Ford Mustang Deals Sports Cars Selling For Just $20k


Ford Mustang Deals Sports Cars Selling for Just $20K

Ford mustang deals, I’m Nick Caruso and you’re reading This Week in Gear. This episode of This Week in Gear is presented by Crown & Caliber The smarter way to buy or sell a read. It’s been an exciting week here at gear patrol even if we aren’t here at gear patrol Issue 13 of our magazine launched this week and we are super proud of it and you should be excited to get your hands on a copy it’s chunk full of really incredible stories, amazing photography and lots and lots of good product news.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Car Lease Deals & Contract Hire | Leasing Options

A later on you’re gonna see a article chat I had with a few of my colleagues who are instrumental in putting the issue together. But first, and the irony of this is not last on me, I am pleased to tell you that it is prime time to shop for a fun car. Our motoring desk writers and editors have been hard work finding some deals on really fun sports cars that are available for about 20 thousand dollars US and these are names you’re not gonna want to pass over so if you’re in the market or if you’re just interested, stay tuned for that and of course as always if you’re interested in any more information about anything we talk about in this week’s episode, make sure you visit description below for links to our online coverage and share to our site post so you’ll never miss any article news and reviews.

With that let’s get started. Partially, due to the ever expanding SUV and truck boom but also because is already well into 2020 and 2019 models are already somehow old, car dealerships are trying to move some old stack of their lots and that’s good news for you especially if you’re in the market for a very fun car. We have few deals here that our modern deskers found that are fun, some have stick shifts they’re all sports cars and they all clock in a 20 thousand dollars or less so if you’re in the market or even if you’re not this is what you should know.

Right now dealers are offering massive discounts of 10 thousand dollars or more on both turbo charged ecoboost V6 and V8 power GT Mustangs which amounts to some dealers listing brand new 2019 examples for less than 20 thousand dollars. We’ve found the dealer in Florida offering a 10 speed automatic version for just 18,5. Another has a six speed manual listed for 18,750. These are brand new, never titled, 310 horsepower Mustangs for less than 20 thousand dollars.

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If you do need the V8 and the GT Mustang which is a 460 horsepower, five liter engine you can find some of those 2019 models with MSRP’s above 40 thousand dollars that are now on sale for less than 30. Speaking of cheap Ford performance, the Fiesta ST, which is a car we reviewed all the way back to 2013 so it’s a little old by now packs a lot of punch for its size. It weighs well south of three thousand pounds and packs nearly 200 horsepower and a six speed manual plus it’s angled as a go-cart and right now you can find new ones for well below MSRP.

We’ve found a white 2019 Fiesta ST for sale at a dealership in Fargo, North Dakota that is selling for 21k which is 33 hundred dollars below MSRP and there are ton more so click through the link in the description below to shop around. Lastly, how about an Italian Miata for just over 20k? The Fiat 124 Spider is effectively a Mazda Miata that’s been restyled by Italians at Fiat and outfitted with a punchy turbocharged engine.

But Americans haven’t really been buying it which translates to their being a massive dealer backlog so Fiat dealers are offering huge discounts to try to move them out of their stock. In Spokane, Washington we’ve found a black version with the brand’s lodgery trim that has a six speed manual transmission as well. It’s gone an almost 46 hundred dollar dealer discount applied to it and a three thousand dollar Fiat 124 Spider discount which brings the price down from its over 30 thousand dollar MSRP to a few bucks shy of 23 thousand. Haggle a bit and there’s potential for a 20k Italian roadster and you can still find out more info in the description below. – Crown & Caliber is leading a new movement in a read marketplace one with a focus on expertly preserving legacy and a commitment to the future.

Their team of read makers take meticulous care of the details ensuring each read is ready for your next great endeavor. Over 50 thousand buyers and sellers have trusted Crown & Caliber’s risk free, convenient and empowering process. Find your next modern classic at crownandcaliber.Com . The smarter way to buy or sell a read. All right, well for everybody tuning in I am joined by few of my colleagues here and they are Jack Seemer, our deputy editor over here with the headphones on, we have deputy photo editor Henry Phillips, who is grinding in front of the bookcase there and then we’ve got motoring editor Will Sabel Courtney holed up down where are you in Brooklyn? You somewhere?.

Just South Slope – South Slope Henry, you’re in – Clinton Hill – Clinton Hill and Jack, you are? – I’m calling from Florida – That’s right Jack skipped town, that’s okay we don’t hold it against you we’ll see you back soon enough So, guys thanks for joining me here this is a little different that what we’re used to but it’s working out pretty well it’s good to see everybody’s smiling faces and we have a pretty exciting thing to talk about – We have issue 13 Gear Patrol magazine.

I wanna kind of run through each of your individual involvements with the reading starting with you, Jack sort of a overseer of the whole mag experience for everyone so can you kick us off with some of the top level stuff? – Yeah for sure so pretty early on in sort of yattiation stage of making a magazine you know, we looked at the timeline and the launch date and really settled on one thing I really thought right, which was the summer preview.

So I would say that going into the magazine the thing that we really try to do was to create a collection of stories that, you know, weren’t just interesting or aspirational but truly useful so in the adiation sort of meanings and brainstorm sessions that we had and it going into production that the thing that the editors and I we really try to do is prioritize the stories and guides that we thought would be kind of most relevant now and through the summer.

You especially have a lot of say and control in terms of like, you allowed of the front and the back of the book the different sections of the book can you walk us through those a little bit? Tell what to expect, anything cool? – Yeah totally you know, one of my favorite sections of the book is the front of the book we call it the guide and there’s a lot really, kinda going on I would say that the elevator pitch there is that’s really where we, as a team, sort of dig into the current trends and sort of upcoming launches for the season and for this issue it’s sort of spring and summer.

One of the highlights of that section is our big review which is in previous issues has been really this place where writers and editors have gone deep on single products You know Nick you once wrote a review on a Porsche 911 last year we also did a review of the Samson folding tone for this one instead of signaling now a single product we kind of looked at the emerging technology of 5G and, well on a call with us here worked with a tech editor Eric Limer to review the 5G and Erick spent several weeks in New York City sort of testing the earlier retaliations of that technology.

Will, what was your experience with that story? – I was kind of like the shaking mechanism in this and I was like I’ve helped! I was basically just serving as an editor set for so it’s part of my responsibilities I edit the review so I worked with Eric he pitched doing it as a review for this issue like just doing a whole sort of technology as a whole rather than just one specific phone or product or something like that and Jack and I we’ve documented it we really liked it so I worked with Eric he tested it out for a few weeks comeback for time when he was living in New Jersey and our office in Manhattan and we’ve sort of like worked on some ways to make it something that is both sort of re-knowledgeable like there’s a lot of good information for you to pull out of this this is a lot of service in it but also does talk about this from a sort of a higher level where it’s like here’s what 5G’s actually wanting to mean to you.

And I’ve actually learned a lot from him when editing it I didn’t realize how comprehensive 5G is and how its sort of actually multiple different technologies all working hand to hand it’s not just one big thing. – Very cool – And Henry was involved in a very special way is that true? – Yes, so there’s a biline from Henry for an ongoing series that we’ve been doing for many years called “Found” where we basically just comb Ebay and second hand sites to sort of unearth interesting and forgotten goods from the past so for this installment he wrote about film On cheats”, as a co-alternative to pricey travel rigs or even just disposable cameras for the summer Kind of a photography equivalent of Peter Watch or something.

Okay Henry did you have to bring that camera home with you from the office? – Yeah it’s on the shelf there somewhere, I think – I believe you – It was fun because I think Jack came to me way early on and said “I think we wanna do a point shoot camera” and then, personally I feel it was a huge mistake I’ve made the mistake of asking the entire creative team which camera it should be and there was like a 12 hour debate straight on slack just kind of relentless but in the end it worked out cause I was writing it and producing it and shooting it so I could choose whatever I wanted and I chose the one that I’ve had since 2012 so I didn’t have to buy anything new or find anything which worked out great.

But It’s a really radical camera set and make on point shoot you know, I’d walk him too much away just that – Yeah, we don’t wanna – It’s available to purchase and it’s great. It was a fun shoot to produce kind of simple and elegant and trying to make our office look like a million different things including a tastefully decorated Parisian home – Well, that’s kind of your emo everyday in and out, right? You’re shooting all our custom photography you and your team in the same space in the studio that’s right in front if your desk right behind my head at work and it’s an empty room and you make a beautiful stuff happening there anything special for this issue?

Yes, so the front of the book is generally like really studio photography heavy we do all sorts of kind of really needy greedy kind of product photography but then we also do a really cool series called “Testing” It’s this great series that’s really fun to kind of get out with editors and writers and shoot this new product that just came in the office you know, it’s the kind of stuff that shows up in the office and everybody around them kind of cuddles in and even if they’re pulling like a cool a rabbit of the box everybody kind of like coverage by Andrew Silver to see what’s going on with this, like 800 dollar Yeti Cooler.

That was speechless but testing’s really fun just cause we need to get out Wishlist is this beautiful kind of like on black, really elegant photography of outrageously high-end items and then we did this great styled shoot in the back of the book all 13 thousand photos of the magazine a shocking majority, or at least shocking amount were devoted to this one big cover feature. Will Courtney is kind of a man behind the curtain on that one and maybe in front of the curtain too. – I pop – There’s a couple of other people in the magazine – Most of it is my hat (laughter) – How about that? The magic of television – Right? – Good I’d like you to wear that while we’re talking about your piece. What’s the feature? – All right, so the story’s called Blaze of Glory basically is about the 2020 is this time when we are living in this golden age of American muscle cars like the cars that you can buy nowadays are so much more capable than they’ve ever been. Things like the Mustang, the Camaro or the Challenger.

So we’ve put together the three most powerful ones you can get right now which is the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 the Chevrolet Camaro 01 and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody which is just the stupendously long name. Between the three of them they have 20200 horsepower which is, again so we’re talking about the least powerful one of these is the Camaro and that makes 650 horsepower. – I was gonna say that it equates to about 700 each and that is about what each of them has, right? – Yes, it’s just the absurd amount of power. These names will be around for a very long time but the idea of it is like super, stupid powerful VE power and gas power muscle car I’ve just said power, like three times there’s a lot of power they’re so powerful that’s going to go away sooner or later.

We’ve decided to take these three cars and take them on a sort of an old American western road trip. – There is so much more we can talk about, Henry you can talk about every other photo on the magazine Jack you can drill down every story but we do want to leave some room for people to read for themselves so I wanna turn back to Jack, Jack where can people pick up a copy or read the magazine? – Yeah, so the issue is out it’s available for purchase at the Gear Patrol store online we’re still shipping and given everything that’s been happening and in a fact that, you know, a lot of our readers may be sort of homeboundered, staying indoors we wanted to show our appreciation for continuing to support and wanted to offer everybody a complementary digital copy of edition 13. So you can get that by signing up to one of our newsletters more info on the site if you already are a sharer thank you very much the link to your copy is already in the inbox.

Fantastic and of course, if you’re a sharer you’ll have a hard copy at some point as well. – We do recommend, if you have a chance to also get the pre copy because it just looks beautiful. It’s just such a work of art in itself. – Yeah, I personal plug for the magazine since I’ve been involved with almost all of them I camped for the first issue after the fact I have, like half of one of my bookshelves is orange with these books and they’re always fantastic to show off.

Well, thanks guys thank you all for all the details thanks for all the stories thanks for all the work on this issue I’m really looking forward to getting one on my hands I’m gonna check out that digital issue now, I guess (laughter) – Set the clock for like, four hours – Yeah – What’s that? – Maybe a cast would work – Yeah of course it does I’m recording this whole thing the whole time. All right, well hold it down in different parts of the city and Jack in the south we’ll se you guys pretty soon and keep up the good work. – Yep – See ya guys – That’s it for this episode of this weekend gear if you’re interested in any more information about anything we talked about in this episode just check the description below for links to our online coverage so you’ll never miss any more article news and reviews click the share button here on site and you’ll never miss a story.

With that I hope you’re well, I hole you’re safe, healthy, happy and indoors. We’ll see you next week.

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