Mustang 2019 Convertible Facelifted Mustang Gt


Mustang 2019 Convertible Facelifted Mustang GT

Mustang 2019 convertible, You can’t really drive cars like this anymore can you? A big convertible with a 5.0-litre V8 in the front. This is the facelifted Mustang GT Convertible. It’s heavy, it uses a lot of fuel, it has too much power, it pollutes the environment and the air, And if you actually look at it that way, I totally get you. You’re right. Socially and morally speaking, this is not done anymore, not in 2018.

2019 Ford Mustang 4-cylinder Convertible | Top Speed

So if you’re in that position, you’re right. I understand. But you’ll have to stop reading now, I’m afraid. Because at the same time, this is so incredibly nice. A 5.0-litre atmospheric V8, without turbo’s. And that does something with the experience.

Turbocharged engines are perfect. They produce lots of power and lots of torque, but a 5.0-litre V8 which doesn’t seem to put in a lot of effort in low revs. It does something to you. And you’ll immediately know there’s a monster in the front, a terrifying monster.

You can hear that when you’re at low revs, especially if you get the optional sports exhaust this car is fitted with. You can hear it threatening, growling. Also, you know what happens when you unleash it. There’s fire, there’s violence.

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The noises change, there’s more power, and if you get above 4.000 RPM, it starts to explode… And that’s when it produces 450 horsepower. Don’t get me wrong, because it’s a lot, but it isn’t an enormous amount of power nowadays.

The sound experience though, t really does something with you. It seems to be quicker from 0-100 km/h, than the actual 4,5 seconds it does it in. That’s incredible. Also, at the same time, Ford has taken the time to modernize this engine.

Now it doesn’t only have multipoint-injection, which is indirect injection, but direct injection as well. That means the compression ratio can go up, and that means the engine is more efficient, and produces more power. Other than that, there’s variable valve timing, and just about everything to get every last drop of power. And efficiency out of this V8. Also, it’s now fitted with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

That makes sure the V8 remains in its powerbed in a better way. It also means you’re constantly able to enjoy that amazing soundtrack, and that you’re driving more efficiently. The gear changes are more efficient than in the 6-speed as well, so they’ve really tried their best to modernize this car. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best automatic gearbox I’ve driven. There are lots of gears, and if you’re driving in sportier modes, it’s always looking for the ideal gear. That also means, that when you’re driving on turning mountain roads like I’m doing, it suddenly changes gear in the middle of a corner. And that’s something you don’t want.

This car weighs 1810 kg, and when it suddenly changes gear the car starts to move, and that isn’t a particularly nice feeling. If you want to prevent that by shifting gears manually, ten gears are a lot of gears. You’ll immediately forgive it however. Whenever the engine revs past 4.000 RPM.

Anyway, there are better automatic gearboxes around these days, and you should drive it like it’s a very fast, but very relaxed GT-car. That suits the chassis better, because that has been facelifted as well, with the most important change in the form of MagneRide. That’s an adaptive suspension Again, the car weighs about 1.800 kg, and it’s not like the chassis is bad or anything, but it’s more like this convertible isn’t very rigid. When you corner hard on tough surfaces, it’s starts shaking around, the mirror starts to twist, the power steering feels a little senseless, and as a result, it feels like you can’t really trust the chassis. But it doesn’t deserve that doubt, because if you decide you’re still going for it, and if you let go of the doubt.

It won’t let you down, and the balance will be pretty good as well. Because you’ve got a limited-slip diff between the rear wheels, you can throttle-steer it when you’re exiting a corner. You have to get used to that though, because when it comes to that, it lacks a little refinement. And that’s logical, because this has to be a car which is available for the masses. That’s why it’s built from relatively simple components, and you can see that in the interior. That has been upgraded as well.

It now has a new Sync-system, a new digital instrument cluster, but little vents like these. You could find them in an Opel Combo van for example. Some of the finishing in the interior as well. It just isn’t very pretty. And again, that’s a logical choice because it means it’s for the masses. That’s the reason Henry Ford once started building cars. However, that doesn’t work for the Netherlands. Despite all of the effort, it still does 8 kilometres per litre. According to the factory, that is. That means there are a lot of private taxes, and that means that this car is just as expensive in the Netherlands, as a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Convertible.

And that has better finishing. And it’s got a better drive. And you’ve got a turbocharged engine which is even more powerful. Anyway, the C63 isn’t nearly as cool as this Mustang, but for the same money, it’s a better car. On the other hand, if you put your foot down. You’ll forget that in an instant.

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