Faraday Future FF 91 Prototype Vs. Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla’s P100d Interior Ergonomic Vehicle Inspired By Nasa


Tesla’s P100D interior Ergonomic vehicle inspired by NASA

Ergonomic vehicle inspired by NASA. Faraday Future’s PR team continues to work hard, busy releasing a teaser video of the upcoming production car that will debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Faraday Future FF 91 Prototype Vs. Tesla Model S P100D
Faraday Future FF 91 Prototype Vs. Tesla Model S P100D

In a recently released 15-second video posted to YouTube, Faraday Future provides an overview of what the company calls “NASA-inspired ergonomics.”

The latest clip reveals the seat the vehicle maker says defies gravity.

Our vehicle seats are built to withstand gravity loads, “said Faraday in a video statement.

Experience NASA-inspired ergonomics – and more – at CES2017. This idea is similar to Nissan’s “Zero Gravity Seats” which seek to reduce fatigue for longer journeys or road trips.

Electric-powered SUV Tesla Interior, this short teaser features a close-up leather seat cover, as well as some cabin catches. Faraday’s first production vehicle is expected to be an electric-powered SUV allocated to the Tesla Model X.

A short shot that looked like an armrest and center console, followed by another shot from the front seat of the vehicle, left the viewer with enough material to form an opinion. It’s an approach the company has held firmly since it first launched the CES campaign, with a series of new, fast-moving teasers dedicated to Tesla’s P100D.

A few weeks ago, Faraday began producing footage of drag racing prototypes of a number of fast vehicles including the Ferrari 488, Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous, and Bentley Bentayga. Recently, Faraday’s prototype clashed with Ludicrous’s Tesla Model S P100D. Faraday hinted that the car had “more torque” and should go from 0-60 mph in a two second low.

Ergonomic Vehicle Inspired By NASA
Ergonomic Vehicle Inspired By NASA

Not much is known about Faraday’s production vehicle. It will use the Automatic Variable Product Architecture, capable of running up to four electric motors and accommodating high-capacity battery packs. More details will come when Faraday officially launches his new car at CES in January.

The latest video concludes with a shining silhouette of a vehicle that is perhaps the best display of the vehicle’s entire form to date.