiency. It’S a joint project between Diamond in the ABS, the aerospace giant’s, tackling head on future fuels, farmers, home abbreviation, and it’s the infusion important show all those industries here. Dean deals and proving the aerospace is a vital purchase industry. This has just been a quick taste of the show, you’ll actually more see the exhibition of p1 thanks, they say and of course all the news from the show will be in the September issue of p1.

If you want to get your hands on a copy, then www arrow is the place to be it’s all well and good. Seeing the new Airbus and Boeing great for travelling across continents, but gon na go somewhere, perhaps do a little bit of aerobatics when you get there on the way. How about something now new aerobatic aircraft don’t come along very often in fact they come across, but once every decade or even two, there is a new one in town. However, it’s this the extreme air s back three, four, two, so development. If the aspect 300 garlotte designed this Philip Steinbeck, is the German national champion pretty handy designer, this is a two-seater cleared for unlimited championship level when it’s certified the first two, it start to be fully carbon-fiber throughout in the world. So in the world of aerobatics. What you need is a huge engine up front.

This does it’s a lycoming Thunderbolt 580. You need big wing area. This is more wing area than an edge or an extra. This you’ll see it has full width alarms that gives an unprecedent level of control and snap stops when you coming out for role going to them in the first place, now, of course, being a two-seater with something a range of up to about a thousand miles. Is it big inside? Well, let’s have a quick look. What you see is this they’ve started out the competition seating here, and this is pretty much where it would be in the single seater as well. However, fuselage in this version is 11 inches longer slightly under plenty of room up front for a very tall second pilot, which in this case will be me so for this new entrant into the unlimited category.

There’S nobody better than the britain’s leading hear about it. A limited pilot Joe Cooper to test it. What’S this like? Well, it’s nice to see a new clean sheet design really and the airplane is, as it looks, it’s fast, its strong and very, very maneuverable. The exciting thing is even for a three seater: it’s got a power to weight ratio comparable to a single seater such as the stock cap to three twos. It has the same level of maneuverability on faster and roll more rigidity in the structure overall, so the Europe Lane feels very, very solid and gives you that sort of positive feedback if the ailerons are very, very effective, particularly at high speed, but also, more importantly, when You’Re going slowly, the ailerons extend right into the prop wash so even with absolutely no speed at all indicate the ailerons are still very, very effective and can rotate the well. How did this project come about the idea for it came in 2003, when I was still flying on another aeroplane. There were a lot of detail ideas coming up how to improve it, and so we started actually building the prototype in December 2005.

Basically that the start was really to have a light plane with good range, with a comfortable cockpit, with classic and freestyler capabilities. We the first fully certified fully carbon-fiber aircraft in the world. How strong is you well, basically, the plane is designed so it’s unbreakable in the air, but we made altima cloud test recently in czech republic up to 80 g. That was quite impressive to see because 80 g on this plane equals some 16 tons and weeks. So the wing itself is 75 kilos, so you can imagine the strength ratio of it, and this is the only plane in the market where you can legally deflect the ailerons at VND. That means to 25 knots and even the 11 has a safety margin of more than three third. It means if you would be stupid enough to deflect the element at 260 knots.

You still would not lose them, but it would be in fact quite impressed by the rate, and I doubt that anybody can break this plane in flight. Never, I hope, but everybody coming from the sofa, it’s quite an easy transition. You do. The stall turns the other way, but everything like technique is really mind pretty much the same for everybody coming from extra and it’s a little change, because the elevator is more sensitive. All the control surfaces are more sensitive. Everybody would be just fine right from the first take of quite solid feel because there’s nothing vibrating, there’s no fabric that could move in the back and in general, we put cameras all over the plane and measure up all the deflections, all the deformations with strain gauges. You can’t see any deformation on the airframe in-flight involved, so it’s there is some stress, of course, but the plane is made for stiffness not for strength, so essentially can be a Tora flex out to up running it at full power.

It’S indicating over 200 knots. You know how that is a respectable speed. Obviously it comes at a price in terms of fuel burn, but the reality is you’ve got an aeroplane there, but we’ll do a five-hour hit at an economical cruise of 170 180 knots. So the airplane is very, very capable in two-seat terms and it’s quite tame and quite stable. Also so it’s very responsive, but when left is a sort of cruising platform, it’s quite stable, but if you do want to go crazy for half an hour, you know it is literally a cage fighter really massive thanks to Gerald for leaving himself into the hot seat. Also to Philip Steinbach for giving us a huge amount of accommodation and showing us around his frankly amazing aircraft and, of course, the guise of which can be error drum for hosting that toughest. Guy.

On the block me now, although rich claims to be the toughest bloke on the block, I think not a few brave pilots turned up at little grandstand and battled interesting conditions to put on a show for a 3,000 strong crowd all in aid of children in need. Here are some highlights, ready everyone, great job, guys well done. You can still donate to children in need by visiting www.Azcleanelections.Gov course. We spent a considerable amount of time looking at the world’s biggest aviation show and if you haven’t seen our footage of it here, you have you been looking at pictures of cats being put into bins. Have a look around check out some of the best bits.

If you haven’t been, there have a look at Sonya and, as always, if you have any comments or suggestions for the show or ideas for features, then drop us a line at TV at Luc dot arrow see the world good, bye.

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