Clean Exterior And Minimalist Interior

Buyers Love Luxury Tesla With Minimalist and Clean Exterior Interior


Buyers Love Luxury Tesla With Minimalist and Clean Exterior Interior

Buyers love minimalist and clean Tesla. There is no denying that Tesla vehicles have a very unique and perfect exterior. As we have seen over and over again, when striving to meet needs and trying to make a profit, Tesla must determine which features are most important. Distance, solid performance, filling infrastructure, great feature set, etc. Or just a luxury cabin?

Clean Exterior And Minimalist Interior
Clean Exterior And Minimalist Interior

Silicon Valley vehicle manufacturers have opted to make cars with a “premium” look, but not too much. Instead, he chose to spend money on car functions. To date, no other EV has come close to what Tesla has to offer. Sure, some like the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-Tron may be more attractive in it, but it seems like not much is sought by many people in an EV, or maybe any car.

According to a recent Kelley Blue Book report, as part of the Q2 Brand Watch, car buyers are captivated by Tesla’s beautiful exterior and clean practical cabin. Not to mention the driver-oriented touch screen and great technology.

Let us remember that early mobile phones (think Blackberry) – which was the pinnacle of technology for a while – finally proved to be extraordinary and busy. Today, Apple phones and Samsung devices based on Android are popular because of their simplicity.

Minimalist And Clean Tesla Model 3 Interior
Minimalist And Clean Tesla Model 3 Interior

Based on the KBB survey, car buyers chose Tesla from other brands in seven of the 12 categories. More importantly, Tesla’s interior layout ranks first overall.

Maybe people want luxury, but also want to be frugal? A nice but not very nice cabin and very functional seems to be the answer. Honestly, we can’t think of another brand that would offer a true “middle way” concept.

Tesla Model 3's Interior Is Quite And Smart
Tesla Model 3’s Interior Is Quite And Smart

Tesla’s exterior and minimalism are now favored by luxury shoppers. Tesla’s exterior and interior design are different. Except for the pre-facelift Model S and the original Roadster, all Tesla vehicles lack a lattice, giving the current generation Model S, Model X and Model 3 very different compared to traditional cars.

The interior of a Tesla electric car is more unique. Tesla interiors are centered on advanced technology and sustainability,that is Very minimalist.

This unique element makes Tesla stand out from competitors from traditional vehicle makers such as Lexus and BMW. At the same time, it also makes the company’s vehicle design very polarized. In the automated community, finding a reviewer who praises Tesla’s exterior and interior design is as easy as finding a reviewer who considers it truly offensive.

Top Gear host Chris Harris, for example, loves the acceleration and speed performance of the Model 3 Performance, but he is very critical of the exterior style of the vehicle, happily saying the electric sedan is an “AK-47 disguised as a butter knife.” review.

It is also very common to see well-known commentators on premium electric cars like the Jaguar I-PACE comparing the luxury interior of a British crossover with a cabin that looks like a Model 3 spacecraft.

However, if the results of the Kelley Blue Book Brand Watch Q2 2019 are indicative, it seems that a large number of luxury car buyers are more inclined to choose the clean lines and minimalist theme of Tesla electric cars than the more conventional traditional accents. luxury cars.

The KBB survey ranks vehicle manufacturers according to 12 categories that include safety to prestige. Tesla dominates the list, ranking first in seven of the 12 list categories.

Tesla’s superior categories are quite surprising such as Driving Technology and Performance. What is surprising is the fact that Tesla is also the first tier brand for Exterior Style, beating Audi and Porsche in the process.

These results provide a good sign for Tesla and its approach to vehicle design. Thus, they suggest that users may begin to associate clean exterior lines and minimalist interior themes with luxury. This is particularly important given that KBB study respondents spend in the luxury car segment, which shows that they know the growth expectations of conventional premium vehicles from veteran brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

When Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen designed the Model S, he chose to build an electric vehicle that unfortunately still looks known as a car. This theme has been followed in every vehicle launched by Tesla to date, from Model X to Tesla Semi.

Tesla’s design is likely to remain polished for years to come, especially among conventional automotive enthusiasts. But given the results of the KBB study, the shift between luxury vehicle users seems to be happening, and the wind is blowing very well for Tesla.