Grabber Green Mustang 1970 Test Drive


Grabber Green Mustang 1970 Test Drive

Grabber green mustang, Hi, I’m Tony Fleming, and this is Fleming’s ultimate garage – hey brand-new arrival to grace Fleming’s 70 Mustang Mach 1, our first ever grabber green one. We’Ve had a lot of these cars had never had a grabber green car. Its original color code for this car, which makes it even more valuable – and this is fresh out of the restoration – comes with lots of receipts. All kinds of stuff everything’s been done. It’S been barely driven since it was restored, so you may have a couple bugs to sort out along the way, but that might be the extent of it. But anyway, let’s take a check here for, like the quality of the paint we like to talk about that. First, like check this out, you can read all the letters, nice and clear.

Supercars Gallery: Ford Mustang Gt Grabber Green

Alright, you can see what time it is make sure that you’re looking at these pictures online, that you can see those kinds of things from those people, because pictures do not tell the whole story. The reason I’m telling you that is because I buy cars all the time and they send me pictures of the cars and the cars show up here and they are not even close. So I say to you check it out this right here. I, like the blacked-out treatment with the stripes on it all new bumpers, stainless grill lights, Magnum 500 BF Goodrich radio to H this one has disc brakes on it. You can’t see them because they’re behind the wheel there but they’re all brand new too, and everything is kind of like just redone on it, got the front rear spoilers. It’S got the rear window. Louvers louvers bloomers are like one of those seventies things that buy get myself.

One of those big suits with a big giant, lapels and I’ll be stayin alive, stayin alive. So I got ta tell you. I love those anyway enough of my rambling. Let’S take a peek under the hood and we can see some of the detail here. Real 351 Cleveland gar beautifully detailed – and this is nice too decals – are in place. Stickers are in place, not really modified. I believe we have a battery topper for it.

Just didn’t get time to put it on yet, but it comes with the car, we’ll put it on there to make sure it looks really nice, because this kind of car deserves that this is the real deal car at the right motor and at the right transmission. The correct color for the car has some great options to come to the Marti report. You know part of determining what makes a car going to be valuable later on. That’S what makes this hobby so much! You can own these cars. They don’t cost a gazillion gazillion dollars to get one because a lot of times they go up in value so like, for instance, like this right here, so you’re buying a car. We talked about the restoration but like this one here is an original grabber green paint. Car right, okay, keep in mind it’s one of only 887 built now when you think about that.

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There’S two hundred thousand of these things of these Mustangs, but maybe even three hundred eyes – I’m not sure the exact count of Mustangs for this year. But the fact is, this is one of less than a thousand, how many are left, how many are like this and how many restored? This is how you do well with these kind of cars. These are the kind of cars that escalate faster. Then the mixed up cars, and on top of it I think the colors are smokin handsome and when you go down the road like this is one of those in-your-face colors that the 70s was so cool about. I love wood looks especially one-handed hood locks. So here we are on the back, like I love these taillights here like if you’re, even if you’re a Chevy guy, you can’t not like the Mach one I mean you can, but you know what you’re just being a hater at that point, you can wait too Much haterade because this is a great looking car and for behind a Mach 1 here with the wing, the louvers. This honeycomb trim the right exhaust tips with the right balance panel, the backup lights down there.

All of this stuff is new. That’S why it looks so shiny. It looks really great break gas cap – okay, let’s just see if they went far enough and detailed the rest of the car okay. Now I want to show you something that’s kind of interesting that the trunk lid here it has the proper springs in it, which means it probably came from the factory with with the going on it, the rear wing, because it’s staying up the reason I say that Is because the wing is heavy, if you don’t have the right springs from the factory or you’ve ordered the right Springs when you’re restoring the car, the trunk will not stay up by itself. I only show that to you, because those are some of the detail stuff, that a lot of people overlook all right. The matte in here correct the tart and weave as they call it. It’S got a space saver tire with a jack with an inflator bottle and even right here.

If you want to go ahead and took like let’s say you decided, you wanted to take the taillight out yourself and let’s say you get called away to a meeting in another country and had to come back. You would know that this goes in the right hand. Side because the stickers still on there huh is that amazing. You know I just made all that up, but anyway it sounded really cool. I thought all right, as we check out the restoration of these cars. You know we looked at the detail stuff, like the chrome trim outside the new paint, the detailed trunk, all the polished stainless out there, the power disc brakes the power steering now, let’s move inside here for a second one of the things that’s important during the restoration Is does the footwell lighting work and the reason I say that is you know after 40 years, not all this stuff works in this case here. The person that restored this car did a great job doing that Kevin Doyle stored.

This car did a nice job detailing all these things to make sure you put a lot of sweat equity into it, and we appreciate that effort that he put in it sounds nice when you close the door. All the gauges are crystal clear here, which is really nice and you’re, getting full gauges, you’re, not getting just lights, you’re, getting your temperature gauge you’re, getting oil pressure you’re getting an alternator 121, our speedometer right! All of this is brand new to the console. The shift – selector chrome, orginal, am/fm stereo in here heater controls with new cables and this right here – and this is the other thing that nobody ever does clock is working, which is really nice, because that means to me somebody definitely put the effort in their door. Lights. Work to let people see the footwell down there outside so when they open the door, they can see when they’re getting out it’s just a great great car and like this wheel, I love this wheel. There’S a rim blow steering wheel, so the horn is not here. Most of you know, some of you will know it some you won’t, but anyway the horn is actually on the inside here and so when you’re driving.

If you need to honk the horn, you’d he’s just squeeze it like that, you don’t have to take your hand off and do that just okay. So we close up the article on this real deal. Grabber green car and you know, have nice restoration receipts. We have detail that we walked around. This has a lot of the paint line, chalk, markings and things like that. As a car went down, the assembly line stickers are in the right place, it’s detailed and it’s more importantly than all of that, it’s authentic. It’S a real-deal car, the way it rolled off the showroom floor and that’s the way you get yourself a muscle car.

It should appreciate in value over time anyway. Call us three. Oh one, eight one, six one thousand and we’ll tell you all about it.

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