Get to know Google Cloud Server

Google Cloud Server

Get to know Google Cloud Server

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Google Cloud Platform, (or GCP) is a collection of cloud computing services offered by Google. GCP runs on the same infrastructure that is used by Google for its internal products, such as Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail. Along with a set of management tools, GCP provides a range of modular cloud services including computing, data storage, data analysis, and machine learning. Registration requires a credit card or bank account details.

Google Cloud Server
Google Cloud Server

Google’s cloud platform provides infrastructure services, platform services, and a server-free computing environment. In April 2008, Google announced an application engine, a platform for developing and hosting web applications in a data center managed by Google, which is the company’s first cloud computing service.

This service is generally available in November 2011. Since the announcement of the application engine, Google has added several platform services to the cloud. Google’s cloud platform is part of Google’s cloud, which includes Google’s cloud platform public cloud infrastructure, as well as, G Suite, enterprise versions of Android and Chrome, and application programming interfaces for machine learning and enterprise mapping services.

Why Choose Google Cloud

Google cloud server providing solutions is the most important thing, take advantage of it. Reducing risk with world-class security The same security technology that supports Google’s global private network protects your data while meeting stringent industry-specific compliance standards.

Trust and safety

Trust & Security, Google cloud server has a unique security model, world-scale infrastructure, and innovation capability to help your organization stay safe and compliant.

Cloud open

Why believe in an open cloud? Openness enables faster innovation, tighter security, and offers freedom from vendor lock-in. Google believes openness is more important in the cloud than ever before.

Open is about being able to retrieve and move your applications. Open Cloud is based on the belief that being bound to a particular cloud must not impede the achievement of your goals.

Open Cloud applies the idea that the ability to send your application to a different cloud while using the same operating and development approach will help you meet whatever your priorities are at any given time — whether it makes the most of the skills widely shared throughout your team or accelerates innovation.

Open source is an open cloud activator because open source in the cloud maintains your control over where your IT investment is deployed. For example, customers use Kubernetes to manage containers and TensorFlow to create machine learning models locally and in multiple clouds.

Product Document

What are the benefits of Google Cloud Server:

1. Modernize your workload on world-class infrastructure

Migrate quickly with pre-packaged cloud infrastructure solutions for SAP, VMware, Windows, Oracle, data center migration, and other corporate workloads.

2. Protect your data with multiple layers of security

Infrastructure designed for security protects your data, applications, and users with advanced threat detection and anti-malware.

3. Encourage decision making with intelligent analysis

Find actionable analysis results from your data, with a series of scalable solutions for a data warehouse, analysis, and AI and machine learning.

4. Implement hybrid and multi-cloud solutions without being tied to specific vendors

Create the application once and run it in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment with other cloud providers.

Here Google registered more than 90 products under the Google Cloud brand. Some of the main services are listed below.

Region and Zone

Google Cloud Platform is available in 17 regions and 52 zones. The region is a specific geographical location where users can use cloud resources. Each region is an independent geographical area consisting of zones.

A zone is an implementation area for Google Cloud Platform resources in a region. The zone must be considered as a single failure domain in an area. Most areas have three or more zones. Starting in September 2018, the Google Cloud Platform is available in the following regions and zones:

Region Name Location Zone
northamerica-northeast1 Montréal, Canada
  • northamerica-northeast1-a
  • northamerica-northeast1-b
  • northamerica-northeast1-c
us-central1 Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
  • us-central1-a
  • us-central1-b
  • us-central1-c
  • us-central1-f
us-west1 The Dalles, Oregon, USA
  • us-west1-a
  • us-west1-b
  • us-west1-c
us-west2 Los Angeles, California, USA
  • us-west2-a
  • us-west2-b
  • us-west2-c
us-east4 Ashburn, Virginia, USA
  • us-east1-b
  • us-east1-c
  • us-east1-d
us-east1 Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
  • us-east1-b
  • us-east1-c
  • us-east1-d
southamerica-east1 São Paulo, Brazil
  • southamerica-east1-a
  • southamerica-east1-b
  • southamerica-east1-c
europe-north1 Hamina, Finland
  • europe-north1-a
  • europe-north1-b
  • europe-north1-c
europe-west1 St. Ghislain, Belgium
  • europe-west1-b
  • europe-west1-c
  • europe-west1-d
europe-west2 London, U.K.
  • europe-west2-a
  • europe-west2-b
  • europe-west2-c
europe-west3 Frankfurt, Germany
  • europe-west3-a
  • europe-west3-b
  • europe-west3-c
europe-west4 Eemshaven, Netherlands
  • europe-west4-a
  • europe-west4-b
  • europe-west4-c
asia-south1 Mumbai, India
  • asia-south1-a
  • asia-south1-b
  • asia-south1-c
asia-east1 Changhua County, Taiwan
  • asia-east1-a
  • asia-east1-b
  • asia-east1-c
asia-northeast1 Tokyo, Japan
  • asia-northeast1-a
  • asia-northeast1-b
  • asia-northeast1-c
asia-southheast1 Jurong West, Singapore
  • asia-southheast1-a
  • asia-southheast1-b
  • asia-southheast1-c
australia-southeast1 Sydney, Australia
  • australia-southeast1-a
  • australia-southeast1-b
  • australia-southeast1-c

The following regions are expected to operate in 2018:

– Zürich (Switzerland)
– Osaka (Japan)
– Hong Kong

The similarity to services by other cloud service providers

For those familiar with other leading cloud service providers, a comparison of similar services might be useful in understanding Google Cloud Platform offerings.

Google Cloud Platform Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure Alibaba Cloud Oracle Cloud
Google Compute Engine Amazon EC2 Azure Virtual Machines Elastic Compute Service Oracle Cloud Infra OCI
Google App Engine AWS Elastic Beanstalk Azure Cloud Services Oracle Application Container
Google Kubernetes Engine Amazon Elastic Container Service

for Kubernetes

Azure Kubernetes Service ECS Bare Metal Instance Oracle Kubernetes Service
Google Cloud Bigtable Amazon DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB
Google BigQuery Amazon Redshift Microsoft Azure SQL Database Oracle Autonomous DataWarehouse
Google Cloud Functions AWS Lambda Azure Functions Function Computes Oracle Cloud Fn
Google Cloud Datastore Amazon DynamoDB Cosmos DB
Google Cloud Storage Amazon S3 Azure Blob Storage Object Storage Service Oracle Cloud Storage OCI

Complete your toughest business challenges with google cloud server

As we have clear above we will complete several advantages that make you choose Google Cloud Server.

1. Modernize infrastructure

Modernize your cloud infrastructure and run critical workloads such as VMware, SAP, Oracle, and Windows natively on Google Cloud.

2. Data management and analysis

Encourage more analysis results that can be followed up with solutions for data management, data warehouse modernization, and predictive analysis.

3. Modernization of applications

Modernize old applications and create new services that utilize Kubernetes, containers, and other cloud-based capabilities.

4. Business application platform

Combine multiple business processes without obstacles and access new business channels by providing valuable data and services as APIs.

5. AI & machine learning

Include AI and ML in the work of people who are directly involved with your business, and increase efficiency in customer service, recruitment, and others.

6. Security

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats online with proven security solutions to help protect your business.

7. Productivity & collaboration

Work faster, smarter, and more collaborative with G Suite, a workplace productivity solution with applications such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Meet.

8. Media & entertainment

Create world-class content, simplify workflows, launch new digital services quickly, and transform audience experience.

9. Retail

Stay deft throughout the entire retail value chain, from store operations to merchandising and customer acquisition and retention.

10. Health services & life sciences

Personalize the patient experience, modernize research and development, and overcome severe challenges in the field of health services and life sciences.

11. Financial services

Manage risk, make decisions more timely, and stay competitive while maintaining compliance in the fast-changing financial markets.

12. Public sector

Help improve public services, increase operational effectiveness, and provide proven innovation in your government agency.

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