Mustang 2.3 T Convertible Test Drive


Mustang 2.3 T Convertible Test Drive

Mustang 2.3 t, Bless, the animators we finally managed to get our hands on the steering wheel of ford mustang proposed in two engines from 2003 ecoboost, a little more European with 317 horsepower and 432 newton meters of torque, because this choice of motorization, let’s say smaller, for all markets. But above all, the market European to break down the co2, because it only puts 179 grams of co2 per kilometer and then present the list also the v8 5.000, the real one, but it will burden American musclecar musclecar, muscular muscled of the bodywork.

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You saw it in the static images, but before talking about driving because they pass on fun roads, I introduce fabio tv and since, if you blog, then you often talk about valid stories, taste of two details. How did you think this mustang at theinterior a happy surprise? Clearly, not to expect quality that some German plastics, on the other hand, also, the price is completely different. Yes, because the closed version starts from 38 thousand euros. We have the convertible version, as the ford cup calls it, because we also have two toe seats, folding seats and there will be no watussi, 4,000 euros more for the convertible and it seems to me, 43, the bordeaux 43, the void so in any case, absolutely not Exaggerated prices 143 – if we go to the great German classics, it is convenient and beams out of three are created.

You do not buy 300 horses power, the design – I said very American, very beautiful captivating for absurd, even clean in the sense. Paradoxically, a beautiful, horizontal projection of the lines we know that there isit is very perhaps the only flaw. The spite of the powerful cannot get distracted for a moment, and especially when there is it loses the hood. Then we will open a big bissone makes it difficult to read if it would take a long grease, a production on the screen, because you can’t see it. He pointed out that these finishes, however, are in classic plastic, but between stable to the eye. A suspicious van and the plastic aluminum is, however, at the super bowl feel very comfortable. You can see the very comfortable soft of some plastics in the photos that ours in the train, however, pushing an environment so much it pushes so much and if discs seem to contain almost they hold up well, they are comfortable year.

The ventilation of boasting in this warm manetas who changes his life according to cd loses, will have to allow theobligation of the 26. In September a new commitment came while the ventilation did not agree, but I found it strange the choice of having an adjustment of the length and also of the height of the electric sign, while the backrest to the throttle strange but clear, the one with continuous adjustment. However, a bit of driving of this of this one, but it is because the numbers say little, then we had a cot with four arrival modes, the normal mode, the sport plus race, which removes the traction controls and the rain mode which instead lowers the intervention threshold Of the models of the traction, then we put in sport plus I must say that the last king is always ready hear as soon as I squeeze how how to answer. Maybe we make a piece of road in 2.0 mode. We are now really sent roads that here between Rome and theeagle, braking incisive brakes very well, among other things, hospital. I would say perfect because you can do very very well.

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The data is only in the restaurant on the gas second 1500 director detached from the rear year. We bring the directors it encourages, you are being a rear-wheel drive. So, according to the minister, a depression has not broken down with a tad bit of a graviano read, but just really really not very obvious. It is not very active in the sense that it is a very long car, bovo long among other things in maneuvering. We must be careful and take the eye because the hood – it is really very long. The laurent that between theother of sia costanzo, is adjustable on three purity calibrations. Instead, we can sew it a little to measure, but it is not so immediate.

That is, I steer the car. Maybe it takes us some fractionists of second insertions on the right smile g. In short, let’s face it. Fabio is a machine for, but second me this car. We have to bring here a nice adriatic fast curves, the adriatic. You meant it is an emilian adriatic boy because from trieste down a hand of riccia ragù in my opinion, remains here a real car that must be enjoyed open and then we enjoy it open because there is a maximum we are insert. I would like to say two so mine and the sun, which are very very nice private, is a convertible, and I really like the idea of ​​the old-fashioned antenna.

Second thing: the levers then in front there are this flavor of theanother camera. Do not worry. We will put it back together immediately. We have not made the point with the host. That is not the same. No problem we shoot only for the camera, fantastic fantastic. I would make me the king of cameras for the whole test.

No by fabio. Do not worry. Leave it down too, we use this. There is no problem with the mafia, because it is here now we only have to say after having said how it is going to enjoy this this mustang, then we say that in just so much already, even though it is in canvas, I have to say that It takes away, a lot is not proven at 130 and the dynamic flow has not entered the advice. Noise does not invade my who does not even hear the air. That, usually can be advice, said above 160 starts, but will have to try a germany 760, but then, if on the glasses, obviously the flow ofair is definitely reduced. Obviously no consumption states because we do not know them we have detected.

It was a short test. Drive of a day, we hope later to be able to find it for our classic right and maybe in the v8 5.000 version, where we will certainly be more exhaustive and now fabio. Let’S turn everything off and I’d say: let’s go to power.

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