Carbon Fiber Mustang


Carbon Fiber Mustang

Carbon Fiber Mustang, Is the Shelby Mustang made of carbon fiber? Never before has a Shelby Mustang been made of carbon fiber, the material that’s used to make spacecraft, airplanes, sailboat masts and even outrigger canoes. Carbon fiber is known for its high strength, low weight and temperature tolerance.

Carbon Fiber Mustang
Carbon Fiber Mustang

Who is the manufacturer of the Shelby Mustang? The company building the reborn Shelby has an agreement with Ford Motor Co. and Carroll Shelby Licensing to build Shelby edition Mustang restorations. The vehicles come with a Shelby serial number and is listed on the Shelby Registry.

How much does a carbon fiber Lamborghini cost? A carbon fiber Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari and Aston Martin all easily exceed $200,000. Each new carbon fiber Shelby requires an estimated 2,500 hours to build.

Who are the buyers of carbon fiber cars? Carbon fiber is known for its high strength, low weight and temperature tolerance. Buyers of these kinds of vehicles traditionally have been mostly male entrepreneurs, pro-athletes and car collectors, Engel said. Women who collect tend to be CEO-types, he said.

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