Buy Ford Mustang I Tell You The Truth


Buy Ford Mustang I Tell You The Truth

Buy ford mustang, Rev up your engines today, I tell you the truth about the Mustang EcoBoost four-cylinder engine Mustang. In this case, it’s a 2016. I’M gon na show you what I like about it. What I don’t like about it, we’ll start with the likes. Well, it’s a new aggressive, Mustang style. I like to style. It’S got a lot of the classic ideas in it.

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It’S a nice looking car there’s, no arguing that the upgraded suspension from the all the ones it’s a real improvement. They really handle well and under the hood, this one that’s a four-cylinder engine and, you might say, ah the four-cylinder engine. Well, this four-cylinder engine puts out 310 horsepower and to give you a comparison, a 66 Mustang v8 stock put out 164 horsepower. This puts up a lot more than that 310 and when you go inside it’s a classic Mustang set up for the old fashioned style, gauges, they’re still digital, but they look analog, and this particular one has almost ninety three thousand miles on starts right up now. Granted it doesn’t make the noise of a v8 one does, but with 301 horsepower it’s got pulling here, get up and go. It is all the modern conveniences steering column controls. Now this particular one has a six-speed automatic transmission.

I would love the standard myself, but this is a 6-speed automatic, but it does have the paddle shifters, so you can paddle shift it and if you’re talking to newer one, you can get that 10 speed automatic that Ford and Chevy jointly put together and that, of Course they fell apart about that tends to be too automatic. I do have to say the ones I’ve driven I can drive faster knows. Then. I can manually shift it myself. The computers on those have insane control, they have various levels of driving and are all set up to shift different ways to get more power or better gas mileage. It gets about 31 miles a gallon on the highway. If you don’t dog it, so it actually does get good gas mileage.

The last time I seriously draw 2016 Mustang. They had a v8 engine. I only got about eight miles a gallon driving the thing around, because I drove it really hard four cylinder engines. They do get better gas mileage an interesting thing about this setup. Is you got 301 horsepower if you run it on premium gas, but if you’re running on regular gas, it will run perfectly fine. It’Ll just lose a few of those ponies and be 200. Something horsepower you don’t want to buy premium gas that’ll run perfectly fine on regular gas.

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It just won’t have as much speed and they’re. The choice is yours, so you’re not stuck with you always have to use regular gas, but on the other hand it’s also the negative aspects. It’S a four-cylinder engine revs higher. It uses a turbocharger to get more power and gasoline direct injection. There’S a lot extra pressure. Now so far, this one’s got like 90,000 miles. Not if customers had no problems with its work perfectly fine, it does a lot of highway driving on it and it’s held up quite well but realize, as they age a highly stressed, four-cylinder engine with extremely high pressure.

Gasoline direct injection, a turbocharger if you drive it hard. Yes, it is going to wear out faster than a normal engine, especially a v8 engine that doesn’t have the strain because, yes, as four-cylinder engine does have horsepower and torque, it actually has more torque than it does horsepower. But that’s done at higher rpms, which of course where’s the engine out faster. Just like the gas mileage, you can get 31 miles again. If you drive this thing going 60 miles on a highway just cruising, but not if you’re, accelerating all the time slam the brakes. Accelerating you’ll never get that kind of gas mileage. Now the newer 10 speed automatics that come with these four cylinder turbos they get even better gas mileage because out of those 10 speeds, three of them are overdrive, speeds so on the highway it gets even better gas mileage than this one and on the more modern One with that fancy 10 speed automatic, that’s the same 10 speed automatic they put in their pickup trucks and then the Mustangs, it’s the big v8 engines.

So it has no problem taking the power, this four-cylinder engine you’re not gon na over tax it. But with this six speed automatic my customer owns this: it’s a relatively conservative driver. It still shifts perfectly fine, but I’ve had customers. There were much more aggressive drivers and the 6-speed automatic is the first thing. That’S gon na wear out. If you put those 301 ponies. All the time Flooring it with the 6-speed automatic transmission, but the Newer one with the 10 speed automatic.

No, they can take it. I’Ve got customers, the big trucks and the big v8 Mustangs. With those ten speed automatics. The only problem they had was originally they’re. A little software glitch had to reprogram, but the transmissions themselves are really solid units and hooking them up to a four-cylinder engine is no problem, of course, they’re easier to work on, there’s actually working space. Look at us. I get all kinds of room in here for working on it.

You do have to work on. If you want to modify it, there’s a lot of room to do work on, because, let’s face it, there’s Mustang it was designed to fit a v8 engine and you put a four-cylinder you’re gon na have a lot of working space. It’S not all cramped in and really go back years ago, when they made the little Mustangs that had the four-cylinder engine in it man, those were terrible engines. They could barely get out of the wrong way they just as far as I was concerned, weren’t real Mustangs, but with 301 horsepower on this. It certainly is a real mustang, big discs on the front and in the back and if you’re into modifications these babies can be modified to the hilt. Mustangs have always been upgradable vehicles you could put whatever you want. You want to put carbon-fiber brakes whatever you want to do off.

It’S a bail wolf these. If you want, if you know you can just drive it around close up, look the same as I, the other Mustang got. The pony’s got the aggressive headlights great-looking car and when you consider the new ones 2020, this is twenty five thousand dollars, starting with the four-cylinder engine. It pretty much started. Thirty five thousand dollars with the v8 engine in them cuz you’d, be saving almost $ 10,000. Car looks exactly the same. Most of the feature the same happy with three hundred some horsepower anyways go ahead, get the four banger you can get it with the same, really good, ten speed automatic transmission, f4 or 8 either way they still look like Mustangs and if you’re talking about a brand New one, the new four-cylinder once put out 330 horsepower.

If you get the high output four-cylinder engine plenty enough horsepower just realize, like I always warn people, you can have insane power or you can have great gas mileage, but you can’t combine both. If you drive this conservatively. Yes, you can get 30 something miles. A gallon on a highway, but not if you drive really aggressively all the time so now you know the truth about these four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustangs and here’s some bonus, questions and answers. Here’S some breaking news for your Toyota, Supra fans, or, I should say, BMW, roadster fans. It looks like Toyota is going to announce during the Daytona race, cuz Toyota’s, a big sponsor there, that they’re gon na be able to buy a four-cylinder Toyota Supra, also known as BMW, roadster here in the United States. Now this is no big shocker.

They already sell them in Japan. It’S a course of BMW, four-cylinder engine. It’S in a BMW, builds the cars, a fancy, one that they sell in Japan. Four cylinder that has 255 horsepower, there’s also a smaller version, that’s 225 and I’m sure they’ll sell only the higher one in the United States. To me, this is really kind of bizarre, because big thing about the Supra was that they had a six cylinder engine and now I’m figuring off or a four cylinder version, the Supra instead of the BMW, six, I’m sure their not going to give them away. I saw the price tag on the new supra at the auto show a couple weeks ago, man I was lambasted by what they’re asking for, I guess, they’re too much so now, they’re gon na sell the force on the version. That’S a little bit cheaper, just realize.

As I said before, this isn’t really a Toyota: it’s a BMW, it’s made by BMW and a BMW factory. They are gon na, be selling them. How it looks like they’re gon na make an announcement in a week or two PC 36 says scotty. I have a 2014 VW GTI, it’s 40,000 miles about two years ago. Use I owe 13,000 on it. Now. The prior owner had the water pump replaced under warranty and the past summer the turbo went out, but it was covered under the seven-year.

Warranty is gon na be up soon. Should I pay it off and keep it or should I sell it waiting cover alone, solid, hey, come on, let’s use our heads people, I tell you what garbage Volkswagen is making look at that you having it as 40,000 miles now and before it had 40,000 miles. The water pump point out that turbocharger went out. They are just making these things like crap, they market the heck out of them and they sell a lot of them. But you ask any honest mechanic: like myself, they’ll tell you the truth that they are endless. Money pits, and not just when I’m saying here my own customers, every single customer of mine in the last 20 years, whoever bought a Volkswagen said Scotty I’ll, never buy another Volkswagen again. It was a rolling pile of crap, as it aged now, yeah they’re fun to drive when they’re new, with a turbo and everything, but they fall apart and it cost a fortune to fix, get rid of that Volkswagen now.

So if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair, articles remember to ring that Bell.

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