Mustang 5.0 2019 V8: Li Vale 47.000€


Mustang 5.0 2019 V8: Li vale 47.000€

Mustang 5.0 2019, Ciao everyone here, it’s Marchettino and today we put to the test the rear tires of the new Ford Mustang In a world dominated by small engines, electronic cigarettes, vegan food, it’s cool to see, there’s still, companies like Ford that create products without much finery with much essence And old school-badassery.

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The Ford Mustang is probably the ultimate muscle car, if not one of the most famous and iconic cars made by Ford. It’s a car with more than half century of history, and today I’m driving the 2019 Mustang. Ford has done a generous restyling on The my2019 and compared to its predecessor, we already tell the first differences by the look, because the Mustang 2019 is more sharp and aggressive with the use of this new front, bumper with sharper headlights and with a new rear bumper with LED lights. I’M driving this car. Since a few days – and I have to say I like it. I really like it Here – there’s lots of features and in the my2019 I struggle to find the stereotype american cars are full of plastic and can’t corner.

It’s the opposite. With 47. 000€ you bring home a car. This price is truly worth it. We’Re talking about the version with the 5.0 V8, which compared to the predecessor, it has extra power 420 to 450hp.

But what I like most is the redline raised from 6500rpm to 7400rpm Interior quality is good, there’s lots of plastic, but to the touch it’s good plastic. It’S plenty of leather and, like most american cars, it’s full option. 12” digital display is very nice. It’S also very customizable and plenty of features. Another particularity about this Mustang. It doesn’t have the 6-speed manual gearbox, but the new 10-speed, auto, even Vin Diesel would love it. Let’S play with the Mustang among the many settings.

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Let’S go straight to the point and set Track mode. One thing I really like is that it has many customizable settings. You can switch between Rain Normal to drive it easily. Sport Sport+ MyMode, with your custom setting Track and this setting is so american there’s Drag Strip mode which allows smoke everyone at the light. Now I’m in Track mode and as you can see, also the graphic of the digital display has changed. In Track mode. The traction control is off.

We can even switch the ESC off.. Listen to that. There’S no fake sound coming through the speakers. This is genuine engine sound. If we had to compare this soundtrack to the music, it would certainly be an ACDC solo. It’S a strong and vigorous sound that gives you the charge.

Listen. How does the Mustang behave in such tiny, winding road? You feel the weight of the car it weights about 1650kg. Around these tight roads. You feel the weight in some quick bends. It’S not even hard to hear the front tires squeeze. This is also because this Mustang is fitted with Pirelli Sottozero tires. It has winter tires that don’t give justice to the performance and potential of this car.

Overal. It’S amazing. It’S not even that hard to make the rear slide. These sporty seat help for the daily and sports driving, because they’re big comfy padded and offer a good lateral support.. The engine is undoubtedly the treat the heart of this car fantastic Linked to this 10-speed gearbox. The acceleration is lightning and endless, not bad.

It’S a good gearbox, Of course, I’d buy it manual, but the philosophy of americans. They buy muscle cars with the automatic gearbox. In case you’re wondering for the sports driving, you don’t engage 10 gears considering the speed is electronically limited to 250kph. You use’till 6th gear from the 7th onwards, they’re sleapy gears that help to keep the fuel consumption low., And it’s not that bad.. Considering there’s a 5.

0L V8 in front Personal consumption, I tracked about 6km per litre in the city interstate and highway at 110/120kph, steady even 13.5km per litre, which is not bad. If you smash the foot on the throttle.. This engine drink more than an american during the SuperBowl finals, It’s about 3km per litre, maybe even less It’s a truly exaggerated engine – and I love it. Engine is powerful and hopefully also the brakes. Brakes are 6 pistons Brembo that offer a pretty good breaking power.

Even the engine brake is powerful and help to stop the car.. It’S a typical american engine that offers plenty of power and torque from the low revs’till the redline infact around these corners. I don’t feel the need to redline the engine. I can shorshift and feel the car accelerate nicely. I like it. Usually N/A engines need to be pushed to the redline to feel the power, but it’s not the case of this car, Even with the elctronics off.

It’S quite easy to handle The steering doesn’t offer the maximum communication and precision. So you need to be careful with the throttle in the corners because it the rear slide. You don’t feel it immediately. You need good reflections, also because it’s heavy and when it tends to slide it feels like a boat.. So it’s not so easy and intuitive to slide and keep sideways Overal. I love it.

The Mustang is a myth. Since more half century and the more time goes and more Ford improve it and make it more performing fun, but keeping its thoroughbred american soul. I really like this. Sadly, with the time we tend to see, more and more manufacturers create new models that compared to their predecessors, they’re a bit heartless, which is not the case of the Mustang. I think in terms of price/quality ratio, brand new and especially second hand. This is absolutely worth it Among the many features with the onboard computer. You can track pretty much everything: 0-100 acceleration 1/4 mile breaking it’s a car with many features to play with.

, Even though the Mustang is a successful muscle car in Europe. Thanks also to the introduction of the 2.3L Ecoboost 4cyl, whenever I take it out the garage and go for a drive, basically, everyone turn to see it. It’S a car that is appreciated. It’S known and grabs lots of attention and interest towards the crowd, Not to mention this colour, Dallas Orange, which is amazing, with black wheels, sweet spec. I think this car need a good diet. It’S heavy! It moves nicely around these roads it’s fast, but with a lighter weight, it would definitely get better With the time Ford is making it even more european style, the Mustang in terms of features.

You know the european market is more demanding than the american one, and here Ford keep raising the quality performance and features offered for a very competitive price compared to the european and japanese competition. For this reason, I really appreciate this Mustang. V8. 2019.. I thank Ford Italia for having lent me the new Mustang and guys make sure to Like the article if you enjoy it share to my YouTube. If you haven’t yet, and as always, thanks for reading ciao.

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