In Depth Overview Interior And Exterior Tesla Model 3

In-Depth Overview Interior And Exterior Tesla Model 3


In-Depth Overview Interior And Exterior Tesla Model 3

In-depth overview tesla model 3. The presence of the Tesla Model 3 is also one of the factory efforts where Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, really wants to launch electric car products so that it can touch a wider segment.

In Depth Overview Interior And Exterior Tesla Model 3
In Depth Overview Interior And Exterior Tesla Model 3

So, it can be said that the Tesla Model 3 car dubbed Zero Emission is no longer synonymous with high-priced premium cars.

Thus, it is not surprising that in the future, Tesla-made low-cost electric car network will be pursued by middle-class consumers which will indirectly increase car sales made by Tesla Motors factory. So, are you more curious about this Tesla Model 3, right?

Tesla Model 3, which is presented as an electric-dependent sedan with tough specifications and a variety of features that are no less attractive than conventional gasoline-fueled cars.

Tesla Model 3 Dimensions And Drawings
Tesla Model 3 Dimensions And Drawings

From the outside or physical, the charm of the Tesla 3 model can also be seen from all over the outside of the body where the concept of a modern sedan is able to display elegant effects from every side.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen sector, the Tesla Model 3 will rely on electric power in the form of batteries as a reliable source of energy.

Where, armed with this machine, this sedan can travel a distance of 346 kilometers with a single battery charge. In fact, this American electric car is also promised to accelerate from 0-96 km / h in just 6 seconds.

Meanwhile, in the features sector of the Tesla Model 3, Tesla also equips this sedan with various advanced features that are ready to support the comfort and safety of the user or comfort while driving.

A top destination for Model 3 owners and enthusiasts, nothing is missed in their latest in-depth review of Tesla mass market electric sedans.

The co-hosts Trevor Page and Kenneth Bokor had the opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful and understandable Long Range 3 Model, taking an in-depth look at almost all the interior and exterior features of the vehicle.

Details from the installation points for the Model 3 roof rack system and front license plate brackets, up to a complete interior tour covering everything from the Model 3 window exchange to the speakers, nothing leaves an impression. Page and Bokor so far are reviewing potential installation locations for the Model 3 aftermarket dashboard. We also observed the camera facing a hidden Model 3 drive.

We will not even attempt to cover all the details included in the Model 3 Owners Club video for one hour. Instead, we’ll let their Model 3 comprehensive reviews speak for themselves. Shortcuts to specific sections of the video have been linked below.

In-Depth Overview Interior And Exterior Tesla Model 3 inside the video

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Headlights Tesla Model 3

Aero Ducts Tesla Model 3

Roof Rack Attach Points Tesla Model 3

Wipers Detail Tesla Model 3

Exterior Door Handles Tesla Model 3

Windows, Doors & Trim Tesla Model 3

Trunk Details Tesla Model 3

Front Trunk Details Tesla Model 3

Front License Plate Tesla Model 3

Charge Port Tesla Model 3

Wheels Detail Tesla Model 3

Underside Details Tesla Model 3

Interior Tour Tesla Model 3

Center Console Tesla Model 3

The Dashboard Tesla Model 3

Speakers Tesla Model 3

Dashcam Mounting Tesla Model 3

Overhead Console & Sun Visors Tesla Model 3

HVAC Demo Tesla Model 3

Screen Tour Tesla Model 3

Windshield Wipers Tesla Model 3

Control Stalks Tesla Model 3

Unlocking Model 3 Tesla Model 3

Keycard & Phone App Tesla Model 3

Phone App Tesla Model 3

Sundry Items Tesla Model 3

New UMC Tesla Model 3

The Drive Tesla Model 3

Closing Thoughts Tesla Model 3