Next Gen Mustang You Wanted


Next Gen Mustang You Wanted

Next gen mustang, I could talk about Mustangs since they had about 62 decades of history, but I’m not about to dust off the old shelves to go through each independent generation. Because this article would be like 47 minutes long with 12 ads. Now, don’t get me wrong the revenue would be nice, but that’s just too much, all right? This ain’t like a series series. This is like mini series.

Next Ford Mustang Could Use Explorer Platform, Pack Hybrid V8 And AWD | Carscoops

This is like a little, you know, like, Friday night little flirt text. Okay? This is nothing crazy, okay? If you want us to talk about the other generations, you know, maybe we’ll make another show want. So we can just squeeze all dry. Maybe, you know, whatever. But, this time we’re bringing it back to a new generation. A new face, all right? The car that brought a younger generation of automotive enthusiasts to domestics? What?! A domestic muscle that said, “Hey, we can be fun, too, all right? We can be modified, all right? We do ‘air suspension.’ We can be fast and fun and not be terrible on the old pocketbook.

” I’m Alex. @Alex.FI on Instagram and today we’re gonna be talking about the sixth generation, because Americans don’t like calling them marks or anything like that so it’s just the sixth generation. Okay, it’s whatever. All right. Anyway, we’re talking about the car that has got the low slope-y lines, the angry aggressive, the one with the new gen automotive enthusiasts are loving. The sixth generation Ford Mustang.

(heavy bass music) (engine revs) And if you’re jumping into this mess of a article, don’t forget to share so we keep making bangin’ articles like this. And if you’re looking for after market wheels, tires, or suspension be sure to hit us up at here. Where we’ve got it all for your sixth generation Mustang or otherwise. The sixth generation Mustang is the one that we all know and love today. Okay? It’s the newer one.

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It’s unveiled all the way back a year after my high school graduation in 2013. 2012 or bust, son. The sixth generation Mustang held the project code name of the S-550, all right? Or S550. Which is what you hear in the automotive culture pretty much any time this car is mentioned. Okay, this generation would see a pretty large overhaul from it’s fifth generation counterpart. Like, you remember when you knew somebody and then one day they came back with the make up and the hair was all nice? They got a new shirt, new pants. You’re like, “Wow! Impressive.

” All right, the Mustang got that. It got about an inch and a half wider, got an inch and a half lower, and it got a few new splashes of color. Why? Well, the new Mustang was starting to feel the fatigue of it’s body style. If you remember the fifth generation, little bit of an old boy. Little bit of a cranky little guy, okay? It was kinda starting to feel it, if you know what I mean. And there was a guy that was named Dave Pericak that pretty had worked at Ford Motor Company since 1994 and he stepped in and he said, “I got it.” All right? This man had done it all.

From working on door panels at the car parts plant to pretty much being in charge of the entire new global performance division. Dave and exterior design director, Joel Pia- Pia- Piakow- and Kemal Curic, okay? All had to work round an extremely short time frame due to the original design being rejected by Ford executives, because executives get to say no all the time. Okay? And if you’ve readed Ford v Ferrari, I’ve gotta- You know, that’s just- I assume that’s how it is, but it probably isn’t, okay?.

Didn’t matter because the Ford team moves so fast through the production cycle for the design that they ended up being almost 20 months ahead of schedule for just the exterior design. Now, that’s pretty gnarly. Now, imagine being 20 months ahead on a project said no one ever, because nobody is ever that far ahead on anything in their life and if you are you’ve got too much free time on your hands. The team legitimately flew through development of the Mustang and they pretty much crushed it, but that doesn’t mean they, you know, they missed the mark on the car at all because it still had a whole slew of new things that made the car really exciting. Had a new independent rear suspension which is specifically developed for this bad boy.

Okay? It’s what made the car capable of doing a lot of the aftermarket stuff that you’re now capable of doing. It was the first global Ford Mustang that came in right hand drive and had earned a five star rating from the NHTSA. It was safe, right? Safety, top priority. At release, it came three different engine trims, some auto or manual options. Okay? It had a few different unique stuff with it in trims that went along with all the whole thing. And dare I say it. This generation even came with a 2.

3 L EcoBoost engine and everyone was petrified of that until they realized you could do just a ton to the motors. (engine revs) And then all of a sudden everyone loved the car again. Even if it was an EcoBoost, okay? When the Ford Mustang was originally released those that tuck in their tee shirts cried. It was finally a new generation Mustang, but even with people having some hesitations towards the new design, because everybody doesn’t like new stuff. Supra, NSX, pretty much everything. It didn’t take long for people to start loving it. (clears throat) Supra.

And we could go into the fact that the Ford Mustang had way too many trims and special editions. Like the 50 year limited edition. It had a- had a Fire Jet F-35 edition. It came in a Lightning II Roche, had an RS model, had some Hennessey models with it, had the Shelby American GT. There was like a Warrior model, I think? There was a lot, okay. There was even a- (shushes frustratingly) Childish Gambino, Fisker! – Fiskers don’t make noise when they start up, just so you know. – There’s a coupe Fisker Rocket Edition.

The ones that need to know- The ones that you actually really need to know, though, are the following. You have the standard Mustang was a V6 300 horsepower, was make from 2014 to 2017. The EcoBoost was made from 2015 to now. And then you had to 310 horsepower, that bad boy. Then, you have the mustang GT, which, was made from 2014 to present. I had to 307 Cubic V8 435 or 470 horsepower depending on how new it was. Then, you had the ones that made angels ears just bleed.

You had the GT 350, which really does sound like if angels got ahold of an automatic gun because hot diggity dog, does that thing sound good? (engine revs) (engine revs) Pretty much sounds really good because it has a flat plane crankshaft and that’s what makes the exhaust sound good for the most part. Came in the 315 cubic inch, 5.2 L V8 with 526 horsepower, 435 pounds of torque. Muscle guys- (buzzer buzzes harshly) Muscle car guys you need to know these numbers, okay? Because old school car guys this is what they talk about. All right? They ain’t talkin’ about your camber or how wide your wheels are. Okay? They’re talking about cubics. But over time all the different trim models in the Mustang there was finally a time where the cars kind of really just like- like price point just went, went that way, all right.

And, then, all of a sudden, it happened (telephone rings) “Hello. Yes, hi. Just real quick is the Ford Mustang available for a under $25,000?” “Let me just- let me check Craigslist. (types quickly) Yeah. Yup, yup. Still cheap.” “All right.

Cool. I’ma let everyone in the world know that likes aftermarket cars that they’re gonna wanna go pick one up.” “All right. Sounds good, bro.” That’s pretty much what happened. Now, we’re not here to chat history. If you want that, you can go on over to the Discovery Channel, which is somehow now turned into a reality TV show so I actually take that all back.

So we’re gonna talk about you actually wanting one. Okay? So you want a sixth gen Ford Mustang. Well, set down your Mountain Dew and grab your favorite Cleetus McFarland hat. – And it runs purely on bald eagles and Mountain Dew. – Because we’re about to jump in this domestic freedom bird of a car because that’s what it is. The sixth generation Ford Mustang hits home for a lot of new generation automotive enthusiasts. It’s quick, all right? It’s new.

And most importantly they aren’t really that expensive. Now, obviously, the GT 350 don’t count. There’s some trims that just don’t count. That’s one of them. Now, they feature the iconic long nose, short butt design that is reminiscent of 70s Datsuns and other classic fastbacks. Which is really why a lot of people have a tendency to love this generation Mustang. That and the car looks really properly good for being a domestic muscle car.

Which is one of the things that domestic muscle cars sometimes really fall short on. AccuAir and Air Lift Border start supplying air suspension kits for this car and that’s when the world pretty much went crazy. That had a lot to do with the fact that Mustang switched over the suspension system that made it a little bit more innovative to match a lot of the products that were traditionally only made for JDM cars because domestics are a little bit farther behind. But, then you had Clinched come on board with producing over fenders for it and the world went bonkers. You had the air. Then you had the fenders. Now wheel companies started making fitment specific wheels for the sixth gen Mustang and bang.

All of a sudden you had cars that had aftermarket support that was not from a 60 or 90-year-old company. The support from the after computing on this platform exploded and ultimately just came out of nowhere. Everything you’d expect to be available for a JDM car or Tuner Car Was now available for this muscle car and it was actually good looking stuff. What?! How? Splitters, diffusers, headlights, and side skirts, ladies and gentlemen. Pretty much everything you wanted. Air suspension and three-piece wheels. It was a match made in heaven.

It featured everything that you wanted in it. But nice, slope-y body lines of new gen JDM cars, but it still had the domestic, fast, gurgle-y exhaust that you wanted to have in your car. The sixth gen Mustang is likely one of the few domestic cars that has found a way to bridge the gap between domestic cars and actual new gen modifications. They’re reliable cause it’s still a domestic. It’s still mostly a V8 or an EcoBoost. They’re not insanely expensive, because they’re a domestic. They sound good, because there are domestic, and they scoot above the rest right out of the get go.

The interiors aren’t bad when you compare it to previous generation Mustangs and they look fairly mean. And if you remember the old school gen Mustangs you know that the vents would pop out, and the cup holders came out, and everything broke, and everything was made of plastic. The Ford Mustang has become one of the most popular cars in our own aftermarket car gallery. Which means people are loving them. And, by the way, if you have one, add it to our gallery here because we like that info and we put it up on our Instagram.

It’s pretty cool and then you get a shout out and we get to see what you did to your car. It’s pretty nice. Some people have issues with muscle cars, right? They blame the bad turning or the lackluster build quality, but Ford actually kind of nailed it this one and sent it right out of the park. Now don’t get me wrong every car has some shortcomings and the sixth gen Ford Mustang has some, too, but if you just got out of Ford don’t Ferrari movie and you’re feeling frisky a six gen Mustang is not a bad pick up if you’re looking for a modifiable, reliable car that came naturally with a V8 or an EcoBoost that’s still somewhat new. Which is the weirdest thing about it. So what do you think about them? Love ’em or hate ’em let us know in the comments section below. And, of course, let us know what’d you like to see us talk about next.

And if you’re looking for after market wheels, tires, or suspension be sure to hit up this site. And if you won’t do that, well then, at least share. Okay? So we can keep making bangin’ articles like this. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you guys later. Peace.

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