Mustang Gt 300 Vs Ford Mustang Gt Vs Holden Commodore Ss-v Comparison


Mustang Gt 300 Vs Ford Mustang GT Vs Holden Commodore SS-V Comparison

Mustang gt 300, It’S taken more than 50 years, but the Ford Mustang has finally made it to Australian shores and the timing couldn’t be better. The Mustang finds itself going up against two equally potent v8 sedans, the Holden Commodore SS V and the Chrysler 300 SRT, but which Ben eight is best. Well, we’re going to have fun finding out we’ll be pitting the v8 powered Mustang GT against the latest and greatest v8 Commodore, the SS v redline, and just to make it interesting. We’Ve brought along the Chrysler 300 SRT, with its American Muscle, all apprised around the $ 60,000 mark and all are packing big v8 under the bonnet. The Mustang is unquestionably an automotive icon, but it’s been almost mythical in Australia. In America it’s been v performance forward for the past 50 years, while Down Under we’ve enjoyed a series of fast Falcons instead, but with the locally made muscle car headed for extinction, can the Mustangs step in and fill the breach on paper? It has all the right attributes to replace the XR 8 under the bonnet is a 5 liter v8. That is good for 306 kilowatts and 530 Newton meters that sends its power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed transmission.

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But the real question with their ski Mustang is: how does it go on Australian roads? The answer impressively well one of the biggest changes for this new generation. Global Mustang was to stop focusing on straight line performance, which is what Americans use as a reference point and have a car that actually feels at home in the corners. The suspensions been completely overhauled, so it’s got a independent rear end for the first time, and it feels really well-balanced. It rides well turns in really nicely there’s plenty of grip really being staggered times and there’s big Brembo brakes to pull it up in the corners. As for that five liter v8 – well, it’s got plenty of grunt. You’Ve got to give it a bit of a rev once it gets up right up around four or five thousand rpm really starts to see, and when it does, this Mustang really does feel like a true performance. There’S almost something a little bit surreal about driving this Mustang in Australia.

You know you see the Mustang badge on the wheel. You look out over this long, bonnet and yet you’re looking out amongst all these gum trees. It seems that the Mustang has well and truly arrived in Australia, and it feels at home. The new commodore SS was the revelation of 2015 after years of trying to rein in the cars wild nature to appeal to mainstream buyers holden. Finally, let it off the leash for its big finale forget families. This commodore is a muscle wrong matters. Holden has added the bigger more powerful ls3 6.

2 liter v8 made. It louder, improve the way it handles and made it look even tougher. The new engine that was previously exclusive to HSN elevates the SS V redline to 304 kilowatts and 570 newton meters. The SS V redline also comes equipped with Brembo brakes and staggered rubber with wider tires of the rear. Just like the Mustang. The result of those changes is an instant classic. It’S fitting that, after nearly four decades of service, the Commodore is going out with a bang.

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This engine is awesome. Not only has I got heaps of run whenever you squeeze the accelerator, it also makes a fantastic noise and Holton spent a lot of time and effort making sure that noise made it happen. It’S got a bimodal exhaust as standard and there’s even actually a special hole in the exhaust, the pumps noise back into the cabin rather than away from it. It’S an awesome touch because it makes this car feel so much more special, as has been the case for a while. Now the Commodore, and particularly the SS, is about more than just the engine it handles as well. It feels really well balanced. There’S heaps of rip from these big tires, the steering it perfectly solved it, and it’s just a really fun car to drive on our roads because it is made for multi conditions, but also when you get it out on track.

It’S got such a nicely. Finely balanced chassis, you’re, really hanging out, have a play with it and it enjoys it. It really is the ultimate Aussie performance car. If this was a contest of size, then the 300 SRT would be the easy winner. The big American beast is packing a 6.4 liter Hemi v8 that wins the power war hands down with 350 kilowatts and 637 Newton meters. But this contest is about more than just power sure the SRT never feels slow in a straight line, but in the corners it lacks the poise and responsiveness that you get in the Ford and the whole still there’s a lot to like about this car.

This engine has got so much grunt and makes such a good noise. It’S hard, not to fall in love with it. You there are some other cool elements like the fall. It’S got these apps that allows you to dial up certain settings for the car, but also gives you timers extra gauges. If you want to take this thing out onto the track or down the drag strip, it’s still a blunt instrument, but it has got some clever touches. But after all, it is the modern-day muscle car in some ways, picking a winner is extremely difficult. All 3.

Over 8 muscle cars, but the Mustang and Commodore are just half a step better than the Chrysler making it a head-to-head battle to choose our winner. Splitting the Ford and Holden isn’t easy, but thankfully there is a simple solution: the C the Mustang is sold out until at least 2017, which means, if you want to buy the best v8 performance car on the market today, you’ve got to buy the commodore. After all, this is your last chance to buy this ozzie made icon the Mustang. On the other hand, after such a long way to get here, is set to stay and represents the future of affordable v8 performance Down Under you.

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