Mustang Eleanor Price 1967


Mustang Eleanor Price 1967

Mustang eleanor price, Welcome to Vanguard Motor Sales, we specialize in buying and selling high quality muscle cars and classics we get in new cars every day, so our inventory is constantly changing. If you’d like to go check out our website right now, we’ve got over 150 cars in stock hit. This button up top, if you’d like to read an about us article hit this button down at the bottom.

1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor Tribute Edition VIN: 7T02T260365 - CLASSIC.COM

Now, let’s go outside and check out what we’ve got for you today, all right, we’re outside here now, with 67 Eleanor baby, she’s hot. I love these black Eleanor’s, this one’s over the top 392 stroker under the hood, and if you want to see about a hundred pictures of her, go to our website at Vanguard, Motor Sales comm we’re going to get this baby up in the lift. So you can check out everything underneath the we’re going to get the hood up, so you can check out that stroker motor under the hood, we’re going to show you the custom interior, we’re going to show you everything you need to see. So you can make a really good decision on your Eleanor purchase.

So come on up, let’s fire up Eleanor take a look at the Eleanor kit on this baby. I love it. The silver racing stripes, the driving lights, the custom, grille, the custom clearance lights, the headlights, the hood pins, the hood look, how the hoods fit into the front fenders great for an Eleanor kit baby, she looks awesome. The wheel lips are all molded in. It looks fantastic gt500, eon the side, the Shelby emblem. All the stainless looks good. Save you mirror the vent windows.

Look good door handles, look like they’re brand new. Look at these door jams looks awesome. Even got the Ford tag, they’re still in the door. Jamb grab the key here. Look down that quarter panel. I love it. I can see a perfect reflection of myself.

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I tell you what looks like. I need to shave that head we’ve got the NASCAR style fuel filler, the trunk lids fitting nice. That’S right! There’S a popper inside the car for that it’s got the painted bumper there’s the popper on the trunk. Take a look inside there. Of course you got to have nitrous on Eleonora. Now, that’s for show. The nitrous is not hooked up on the car batteries mounted.

Here. We have a fuel cell. This is all the piping here to get the fuel into the fuel cell. From that NASCAR filler tube, there looks like we’ve got a amp there for the stereo. It’S got. The the cool taillight Center. Now, look down the side of this car.

Look how everything matches up! Look at the bodywork. You know if you’re going to paint a car black, you better be a good body. Man and the guy that built this car is awesome. It’S got the gt40 wheels on it. Look at these door jams, beautiful and at Vanguard. Motor sales were not consignment dealers. That means we by all the cards that we have in our showroom.

We’Ve got over a hundred and fifty cars here in stock. So when we get them back here to our shop, we run them through an inspection process that allows us to answer any question you may have about the car. So call Tom at two four: eight: nine, seven, four, nine five one! Three! Now, let’s check out the interior in Eleanor, look at that black door panel, she’s beautiful armrest, looks good handles. Look. Awesome carpet, looks great. We got the Shelby racing pedals down there great looking console. We got the nitrous switch there in a console.

We’Ve got the gold baby go button on the shifter, we’ve got armrest wet seatbelts in the rear. We’Ve got racing seatbelts on the driver’s seat. Here, the roll bar headliner looks awesome. The Shelby steering wheel, the beautiful the signature from Carroll Shelby on the dash the the Shelby gauges, are in the dash there. This baby’s ready to rock and roll. Now that you’ve had a quick look at the car we’d like to give you a chance to go right to our website. You can click the button right up to your left here.

To do that, if you’d like to share to our youtube channel click the share button and you can check out a bunch of hot rod, articles now, let’s get back and check this car out all right. Let’S go from right now and our I love the side. Exhaust this baby sounds so Tom Fletch stroker motor now down here on the dash you can see, the tack is working, the speedos work and we got gas. We got water, temp and oil pressure. It’S got an aftermarket, radio enter, looks like they’ve mounted, a clock and a voltage gauge. The nitrous is just for looks like I said it’s not up depth but of course, go baby go button, also five-speed transistor and nice. I love these Eleanor cars and, of course, you get just a ton of attention.

Enim she’s cruising right down the road, no problem no hands on the wheel. I can hit the brakes here: she’s stopping nice and straight no hands on the wheel and in Vanguard Motor Sales, we’re shipping experts we ship this baby anywhere in the world. You just call us in two four, eight, nine, seven, four, nine five one three. Now, let’s flip this baby around no problem making a u-turn here, except we got a van on our way. Of course, I get to go through the gears again. Gran wants me to pass so he can check us out. Everybody wants to take a look at Alan.

Our now our shops right outside the Motor City, we actually have two facilities now. So if you want to come visit us and check out our cars, please give Tom a call, so he can make sure we, the car, you’re interested in and our main facility here in Plymouth, so give him a call. Tell Tom answer this: one: seven days a week and practically 24 hours, you name a car. He will return your message, leaving a message coming soon. This dude is just going straight down the road. It’S got an awesome sound to it all. The 67 68 Mustangs remind me of high school.

This is what everybody was driving and, of course, Nicolas Cage making a movie about this. One helped a lot. This thing sweet unless, under that Lambie, well here’s a shop right here we’re at 15100 keel street Plymouth Michigan. So come on down and check us out now stick around we’re going to put this baby up to live, so you can check out the underside and, of course, we’re going to get under the hood and check out the stroker motor. Alright Wonder: neath are 67 eleanor. Now black car and this thing’s sweet underneath take a look at this. This is an aluminum cover for the race gas tank.

That’S dropped down from the trunk. The drop downs on the quarters here, look good, the wheel wells, look nice and tight. We’Ve got this pan art bar here added to the rear end to keep everything nice and square nice and stable some beautiful disc brakes get the rotors are drilled and slotted kind of a sway bar up here, Bilstein shocks, Holley fuel pump on the gas tank. Let’S see what else looks like the springs were rebuilt, we’ve got a frame tie here. This baby goes all the way up. The frame it’s all welded in looks like we got a bed liner material on the floorboards here great job on this car, nice and neat. Underneath you can see the Eleanor style exhaust comes in here goes back out goes over there dumps out into the ground effects.

Looks awesome now take a look at the way. It’S all welded in here to the frame the frame tie. Great job exhaust system looks great up here. We do have. A crossover here looks like the parking brake is hooked up. I’Ve got a custom mount here for my t5. This is actually a trim at t5.

That’S a five-speed on it. Five speed automatic 5-speed standard trans, high torque starter, we’ve got rack and pinion here it looks like a it’s. Definitely a power rack. What looks like what you’ve got bear brakes up front. It meant cool. We got drilled and slotted rotors here here we got a reinforced, lower control, arms and upper control, arms new ball joints, big sway bar the radius arms. Here we’ve got new bushings in I’m aluminum radiator.

This PB is sweet underneath the engineering on this car is over-the-top. Just like an Eleanor should be well, let’s look at the wheels and tires check out these wheels. These are pse gt40 wheels. They are sweet. Of course you can see those bare brakes. They’Re peeking through we got Yokohama’s 2 45, 45 17s up front and there gt500 bit. Then of course we got more meet back here.

We got 275 40 17s same good-looking wheel. Well, let’s lower it down and take a look at that 392 Motorsports block under the hood Wow. That’S what an Eleanor should look like under the hood. We got a small block here. This is based off a 351 block, but it’s a new Motorsports block. 392 stroker air conditioning aluminum intake, big old demon, carburetor sitting on top MSD ignition beautiful aluminum radiator, electric fans, chromed up alternator, aluminum heads. We got some extra bracing here for the shock towers, we’ve got the Cobra intake and valve covers on it.

Unbelievable pull into any car show start winning awards with this baby. I do have my power steering there. I see the pump down there and my power brakes the inner fenders look good. The firewall looks great this baby’s ready to go so give us a call at two four, eight, nine, seven, four, nine five one three and let vanguard Motor Sales Park, this stream in your driveway all right. We’Ve made it really easy for you click on any one of these five pictures here, and it will take you right to whatever your interests to then we’re going to give you about 30 seconds here to click these pictures. If you need more time, just go back in the article and click that mixer you.

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