Ford Gt Mustang 500 Vs 2018 Ford Gt Drag Racing


Ford Gt Mustang 500 vs 2018 Ford GT Drag Racing

Ford gt mustang 500, What’s up, are you my end? Let’s make it okay, but you know what’s okay. Guess what we’re going to fight against your things. You have to lay on your lap. That’s fine. Okay let’s go I haven’t driven this car in a while. It should be open. This thing will go on your lap. Oh yeah, we have a phone.

Yes, we have my tripod here halfway after the Ford GT problems. Gosh, that joke that I completely forgot about that little problem you’re trying to bring to the raptor. Yes, the Raptor movie is likely to be better. We fall for them 40 G. It’s tight here. Look at that shoulder.

Shoulder, shoulder. It’s just so tight. So what are we doing today? We’ll do it’s going to be a good GT visit.

GT, you know GT 500 versus GT. The guys upstairs, it was the shop we go to for the Palm Beach Dyno The Palm Beach dyno has GT 500 dyno.

FORD Mustang Shelby GT500 specs & photos - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 - autoevolution

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I don’t have any GT 5 owners who know exactly how they said that VIPs get him so I think I’m at the bottom of the list, to be fair, he had to pick it up himself. Yeah, mine isn’t even built in Georgia. Yes, you have 400 and 469.

I think good number 469, which is that number of the car good 69 469 449 one of the two okay, anyway I think we have one, two rolls yes, one is tuned and one is in stock, okay, so we have two GT500, one, two, one in stock, yeah, we’re in the Ford GT, we’re gonna be on our way and I think we’re gonna just think we have a little bit of private road, yeah, and let ‘I mean , they both have two clutches. Yes they both have my tires so I have 2,500 miles in the car but the tires are like a year and a half and you.

I’ll see there is a lot of profile, but this thing isn’t sticking, it’s cup two, that’s what Adam is going to see. It’ll be on its way to Palm Beach, all drag-era Brooks here, exactly. I’m here with Jimmy and Ken from Palm Beach Dino and he loved me, he told Brooks if you can’t get up with gt500 and you don’t get it until February, ‘I’m not a bee.

FORD Mustang Shelby GT500 specs & photos - 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 - autoevolution

I feel like this guy and everyone else on YouTube have theirs. He said you want to combine a couple of items with his GT500 and another one here in this orange one so we now have two GT500s and my Ford GT I haven’t seen an article about the GT in a while and I don’t know I am sorry for that but there really hasn’t been much to do since then so we saw GT500 burnouts. I’ve been to Las Vegas and and got a little rotten on some numbers, actually they don’t live in the Draggy Yeah and you’ve seen dinosaur turns but you haven’t seen any races and you definitely haven’t seen a GT500 versus the Ford GT, now both are Nice of rail vehicles, this one has a special start control, it has a line lock and it has’

He has a start control. We thought we were out here on his private road and we’re going to put up some start checks from zero to sixty runs of the two cars and see what happens now. These cars actually have a better quarter mile than me.

My best is like ten eight in this car on a drag strip and they have ten ten six in a row ten sixties in this car but it’s not us off the drag strip and there it is, ‘I’m going to come in where I am got the engine in the back. All weights in the back. Yes, my tires are now a year and a half old.

I’ve got about 2,500 miles in the car. That’s a disadvantage for me.

He’s got brand new tires, but it’s him. I have adjustable launch controls so the launch controls on this car can go from fifteen hundred fifteen and thirty-two to thirty-two hundred. I can’t set them in my car so we’ll start the races even if mine is around 3,100.

Its about 3,200 want to start there and if it’s too much for him on that kind of surface we’ll slide it down until maybe the mustang hits or the mustang hits all the time, we don’t know what’s going to happen but we ‘me will try out all the different modes here and see what happens to these two cars. Some of the most interesting races are not to be forgotten.

The gt500 bone stock partner for Celia Knock No Tuned has just walked in from the truck I picked up yesterday.One of Jeffs a day is less than 40 miles and that’s why we have to race because his shops are going to start murdering everything. Yes, and then we have this orange one, now this one has a melody on it, how much power it picked up this one up up what was it about thirty horse forty horse power on the wheels on 93 okay and we promote it because the Christmas holidays are okay and now that he’s down here we’re going to really try hard, you know the Cat Deeley TV5 pulley that’s in loose stock nice so you know we’re ‘when we’re looking between eight hundred and one hundred horsepower it gets interesting be to see this against the GPS.

Personally, I don’t think that from an eighty mile thick zero-day spike at its top is going to help, and it’s probably okay, but we’ll see what happens and next, we try to rent the track, and then we get some real quarter mile stuff on higher speed stuff, so today we have ‘I’m just doing some kind of low speed dig race and yeah, have fun and do it. Yeah, hopefully we get that and appreciate it. Yeah, you don’t stand a chance.

I’ve got four hundred and twenty thousand dollars left to catch up with Jimmy here. We’re going, we’re in the GT500, which is right, and we’re going to have a quick chat with Ken about how you started the controls and prepared them for a little race with the Ford GT have and the gt500 is adjustable from 1500 to 3,200 yep and in my ford gt i have to start it 3200 or 3000 press the snake head button on the steering wheel, okay, and then you’re ‘you’re already on track apps, otherwise you can use the start controls after scroll up and down, and then you need to activate it there which is already activated. Then go to RPM and just use the arrow I believe at the moment

Oh folks rub the temperature you will see a little later. Once you see the LCD just put your foot on the brakes and then as soon as you let go of the brakes everything is fine, drive around a bit so we can do a test start.

Yes, and then we’ll put it up. Yes, here we are testing to put the mode on. It feels pretty good.

It was tough no it doesn’t eat bugs they like. It almost goes when it feels like it’s closing the throttle. Yeah, like it’s trying to control traction.

I mean, I’m sure you can turn structural patrol off even on track conditions when the road is a little dirty. I gave you launch control is not available so it’s there because yeah, ah, that’s interesting. If I turn off traction control, I cannot start it.

It’s pretty good that it will be very close to you. You seven, that was four, seven, that was yes, yes, yes yes 2,100 you ten from Palm Beach Dino is going to give us a little demo here. Let’s see if it’s okay.

Ken has just left his tire on the ground for three months. Right there it’s the American car. It is good.

It is good. Nice that it’s still smoking Down there, great, good, so you saw it, you know you got nothing on it. No, I really don’t mean we’re going to give him the best chance we can win all the way from twenty twenty eight right then to seventeen right and now 1.

700 I was a little bit bad, you’ll see it in the race, but it’s’ if As the TT stays in second gear, it begins to polish. Yes, the problem with the GT. So the traction control really works like a second gear to touch the real wall situations of the patrol.

The auto control is holding back traction, but the GT pulls gently and that’s it. I mean, we weren’t having much fun. Oh, we saw how that went. 133 Yeah, I caught 132 133 half the mile in that spinning car.

Yeah I mean dude, half a mile race of these two cars would be pretty bad I think this car is definitely at the top and you can definitely say the Huracan is going to have a tough time with this car. It’s a good race, like a stalker who will miss driving me crazy. I think my model three would have taken that today.

I am definitely one of my three model forms of the Audi arrow to zero to 60 at 3.2 now 0-60 times we have set that yes so zero to sixty times I think the best in the GT, which turns quite a lot, was about 3, 4 seconds you’ve been sitting on the high three yes for yes 4 6 is the best I suck you for 6 what if you really think about it, it’s slower than a GT but again we’re in those awful conditions, but that’s what it is sometimes, it’s the road that’s exactly what i thought there is the engine the back comes really, yeah, absolutely, i had that card and vmax mode not because the surface is a bit bumpy down there, but of course you could drop this car, it’ll bring the wing down and actually drop it 2 inches.

I actually noticed that in Las Vegas when we were doing the drag strip test they actually said they would give you money if you could read like the pro tree and I’m like I could do that but if You help me see a pro-tree falling down very quickly obviously and when you activate the launch control and they hit the pro-tree it was impossible to read light out there because it ‘The Mustang guys for this car had to do that Really anticipating light. Yeah, I mean, I did it the way you know when he took his hands off. I started to move that, no doubt then I try to let go, but even then it was still not enough.

I mean, hopefully they fixed that, hopefully the tools fix that, but other than this amazing car, I can’t wait for him to think he’ll win Dodge Demon Pump Gas OH on Drag GT 500 off a reel Oh my reel I think , that might put it on the roll too I think this one captain, that’s Ryder, that’s easier, right, it’s no, it’s the same, they’re both under pounds okay but if you look at what The demon puts it to the test, it’s’ Precisely with this in mind, I think the GT500’s dual-clutch transmission might have a bit of an advantage. I have to tell you the gearbox is almost better than your Ford GT’s first rebel. Yeah but that’s way better pork on your clarinet it’s very impressive to that i know

I have an idea because a long time ago I had pumped gas problem on the Dodge Demon 60-130 times I did a bit of racing and let’s jump into the GT500 cut on the V-box and see what those 6130 are because I don’t think anyone actually did that. Yeah, we’re going to get the 60 to 130 and then since we’re done we’re going to just write down the numbers and let everyone else think about what, ‘I think Anna for Palm Beach for all of your Mustang tuning -Needs and everything in between is Lauren rematch. Yeah we hope you’ll be the first to hit a knife guess what? The problem is, you have to increase the long drive here, yeah yeah, because if you read the stock car launch it has it at the very top and it’s a dead catch.

Yeah, it goes ten, six, yeah, and it’s just like a footer of 1 7 5 60 and you’ll have to be in the one-fives, yeah, with dragon power at the top, but better on Emma, ​​you want that and you need that 60 feet that i know but i think there is enough power for it? ‘s rubbery 132 will do both I think the first 9 second test will be a tough test, hopefully you know Ford should have left more at 3200. They know that people are going to modify these cars now and they know that people want to do something good turn it down and if you have adjustable flexed controls let it go up to a hell of 6,000, maybe the gearbox is a liability we try to admit that there is no guarantee that the gearbox is actually a good point, the reason

I don’t know it can’t be fried but maybe the same company that impermanence is built on, I don’t want the torque in the GT to be low because I know how this thing works that they have a lot more could, but this may be for another article, so go ahead, thanks for reading, and we’ll keep the articles moving, thanks


Which is better Ford Mustang or Shelby GT500? Verdict The Shelby GT500 is a magnificent muscle car and possibly a more impressive sports car. The 2021 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 boasts 760 horses of supercharged-V-8 mayhem, but it also possesses the athleticism of smaller and lighter sports cars.

What is the most powerful Mustang? With a supercharged 5.2L V8 engine with dual-clutch transmission, the GT500 is unlike any other sports car. The most powerful and fastest Mustang of all time –the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500. With a supercharged 5.2L V8 engine with dual-clutch transmission, the GT500 is unlike any other sports car. Customer Viewpoint Ratings and Reviews

What is the top speed of a Mustang GT500? And with a nod to adrenaline junkies everywhere, the GT500 was designed with fighter jets in mind — the result is a precise and aerodynamic exterior and a top speed of 186 mph. With an ergonomic build and superior powertrain, the GT500 takes performance to new heights as the fastest Mustang ever on a straight line and around curves.

Who is driving the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500? The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has changed history. “This car is the ultimate expression of what the American pony car can be,” pro racer Randy Pobst said after only driving it on the street. After driving it on the track: “God, that thing pins you to the seat running from corner to corner. It hooks up very, very well.

Are there any used Ford Mustangs for sale? Autotrader has 369 Used Ford Mustangs for sale, including a 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible, a 2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Coupe, and a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Not sure if a Mustang is the right fit for you?

When will Shelby GT500 be released? With a robust engine, muscular lines, lavish interior and top speeds of over 200 MPH, the Shelby GT500 is expected to take center stage in a world where Dodge and Chevrolet have remained in the limelight. The Shelby GT500 is on par to become an instant classic for the iconic automaker after its anticipated release date in January of 2019.

Which is the fastest street legal Ford Mustang? There ya have it, the new 2020 Shelby GT500 is not only the most powerful street-legal Ford but also the quickest street-legal Mustang ever. 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500…

What are the features of a 2020 Ford Mustang GT500? If you’re looking for a smooth ride, look no further than this 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with a push button start, remote starter, backup camera, Bluetooth, braking assist, dual climate control, hill start assist, stability control, traction control, and premium sound system. It has a 8 Cylinder engine.

How much does a Ford Shelby GT500 cost? The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will offer 760 horsepower for a starting price of $73,995. That includes a $2600 gas-guzzler tax, and it makes this supercharged V-8 Mustang $12,460 more …

When does the new Ford Mustang GT500 come out? For 2021, Mustang GT500 will gain some interesting exterior updates. However, the interior won’t change. Whatsoever, the performance will also carry over into 2021. The sales will begin by the end of 2020, and here’s what to expect from the arriving supercar. The approaching 2021 Ford Mustang GT500 will get further exterior updates.

How many cylinders does a Mustang GT500 have? Mustang GT500 Specs. The 2021 Ford Mustang GT500 comes with a standard EcoBoost four-cylinder turbo engine. Don’t be fooled by the number of cylinders because this is a very powerful engine. It can produce 460 hp, and you can add more power thanks to an optional active exhaust.

What ‘ s the price of a new Ford Mustang? Greg Pajo Ford has announced pricing for the new Shelby GT500 Mustang, and it starts at $73,995. Its closest competitors are the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, which starts at $64,695, and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye, which starts at $73,440. The new GT500, which has a supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine with 760 horsepower, will go on sale this fall.

What is the value of a 1967 Mustang Eleanor? Real 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor Up Close On Video. The $2 Million Mustang Eleanor!

Is the 1967 Ford Mustang a Shelby GT500? From 1965 to the present, the legacies of Shelby and Mustang are intertwined, making it almost impossible to talk about one without talking about the other. This 1967 Ford Mustang that we offer here is a Fastback converted to Shelby GT500 specifications. The car is completely built in the colors and style of “Eleanor”.

Is Eleanor Mustang real? However, there are a few telltale signs to spotting a real Eleanor Mustang, which the video highlights. One of the easiest places to look is the exhaust because, in the movie, the hero cars had their exhaust exiting the back. The side-exit exhaust didn’t work.

What kind of car was the Shelby Eleanor? The Eleanor was an incredible and unique take on the ’67 Shelby GT500, and enthusiasts as well as those who aren’t your typical “car people” instantly fell in love with the design. Three Eleanors survived production to make it into the hands of private collectors.

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