Build Your Own Mustang


Build Your Own Mustang

Build Your Own Mustang, What is Mustang II front suspension? Mustang II Front Suspension — Build Your Own, Fraction the Cost! Professionally drawn, fully-dimensioned engineering drawings that show every aspect of Mustang II Street Rod Front Suspension construction. The plans with work with stock or dropped spindles, as well as stock or aftermarket control arms.

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What are the dimensions of a Mustang II? The side view shows the upper arm pivot center line at the front, the center, and at the back. These dimensions will give the stock Mustang II anti-dive angle of 4 degrees. 1974-78 Mustang II stock upper control arms measure 8″ from the cross-shaft center-line to the center of the ball joint.

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Is the Mustang II the best layout? Although the Mustang II is not the best layout for competition, it is a tried and true geometry for thousands of street rods and hundreds of thousands of highway miles. Many manufacturers have all of the parts needed (spindles, brakes, springs, sway bars, etc.) Of course, we hope you will use some Welder Series parts in your design.

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Who was the first person to build a Mustang? Famed builder Chuck Lombardo claims to be the first person to use Mustang II suspension on the front of a street rod in 1974, and after discovering that the little car’s track width and rack-and-pinion placement made it a perfect bolt-on IFS system for pre-war hot rods, the word spread like wildfire.

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