New Ford Gt500 Review Design Was A Bit Retro


New Ford Gt500 Review Design Was A Bit Retro

New ford gt500, If you had to name a few classic American cars, then I am sure that the Mustang would be one of them. But I’ve been wondering for a while now if that is entirely correct. It’s only been going down hill. The second, third and fourth generation were not very appealing, not very fast. The fourth generation was even a 3.8 V6 met a horse power of 145. And then finally in 2005 Ford saw the light again.

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And of course the design was a bit retro, they re-used what they had done before. But they did it in such a way that we all turned out to like it very much. The recipe for the Mustang has always been very simple, kind of like a Fast Food recipe. A massive engine in the front, preferably a V8, rear drive axle… Preferably the rigid rear axle, to make easier burnouts.

Apparently at Ford itself they got tired of the discussion about the performance as well. So at Ford SVT, Special Vehicles Technologies they got the task to construct a slighter hotter Mustang. And this is it, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. And if you think; 500 that must be the horsepower… No, it’s not.

It’s more, 540, to be exact. In case you were wondering if someone might overtake you. According to Ford it should be able to reach a speed of 286 km/h, but the odometer only goes to 260. But I think that, without speed limiter, it should be able to reach 300 and up easily. Officially it’s not even supplied to Europe. And the only place where you could do this every day is Germany. I just ran into the speed limiter and after that it refused to go any faster.

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I think secretly Ford doesn’t allow it to go any faster, although it undoubtedly would be able to. But I must say that I’m not very disappointed. It speeds up with incredible ease. It goes so amazingly fast It really is a speed demon. Ford claims its acceleration time is 0-96. That’s 60 mph more or less.

So it takes 4.3 seconds, maybe 4.4 or 4.5 seconds at the most to get to 100 km/h. It’s just a really fast car. There is one condition though, it is a manual car, with a clutch. So if you’re too rough with the clutch and accelerator.

Which happens to me sometimes, in my enthusiasm. Then it doesn’t speed up as rapidly.

It is a bit more spectacular, but not necessarily faster. Like with every Fast Food recipe, there are some disadvantages. The interior, for example. It is better than the previous one, but you can’t really call it stylish. It has a number of nice details, but when you look closely you think, well, maybe they could’ve done better. But when you look at the price of this car, this Mustang Shelby GT500, with a horsepower of 540..

The retail price in America, and it’s only $46.000! And then suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad that not all of its details are flawlessly perfect. That matches the whole concept perfectly. “Power to the people” Literally. No less than 540. Do you know what the most bizarre thing is about it all? From the moment I got into this car, the same thought keeps going through my mind.

V8 Supercharger, ridiculously fast speed, an amazing experience.. The sound, the acceleration…

Everything. I can only think of one car that gave me a similar feeling… And that’s the SLR. Which costs, 10 times as much? It’s faster, more refined, maybe more beautiful. But this one comes really close, and you can just get it with a manual gearbox.

So if you want a SLR that’s a manual, you could just order the Mustang Shelby GT500. It’s actually the poor man’s SLR. So Sascha: go for it!

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