Mustang 2019 Ecoboost Chin Spoiler Review And Install


Mustang 2019 Ecoboost Chin Spoiler Review and Install

Mustang 2019 ecoboost, Hey, guys. Adam here, and today we’re taking a closer look at and installing the MMD Chin Spoiler, available for the 2018 and newer EcoBoost and Mustang GTs. This is gonna be for the Performance Pack guys out there who wanna swap out their front end factory chin spoiler on that Performance Pack to pick up one that is just a little bit more aggressive while still blending in, looking like it could have come on the car from the factory. Now, before we jump into the details of this one, it is worth noting that if you do not have a Performance Pack Mustang or EcoBoost or GT, then you will need to pick up the Performance Pack lower air deflector, otherwise known as the belly pan or belly shield or splash shield, underneath of the front end. That is the only way you can make that bolt up. So, Performance Pack guys, bolts up directly to what you have, non-Performance Pack guys for the EcoBoost and GT, you can pick this up along with the air shield or air deflector separately, to make it work.

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With that out of the way, we’ve got our 2018 GT here with the Performance Pack, so I’ll show you guys that process in just a little bit. We took off that factory splitter, and this new one from MMD really hugs the same body lines as the factory one, it’s just gonna protrude out a little bit more in the corners and along with the front end. The big change is gonna be right here on the edge, right underneath of your turn signal lights in this air duct area. This comes out a little bit farther, dips down just a little bit lower, and it just looks a lot more aggressive. It’s a little bit wider on the sides here, and it dips down a little bit more in the front at this edge. It has a little bit of a harder edge at the front end too, and I think, again, I just think it looks like it comes on the car from the factory. It looks really good, and I think it’s a no-brainer for the front end if you’re looking for a little bit extra at the front.

Now, this, in particular, comes in right around 250 bucks, which I think is a very worthwhile price. I don’t think it’s too expensive, and it comes in that matte black textured black finish, just like your factory one did, so they blend in really well with the stock components. This is gonna help with a little bit of downforce at the front end. Don’t expect the world of change, but because it does protrude out a little bit more, it is worth noting that you can expect slight changes with downforce, especially really at high speeds like if you’re out at the track. So you wouldn’t really notice any change in the aerodynamics at lower speeds. It’s really at top speeds that you’ll see a little bit of a change. But mostly this is just gonna be that front end appearance piece, and I think it does a damn good job making the front end look pretty good.

Getting this installed is gonna be pretty easy too. I’m gonna give it one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Because non-Performance Pack guys will need to pick up the air deflector separately, there’s a little bit more work involved, but still gets one out of three wrenches. Anybody can do it in the driveway at home. I’ll take you through every step of the process, starting with getting off our factory components. So, what do you say we get to it? The tools used in this install include an impact gun or a ratchet, 7-millimeter deep socket, a panel removal tool, and a flathead screwdriver. Now, the first step of this process is to get the vehicle in the air, and of course, you can see we’re using a lift here in the shop.

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But if you’re working at home in the driveway, just make sure you got your vehicle on jack stands supported properly before you get started. The first step after that is to grab a 7-millimeter deep socket and an impact gun or a ratchet and remove the 13 bolts across the front, holding our factory chin spoiler to our belly pan. Now, keep in mind guys, if you do not have a Performance Pack, you do need that Performance Pack belly pan to make this work. So, you will be doing a simultaneous install, but because we already have a Performance Pack, which this MMD chin spoiler is made for, makes life a little easier, so we’re gonna jump right into that. So, first things first, we’re gonna remove all 13 straight across. With the bolts off of our chin spoiler holding it to the belly shield, the next step is to remove the bolts holding the belly shield in place itself. So, there’s a couple more of these 7-millimeter bolts.

There’s two right in the middle, and four at the back end. Next, there are about four push pin clips toward each one of the front wheel wells, otherwise known as the plastic rivets. Grab a panel removal tool or a flathead screwdriver and pop these out of place. Do the same thing for the other side. At this point, you can just pop off your belly pan. All right. Now that we have access to the back of our chins spoiler, we can access the three push pin clips or plastic rivets on each end holding this in place, as well as the eight, maybe seven or eight bolts holding it in place toward the front.

Now, because this is at a weird angle, it’s hard to see the top here to use our panel removal tool. I’m gonna show you guys a trick with a really small flathead. Now, it’s the same kind of clip, originally as you just saw, I’d be pulling up from the top, part number one, and then for part number two, you just pull up from the bottom. From here, I’m just gonna push up on the middle section with our flathead. Basically, doing the same thing but starting from the bottom. Once that goes up, you go in and pry the top of it out. Now if you’re working on the ground, it might be a little easier for you guys to see, but this is an easy way to do it if you can’t.

Just repeat that for all six of them, three on each side. The last steps here before we get our factory chin spoiler off is to grab the 7-millimeter socket again, remove all of the bolts straight across the front end, and then it should pop off. All right, when you get down to the last screw, just make sure you have a hand on that chin spoiler, because it is gonna get loose enough to fall out. So we got that last one out, and I’ll let that screw fall. And we’ll just pop this off and set it aside. So we finally got our factory chin splitter off of our 2018 GT Performance Pack, and it’s on the ground next to the MMD chin splitter. And as you can see, there are a lot of similarities between the two.

As a matter of fact, the MMD one takes almost the exact same shape of the factory chin spoiler. The only difference is it’s got a bit of an extension in the sides and in the middle. Now, as you can see, the factory spoiler comes around at a smooth curve, has a harder curve toward the middle, flattens out and does the same thing on the other side. Now, the MMD option has that curve between that curve and the first lump down the middle, it has that extension piece that almost flattens out. So we have the same curve, and then it flattens out here, almost like a fin on each side. Going down the center, it’s following the same body lines as the factory one, it just comes down a little bit further with this harder jagged edge. Now, all of this is gonna contribute to downforce as I said in the very beginning, giving you a little bit more of an aerodynamic feel at the front end, but mainly this is just gonna look really aggressive.

It’s made of an injection-molded TPO material, pretty much the same thing as your factory one, and it has the exact same factory textured matte black finish that really looks like it should have came on the car from the factory. I think MMD did a really good job with this. All right, just to transfer over a couple of things, I have a small flathead screwdriver. What we’re gonna do is just basically pry off these metal retainer clips and just move them right on over to the same location on our MMD option. You just wanna make sure they’re facing the same direction as they were on the factory one. Just gonna pry these off, move them right on over. All right, with that being the last one, we can put our MMD one in place using the factory hardware.

All right, with those transferred over, we can pop this up into place using those factory locations, just line it up, set it in place. And I’m gonna start with some of those plastic clips I have in my pocket here, and we’re just gonna put those in place on each end just to hold it in place. And at this point, we’re just gonna finish up with the rest of those clips. Same thing on the other side. Next, grab those 7-millimeter factory bolts and throw them right back into their spots. All right, now we can work on getting that belly pan back on. All right.

With the belly pan being next, I’m gonna slide that in under the chin splitter first, or the chin spoiler. You also just wanna make sure that it’s on the inside of the wheel well liners. That looks good. I’m gonna use a couple of those plastic clips to hold it in place. At this point, you can grab your factory screws and put them right back in the factory location, starting on one end. Now at this point, you may or may not have the clips necessary to do the next step. Some splash shields are just a little bit different from the factory.

Now, ours does have additional retaining clips, those metal clips that we transferred over earlier. There’s more of them along the front underneath of our spoiler. Now, the spoiler has the open holes already cut to access them, so if you have those clips, take the eight screws provided for you in the kit from MMD and just bolt them down, but if you don’t, no worries, you can skip this step and move right along to the rest of the install. Now there’s a couple more bolts on the factory locations for the splash shield, so we’re just gonna put those back into place, and then we’ll finish it up with those plastic clips. There’s two of them in the middle you see here, and then four at the back end. All right, those plastic clips can throw right up into the wheel well. Just repeat the other side.

So, last one. Once you have this in, you can put the car on the ground and you’re good to go. Well, guys, we finally got it installed, so that’s gonna wrap up my review and install of the MMD Chin Spoiler, available for the ’18 and newer EcoBoost and GT Performance Pack models, and it fits the non-Performance Pack models with the additional purchase of that lower air deflector or the belly pan. If you wanna pick yours up, you can do so right here.

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