Ford Launches Magnificent Seven Mustang Line

Ford Launches Magnificent Seven Mustang Line


Ford launches Mustang lineup “Magnificent Seven” for SEMA

Ford launches Magnificent Seven Mustang Line: Ford shows Mustang Special at SEMA 2017

Today, car lovers who join the special gear market, which have been in Las Vegas for 12 months, will have their main hand, looking at seven 2018 Mustang soups, designed with a distinct interpretation of energy, efficiency and grandeur.

Ford Launches Magnificent Seven Mustang Line
Ford Launches Magnificent Seven Mustang Line

With more than 50 items, Ford will today publish the biggest OEM show at SEMA.

Ford Mustang 2018 convertible built by MAD Industries

Personal convertibles offer exciting outdoor trips.

This 2018 Convertible Ford Mustang by MAD Industries again enhances the Mustang’s aggressive look with a dramatic display for high-resolution dynamic travel. This world-class luxury sports car event is an impressive 20-inch wheeled attire. Interesting staccato.

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EcoBoost 2.3® with ford exhaust and energy efficient. The interior cockpit combines white details of the exterior theme and the Braum EliteX collection, racing tank seats detailing in white stitching.

Car Base

 Mustang Convertible 2018

 2.3 ® EcoBoost Engine

 6-step manual delivery system

Power Transmission System

 Borla exhaus ford performance

T · Ford Cold Performance – Air Consumption System

 Engine oil dominates AMSOIL


 Eibach Professional-R2 Adjustable Double Coil

• Eibach adjustable 36mm 36mm input, 25mm rear swing bar device

• Wilwood Aerolite in-induct brakes with 15-inch rear propellers and 14-inch rear propellers

Wheels and Tires

• Priority area of the road wheel staccato (20″ x 9″ inent, rear wheel 20 inches x 10.5 inches)

 MICHELIN Four Sports Driver S (265/35ZR / 20 Entry, Rear tyre 305/30ZR20)


• CUSTOM BASF painting products Used by LGE – CTS Motorsports

 MAD custom horse symbol

 The 3M film graphics entered by Daley are visible

• Nano Fusion Color Safety Film by CCL Design

• Dynamic diodes, face markers, rear light sequences and LED lights light up again.

 Abr carbon drag wings with adjustable lifter

 APR/MAD Industries reduces the full range of splitter packages

• Customize the red lines quickly, bring a anchor hood


 Collection of elite-x braum racing chairs wrapped in luxurious black leather with white stitching

 Mad Industries custom in-house: blacks in all appointments through

 MAD INDUSTRIES Adjustable GT350R Steering Wheel

 Traditional soft strip design concept • 3M Crystal Automotive Window Film

 Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000 in Cooper, musical participant of focal audio system / supply AV Design Group

 Five Priority Laser Protection and Parking System

2018 Broad-Physique 729 Mustang “Triathlon” created by Roush Efficiency

Big lean stationery in basic Mustang-style symbols

The purpose-overloaded roush-overloaded wide Mustang costs 729 horsepower in the style of boss 429’s historic Mustang 429 body pack, complete with a new commemorative feel of the 2018 Ford Option Roush 729 alongside extensive custom body accessories.

The Roush 729 comes with impressive carbon fiber elements in a variety of racing and dedicated Vossen RVS casting wheels.

Car Base

 Fastback Mustang 2018

 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine

• 10-speed automatic transmission

Power Transmission System

• Ford/Roush overcharger performance*

 Roush performance elements:

o Cold air consumption

the Escape, the end of a living rectangle with an x tube

the Air gobbler air ram with Stratasys carrying lap top

o Custom exhaustion ideas


 Brembo GT-Brake Collection

 Roush efficiency Adjustable three-way wheel and rubber

• Vossen/Roush Efficiency Custom RVS Wheels (20″ x 10″ indest, 20″ x 11 inch rear wheels)

 Too many continental contacts (entry 295/30/20, tyres 305/30/20)


 Roush Efficiency Stratasys Custom Body Accessories

 Sherwin-Williams Inexperienced Custom Grabmer Colors

• Roush performance body pack:

o Useful window spoon

o Hot extraction separator

o Higher/lower grilles

o After the applique unconsciousness

the Strut Hood

• Roush/Anderson Composite Performance:

o Entry divided into carbon fiber

o Carbon fiber after aeroflot

the Face carbon fiber rocker

the Carbon Fiber Spoiler

o Carbon Fiber Glass Cover


 Recaro Race Chair

 Katzkin package-based Ford leather accessories

 Watson racing reels home

 Anderson Composite carbon fiber back negative seat

 Roush Performance Mat

 Four-level SPARCO racing harness

2018 Ford Mustang Fastback built by Tucci Scorching Rods

Crash a car on 200mph Avenue

Getting to 320 km/h is not easy. This is the volume that some individuals acquire specialized knowledge on land. The redesigned Mustang Fastback in 2018 is the ideal starting point to achieve our goals. Using aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase energy is a secret, and this Mustang reaches significant speeds as the air spins.

Car Base

 Fastback Ford Mustang 2018

 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine

• 10-step automatic transmission

Power Transmission System

 Hellion Twin Turbo Pack

• Michimoto radiator, gear cooling and oil cooling

 Replaced by HP receiver

• G-Drive axle and rear axle

 DEI Escape Wrap

• Ford performance by Borla exhaust


 Adjustable triple air rideTech suspension

 Wilwood Aero (six piston inlet / rear piston 4 pistons)

• Ford performance input and rear swing bar

Wheels and Tires

• Forjaline GTD1 open lug (19-inch x 9-inch input, ja 19 inch x 11 inch rear wheels)

 Hoosier R7/A7 (input 265/35/19, rear tyres 315/35/19)


 Dom Tucci design concept

 John Auto Restore Color

 Tucci Sizzling Rod Professional Aluminum Wing Mod and Rear Distribution

• 3D printing ventilation ultimaker

 For-falls


 Cobra Sebring Professional Matching GT Driver’s Seat

 Cobra Suzuka Professional-Match GT Passenger Seat

 Schroth Professional-Match II 6 pt. HANS Harness  Tucci Scorching Rods Eight pt. Roller Cage

 TMR Customs Welding cage roll clamps

2018 Ford Mustang GT convertible built by speedkore performance group

Modern interpretation of traditional American streets

This 2018 Ford Mustang GT converts the world’s best options, with modern power transmission and performance system options equivalent to the latest carbon fiber aero touches and suspension and best power transmission.

The basic theme of the American street is stimulated by handcrafted saline, brushed aluminum accents and brown leather bombers inside. This car case includes a strip of carbon fiber rollers with aluminum finish. Tonneau cows are a contemporary launch for basic speed and 1930s racing cars.

Car Base

 Ford Mustang GT Convertible 2018

 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine

 10-step computer transmission

Power Transmission System

• Performance of the Ford / Roush Supercharger

 SpeedKore custom titanium exhaust ink again


 Eibach professional-avenue-s coil top package

 Brambobrack

Wheels and Tires

• HRE P204 rims (20″ x 9.5 inches inductable, 20″ x 10.5″ aluminum rims)

 Michelin Four S Sports Pilot (Entry 30/20/20, 305/30/20 House) Rubber


• Custom Colors SpeedKore

 Speed of carbon fiberKore:

o glass cover ventilation

rocker the split

the Spoilers

the Diffuser

the SpeedFlares

o Exhaust instructions


 Custom Interiors of Gabes, Brown Bombers, Inside and Outside

 Carbon fiber devices apply ford spring

 Speed of carbon fiberKore:

o Entry and rear panels

the Cow Tonnau

the Roll Bar

Ford Mustang Fastback 2018 built by DeBerti Design

Basic muscle in mustang return full of energy

His DeBerti Design Mustang was designed by skilled runner Brad Deberti, who recently brought a new muscle dingetry to the 2018 Ford Mustang GT using a Roush Supercharger.

The wider body fits into Mickey Thompson’s large 18-inch rear tire, the hood specially designed to connect every anterior and new muscle. Watching this Mustang from any track brings an idea of what you want to go fast in this genre.

Car Base

 Ford Mustang GT Fastback 2018

 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine

 Six-speed manual transmission

Power Transmission System

• Performance of the Ford / Roush Supercharger

• Ford performance by Borla exhaust

 Currie Enterprises third member 9 inch Ford

 U.S. gear aspect ratio 9″ 370:1

• High yellow Optima battery


• Watson racing neutral rear suspension • H&R adjustable performance and anchor

 Ford performance brakes

Wheels and Tires

• Forgiato (20-inch x 9.5″ input, 20-inch x 14-inch rear jasta)

 Entry Mickey Thompson (275/35/20, house 29/18/20) Rubber


 DeBerti Billet Grille

 Brad DeBerti hood design

 Ice Hood Production 9

 Extensive TS body design

 Sherwin Coloring Williams

 Retro Bullseye headlights and custom tail lights

 Ford rear wing equipment licensed based on air design


• Produce unique stereo sound

• Ford by Kicker Audio Equipment License

 DeBerti Custom Roll Bar

 Sherwin Williams In Color

 Carbontura on the panel

Ford Mustang Fastback 2018 made based on air design

Fine aerodynamics find superior knowledge

This Mustang Fastback 2018 style with air design gives owners a special way to customize their Mustangs. Backed by a long history of air design in direct progressive design, to install it list options that can be designed and made specifically for the exchange of yourself.

The full-length package offers a choice of bumpers, entrances, skirts, skirts down, rear openings, bumpers and aggressive rear wings, plus the hood of the device allowing for ford windows and side taps.

Car Base

 Fastback Ford Mustang 2018

 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine

 10-step computer transmission

Power Transmission System

• Ford performance by Borla exhaust


 Wilwood six pistons and 4 rear piston brakes

• Willwood (15 inch, 12.9 inch rear) drill and rotor groove

Wheels and Tires

• Forgiato Fratello ECL (21-inch x 9.5″ input, 21-inch x 10.5-inch rear jas)

 Pirelli P Zero (input 275/35ZR/21, 295/35ZR/rear 21)


 Air design of body equipment:

o Intersive Input

the Rear Diffuser

 Licensed Ford equipment with air design:

o Ventilation

o Air curtains

o Point Aspects

o the Louver Window

 Sherwin-Williams silver track with custom black stripes


 Recaro leather seat

• Ford by Kicker Audio Equipment License

 Bright colour of the sun loungers

Ford Mustang Fastback made by DRAGG

Parents with international destinations

Created by DRAGG – the Automotive Behind The College that focuses on Youth Without Income – this Ford Mustang EcoBoost is a speed charity.

DRAGG – Drag Racing in Anti-Gang and Graffiti – Create custom guardian-style police cars, especially with this 2018 Ford Mustang EcoBoost, use dedicated road cars for exclusive, eco-friendly cars, and customize cars with global functions. Mustang advocates symbolize the dedication of the police to the communities they serve.

Car Base

 Fastback Ford Mustang 2018

 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine

Six-speed manual transmission

Power Transmission System

• Ford performance by Borla exhaust

 Consumption of air strikes

• Jet overheating coating

 Lucas Petroleum Engine Products


• Ford spring performance reduction

 Eibach subbody and bar influenced by American muscles

 Wilwood six piston brake performance also

Wheels and Tires

 Velgen VFMP10 (20″ x 10, 20″ x 11 inch rear)

 MICHELIN tyres (in-in tyres 275/30/20, 305/30/20)


• Custom input set repair

 Federal sign of emergency lights by West Coast lights and sirens

• Custom colors of automated companies

 3M graphics and logos based on Ron indicators

 Metalhaus Inc. police impulse bar

 Small custom rear spoiler


 Ford Authorized Equipment:

o The skin-based internal accessories by cutgin

o the Sport pedal package

o Sound by Kicker

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