Ford Mustang Orange 2007 In Grabber Orange Rras 6221


Ford Mustang Orange 2007 in Grabber Orange RRAS 6221

Ford mustang orange, Hello, welcome to Rocky Ridge, Auto Sales. We’Re gon na show you this awesome. 2007 Mustang GT car just arrived here, as you can see, it’s grabber orange as the black stripes over the top of course complete with a black top, also see it’s got. The polished up premium wheels leather seats. Of course it’s got the cider bag. Of course, two seats in the back seating for four. Of course you got your headlights here, your fog lights, your interior lights, cruise control on the steering wheel got the pony in the center of the steering wheel over here.

front view of an orange 2020 Ford Mustang_o - Brandon Ford

You can take a look at the center. It’S got the shaker 506 desk CD. Of course, the 5-speed manual transmission, your handbrake got, two cupholders show you the console. In there it’s got mp3 Jacqueline with a power outlet, some extra storage space. This comes with the my color, which is hard to see in the daylight, but you can change the to eight different colors looks like it has the auto dimming mirror with the compass and, of course this is your power. Top button start the car up. It’S got 28,000 original miles.

We’Ll show you how to put the top down real easy real easy to do. You got two levers here. One on each side with each Sun Visor got the vanity mirrors. You also had to pull the handbrake and then it’s just a matter of hitting the button and it puts all the all the windows down. For you see the top going down power top just really easy hold the button till she’s down and then would be. Obviously, the reverse of that. To put it up, one feature I forgot to point out earlier: it does have the heated seat option, which is a real nice feature for leather seats.

Show you, under the hood of this, this machine cars here on, come with me inspection service, so it’s good till November of 2011 take a look at it from the front set: the nice big fog lights, of course the corona pony and then on the outside. Of course, your your headlights look at the stripe really sets it off makes it a unique car. The hood she’s got 4.6 liter v8. I think they’re right around 280 290 horsepower. Something like that very clean under here. Take it around the passenger side of car.

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This car is really clean. All the way around tires are really tall, see what it looks like with the top down little sharp. Looking sports car trunk forehead see it’s got the GTM and right in the center exhaust into the trunk good-sized trunk for a convertible car. Really again very clean in there and of course it has the the remote keyless entry. So if you’d, like more information on this car, call us at seven one, seven, seven, three, three eight nine eight five check us out on the web at WWE, we’ll see you soon.

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