New Mustang For Sale First Look


New Mustang For Sale First Look

New mustang for sale, It’s been 55 years since Ford shocked the world with the original 1964 Mustang, and I’m here at the 2019 LA Auto Show trying to shock the world again with this vehicle. This is an all-electric Mustang known as the Mach II capable of doing 0 to 60 mid-three sprints, and Ford says it will have a range of up to 300 miles on a full charge. Now let’s take a first look at the all-electric member of the Mustang family you’re probably wondering what’s going on under the hood now, obviously isn’t an engine here, as it’s not a gas-powered car but four, which give you a pretty big frame.

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They say it measures just under five cubic feet of space and is washable too, so theoretically this as a cool box is about the size of yours – I’m going to notice from some competing Tesla vehicles now in terms of propulsion that Ford has several options there will offer, although there will be around five different trim levels. The base model of the standard range will go up to 210 miles on a full charge and offer around 282 horsepower.

If you choose this model, this is what the enthusiasts want because the GT offers up to 459 horsepower and you should be able to its going to be doing a sprint from 0 to 60 and about 3½ seconds this GT model will go about 250 miles on a full charge Ford says that a special California Route Edition will travel about 300 miles on a full charge, so these are very competitive numbers, on par with the best you can get from Tesla with their model cord now when you put the running horse on the front end of any vehicle you ‘I bet a lot of Mustang enthusiasts will judge the vehicle very hard by its looks, as you can see when I first saw the pictures of the Mustang Mach II. I was a bit torn but saw it personally, especially in this grabber blue with the GT fairing, it’s a beautiful vehicle that really attracts a lot of heads because it looks futuristic and looks like a Mustang and has a hat, who has the Mustang-inspired DNA you’ve come to expect.

New Mustang For Sale First Look
New Mustang For Sale First Look

There’s actually no holes here in the front grille. You can see these all-LED headlights are very slim, but they look a bit like the current-generation s550 body style Mustang. They are full LED headlights. The GT also has a bit more I think it’s a gorgeous looking car that will turn heads when this thing goes on sale now, in terms of the overall platform that Ford says it drives on its front Own Unique Platform It is a specially designed battery electric vehicle platform that Ford developed specifically for this vehicle.

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If you look at the actual proportions, it’s about the size of a Mustang, 187 inches long, 17 inches long in the wheelbase, so it’s a much longer wheelbase, but if you look at the rest of the proportions here with the greenhouse , you can see that it has a traditional SUV look where it looks like the soupy coupe like SUV, but you can see here with this black part here it’s actually not quite as shaped as I thought, resulting in more headroom will lead the back seats, now this GT model here also has those 20-inch wheels that go at 2:35 on the same size tires which is what you ‘ll see on a Tesla Model 3 performance, the brakes, too are slightly larger on the GT with these red painted calipers. Overall let me know.

Now in the back of the vehicle, you can see that you can find the Mustang DNA loud and proud in the back here. Those three LED taillights here in addition, you know that the GT badge is striped horizontally here. This is an attractive looking SUV that I think will be very suitable for Ford, which is now opening up the trunk area of ​​this vehicle.

An electric tailgate will obviously be included, now four already had some numbers to share in terms of loading capacity you’re folding the seats up, fold the seats up, fold them down. You get roughly 59 cubic feet of space, which is what you get from many compact crossover SUVs, so again you don’t forego practicality in the name of performance and efficiency that you get now with a full-V because the Mach II is a whole new idea of ​​four. They even redesigned the door handles to get into this vehicle, just like you’d expect from a Tesla.

You can also use your phone as the key, it’s the first Ford model to introduce the bluetooth feature where you can just have your phone with you. ‘When you want to get into the vehicle, you can see a very interesting looking door handle. Instead, just press that top button here that electrically operates the door to get out, then just reach into that area and open it.The rear door has the same philosophy but there is no handle for the door.

Instead, Ford says that if you press the button here to open the rear door, lots of little kids will come back here for you to. ‘Just put your hand in here and just open the door to finish getting into the vehicle, which is now inside the Mustang. I have to say this feels more roomy than I thought given how small the vehicle looks from the outside, but it still has some of the Mustang design features here, obviously it has unique steering that goes well with the Mustang running horse in the middle.

It still has the double hood design on the dash and Ford copied Tesla really a lot here.This interior isn’t a bad thing because it’s very clean. It’s very minimalist. You have two massive screens, the big one here is obviously the next-generation 15-point, 5-inch sync infotainment system. You also have a smaller 10-inch display here as an instrument panel just in front of or just behind the steering wall, so I think Tesla should consider adding a screen like this to the Model 3.

This makes the interior feel very clean again. In terms of materials, the materials here actually don’t feel bad considering this is a very fragile handcrafted prototype I can see that the dashboard here is actually a speaker. Ford says this is the part of the B&O audio system where this speaker here is something like a soundbar that hovers over the top.

Knowing the material is covered up here in this upper part, you have real seams with a little aluminum look. The glove box here is tough, but again this is just a pre-production prototype model so I’ll have to wait to actually drive one until I’m sitting in the final production wall to make my final judgment. Now the door panel is sewn here in the upper area with leather, here in the actual armrest area more leather.

The seats are very comfortable too, which I really like. The way they look reminds me a bit of Lincoln with their perfectly positioned seats. They have the way that they have those big aggressive pads, the suede Alcantara, but obviously the star of this interior will now be this main unit, I try to wrap my head around this store when I see the main unit for the first time .

There is actually a volume control and a physical volume control at the bottom of the screen. This screen itself is huge, now Ford asked me not to mess around with this screen too much because this is again a prototype of an early production model, but as you can see here, Ford has really done it with this screen now. They’ll have features like wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto that you won’t be able to access A Tesla, and will also include a wireless software update board that will announce they are coming so they can fully drive.

This also applies to this vehicle. Ford says their speakerphone will be added later as over-the-air. The-air software update so they’re really thinking about the range again.

You think about connectivity. You think about the fact that you now know your smartphone integration again. Another thing that people really love about Teslas is their panoramic sunroof, and Ford has supplied every model with that model too, massive it goes all the way to the rear seats and the floor says they have a special UV coating on it too coated to keep these sun rays out.

Even if there’s no shadow for it, you won’t need it because the coating they put on it really faded it out over here in the center stack that you can see there. ‘A calcium-free charger here, two large cup holders, a lot of USB storage devices over there, and then your transfer selector is this knob over here. This Carl saw is an automatic parking colleague.

There are some nice leather stitching here. This is a really fascinating case that will be interesting to see how Ford delivers this when it starts. So let’s jump into the back seat because I want to check out the rear viewing area for the headroom area so you have to move into the back seat of the Mustang Mach II a bit because of that sloping roofline but when you come back here and close the door , there is a surprising amount of headroom in the back.

I’m not very tall, but I could say that a six foot tall person could probably return here without rubbing legroom on his head. She also seems very generous. It doesn’t have official numbers yet, but it feels like you’re walking in. Something like a Honda Civic or I had to get another compact car.

I love the fact that the floor is completely flat in the back, there is also a nice little armrest here that folds up and gives you two cup holders. So as a family vehicle by the Mustang name, you can actually use the back seats and you know sales lists are your spouse, especially when looking to get rid of your Mustang because now you need more space.

Ford says the all-new Mustang Mach II will be going to your local Ford dealerships by summer 2020. Now think about it if you want to be one of the first to adopt yours we have to settle for the first edition or the premium models this GT version won. ‘It won’t be available until the spring of 2021 and the Mustang Mach II will have a very competitive starting price, with a base price of around $ 44.

$ 000 for the base version starts, with range going from 210 miles to the limit to roughly $ 60,000 for this GT version, which is exactly the same as Tesla’s model, which is why the two vehicles hit the market around the same time frame should, but I think what Ford is offering is obviously the Mustang legacy, although many of you may like it, if to oppose the fact that Ford gave the Mustang a name on an SUV like this one, you can clearly see that he has Mustang inspired DNA and how he looks and as long as he drives and drives and works like a Mustang this 0:16 roughly three and a half seconds is the same as the Shelby GT500 I drove in Las Vegas last month. Now, think about it if you are looking to buy this car.

Ford is just opening the reservation books so you can make a $ 500 deposit on their website and then you already build this car and be one of the first to get this thing but I think as soon as it goes on sale , a lot of people are going to be really excited that it’s going to be a hot addition to the ever-growing and increasingly competitive EVIE SUV segment for redline ratings here at the 2019 LA Auto Show I’m so gone, Bay, I’m so gone, Bay, I’m so away, Bay.


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