Cobra Mustang 2019 Project Fox Mustang


Cobra Mustang 2019 Project Fox Mustang

Cobra mustang 2019, Hey guys welcome to the canyons, it is a beautiful day and, as you see right behind me, I’ve got my Mustang back. So let me just show you around one more time in case you’re new in these parts and you’re not familiar with these cars and then, since it is sorted and good to go, we’re going to take it for a ride. So, let’s take a look, so most obvious thing, of course, is the bodywork the bodywork is by our DB la we. We had to widen the car six inches because of the maximum motorsports chassis work that we did. We wanted to fit a 295 tire and all four corners with, of course, the independent rear suspension that has been modified by maximum motorsports with Delrin bushings. A Torsen differential, aluminum, driveshaft, upgraded, sway bars up front. Is the tubular k-member front suspension, which has completely different geometry from a standard Mustang and of course you can see, I have the 13-inch Cobra brakes, four piston in the front two piston in the rear, with a slotted rotor, we did the Saline front valance and I Chose to go with the riveted look, I know some people aren’t about the riveted look.

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Some people want the fenders to be blended in with fiberglass, but I I wanted it to be like this, and it makes me very happy tires are pretty tucked you may notice, but it is set, so it’s actually impossible for the car to rub. It cannot rub at full, lock or full compression and of course, we’ve got the HRE Rs 105 the three-piece forged wheels on the inside of the car. We can see her shifter and I took out the center console so just gone to the floor. The grip royal steering wheel and, of course, my auto meter gauge cluster, then we’ve got the Recaro seats and Sibel harnesses and in back, you’ve got not really much of anything, but there is a six-point roll cage which has the low door bars. This is a street car, it’s not a race car, so I wanted it to be easy to get in and out of so we’ve got. Let’S take a little look under the engine. Now the engine is fairly clean under here.

I think it looks pretty good. It is a 302 crate engine from Ford with aluminum gt40 heads. It’S got an MSD ignition system. The Explorer intake, I added a high flow water pump back hook me up with some headers after I, cracked, my last set of headers. So we’ve got some Max or T headers. You can see the maximum Motorsports adjustable caster camber plates here and my new Mishimoto dual core. I’M sorry dual pass radiator with the electric fans.

I’Ve actually set the radiator or I’ve had it set and the fans its hottest. Setting so I can always add more fan and get it cooler, but I’ve got it set to as hot as it goes, and the radiator is actually so effective that it holds the perfect temperature. So I can always get more later if I need it so now that I think you guys have a nice little overview of what’s happening with the car, let’s go. Take it for a drive. The engine is running very strong. It makes inferi 350 horsepower to move around this 3100 pound car and now that it’s running good i’ll show you how it runs now we’re in here. Let’S see what she do, huh.

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Well as it as it warms up. You can hear the cam, it’s a 303 cam, it’s got a nice lumpy idle to it. Let’S go for a drive, shall we all right may have remembered. I was on the same Road last time, so it’s a good time to airbornimal. Now I can actually shift the car and correct rpm nods, not running cold. Now, with this setup, it runs about 180 on the highway really hard seats. Every one of these, my Hurst shifter tires are beet-red.

We heard you drinkin fifty-five, which is scaring. I have ha it turns in like an easel and with these two 95s and his scaring Jeon now the bricks I have a master cylinder and it came with the car created once I upgraded the hardware, a tightness in the pedal right now go back to a Smaller master cylinder, the brakes are very, very effective, of course, they’re not abs, and I can talk about pretty dry steering and products just such harmony. I can take Porter’s at speed of the IRS. You know, even if there’s a lull, the new Mad Hatter’s got a nice clean, sound to it like 2,500 forty-five, it’s not the fastest thing in the world, but it doesn’t need to be. I mean I wanted the engine. That was the goal and I already had an upgrade now I can add power clutches and super-heavy, but all about the words the bar is really maybe it’ll, be a little better to hear what’s great about this thing is believe it or not. It’S a muscle, car and a momentum car in one, because I can carry such good speeds through the corners with all this available grip and all this brake and the chassis rigidity, I can drive it as a momentum car without having to overly slow down.

You know it is only about 350 horsepower which, on the Internet, is nothing but in reality it feels quick and strong tough. This is why we go downhill by the way, so the slow-moving cyclists are going. The other way pedals are good for heel towing. Although again I’d like a little more brake modulation, I can get used to it, but it takes it takes some effort. God I love this thing. I am so happy with it now now that I can run the engine it took. It took a very long time to get this thing.

Dialed in I mean 18 months. They were working on it, but you get the car back and it’s done and it’s good and you’re driving it you’re putting miles on in it, and it becomes worth it very. Very quickly, with these Recaro seats, I’m able to really use my hands for steering not for just hanging on, and I mean the difference is insane absolutely insane and this more this motor is it’s a big torque motor, so you don’t have to wind it out. All the time I mean it’s fun to wind it out, but you don’t need to be up at five. Six grand make use of that torque man right in the middle, some rocks on this side of the road. The most important thing, though, is that the car just makes me happy. It makes me happy to drive it.

It makes me part of me feels like a kid part of me, feels like I’ve got. You know just this Canyon monster part of it is an attitude that the car gives off. I mean it’s, it’s tough looking, but it’s all fun and the point is you know I got. I got to keep putting miles on it, keep working on it. Keep you know trying to break stuff, see what breaks see what doesn’t – and I don’t know if I’ll ever be done, but it’s done enough that I can go for a drive now and that’s very important to me so we’ll keep you posted. Also big surprise for those of you reading, I got the license plates for my skyline, so we will be able to to have that happening soon as well. So I will see you guys later and thank you for reading and for your enthusiasm by Mustang goodbye.

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