Black Mustang Car Basic Black Car Detail


Black Mustang Car Basic Black Car Detail

Black mustang car, Hey guys today in the Detail Garage we’ve got a dirty black Mustang. This is a GT 350 which means it’s a higher end model and it has more performance and we want to make sure it looks as good as it runs. Looking at it you can see it’s covered in dust, water spots, bird droppings and finger prints which is just dulling out the whole look of this vehicle. The owner of this car lives in an apartment building and doesn’t have access to a hose so this thing has never been washed. I’m going to change that by foaming it up. Then I’ll wax it for him and glaze it to give it that high shine and he’ll have a brand new Mustang. Running down the side here it has bird droppings, water spots and finger prints which are actually scratching the finish even though you may not think so but black shows everything.

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Any little particle on the paint that you touch will scratch and it will show for the rest of the vehicles life unless you polish it. On the trunk there’s more finger prints on the trunk lid which is also scratching the vehicle. I’m going to take care of that by washing it and then we’ll wax it. So lets get started by foaming it. So before you actually start washing the vehicle you want to clean the rims because this is by far the dirtiest area. What I’ll do is start by placing a Dirt Trap in our clean bucket of water. What this does is actually trap all dirt that I’m pulling off the rims with my tools and traps it underneath the cones making sure I don’t bring any of the filthy water back on to the rim.

Next I’ll take my Diablo Wheel Gel and add a couple ounces. I’ll get that foaming with the hose. First things first I want to rinse off the rim so I can knock off any loose debris. This Mustang is fitted with a big brake kit and it tends to kick up a lot of brake dust. In the bottle it has already been diluted 3:1 and this is the Duck Foam Sprayer which aerates the product as I spray giving foam over the rim. The foam adds lubrication and also helps take down the set in brake dust without having to scrub too much. Next you want a brush that’ll reach all the way to the back of the rim.

This here is the Wheel Woolie. It’s soft and it is safe to use to clean off these matte rims and it also has a long handle that will get all the way to the back of the rim. It’ll clean up real nicely on these Mustang rims. I’m going to start by cleaning from top to bottom so that I’m not working my way around and getting filthy brake dust all over the cleaned areas. Next you’ll reach for a smaller Wheel Woolie to get in the hard to reach areas. This brush is great for getting behind the caliper where there’s not a lot of clearance between the barrel of the rim and the caliper itself. Also right here on the inside where these spokes come to a narrow point this is a great brush for detailing in there.

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Taking off all that brake dust, road debris and filth. So for the really small and tight areas you want to grab the last and smallest Wheel Woolie. This is great for getting in between the lug nuts to get rid of all that road filth and brake dust. Next to clean the face of the rim you’ll want a soft brush. This is the Green Flagged Tip Brush and it’s great for cleaning off the face of any kind of rim. Super soft where it won’t scratch but still has enough power to clean off all the filth and debris. Lastly we’re going to clean the tire off using a stiff brush.

This is the Stiffy Blue Brush and it works great to clean off any kind of brown filth that’s all over the tire and bring back that natural look. Now you’ve seen the techniques and the tips of how to thoroughly clean your rims. I’m going to finish the other three and then we’ll get started on the foaming. Now it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for, it’s time to foam! I’ve got my two bucket set up I’ve got one for clean water and one for rinsing off my mitt. I’ve also got my TORQ Foam Cannon set up with a little bit of V7. I’ll hook this up to my pressure washer in just a bit but first a quick run down, I’ve got one bucket set up here and I’ll place one Dirt Trap in it. This is to wring out all the dirt and keep it nice and clean inside.

I’ll add my soap to this bucket. This will be my rinsing bucket and I’ll place another Dirt Trap in here to keep as much impurities out of the water as I can. I’ll add my soap to the first bucket just a couple ounces of V7 to add more foam to the whole process. Now the buckets are ready to go so I’m going to rinse off the loose dirt on the vehicle which will rinse down all the filth. Traditionally we use a Chenille Wash Mitt like this one but for this car we’re going with something a little bit bigger. This is the Chemical Guys MoFo Wash Mitt. It’s a lot larger than the original wash mitt it’s actually twice the size.

The chenille’s are longer and it’s much softer so it’ll trap more foam adding more lubrication while you’re washing. Now that you’ve foamed and rinsed off your car it’s time to dry it. To help me dry off this black car and also give it more shine I’m going to use Hybrid V7 as a drying aid. Simply spray it on and what this is doing is breaking the surface tension between the paint and the water drops so it won’t leave water spots. Now using a thick and soft drying towel like the Woolly Mammoth I’m going to go in straight lines across the body picking up as much water as I can. Revealing a high shine underneath with no water spots and no contaminants either. So moving right along with this detail it’s time to glaze this black Mustang.

I’m going to be using Black Light which is a part of the Black Car Kit. Basically what that does is fills in micro scratches and imperfections and restores the black to a high shine. You can use it by machine or by hand. I’ll give you a little demonstration of how to spread it by hand but I’ll be doing the rest of the vehicle by machine because it’s faster and it’ll spread the product much thinner. So take your applicator and add a few drops to it. First dab it out on the area that you’ll be working on. Then in straight and even strokes spread it out in a thin layer.

The thinner the better because you’re only going to be using the first layer on the product everything else is just being wiped away. So it’s more productive to make a thin even coat that way you’re not wasting too much product. Now that I’ve showed you how to do this by hand I’m going to switch over to the machine because forget doing this by hand. Just like I did before with the Hand Applicator Pad you want to dab it out over the surface you’re working on and spread it out evenly. With the machine you want to do it on the lowest speed setting because you’re not polishing or cutting all you’re doing is applying. This is the Black Hex-Logic Pad which is just like the Black Hex-Logic Pad that comes in the kit the only difference is this one attaches to a machine where the other one is by hand. I’ll start it up and on the lowest speed setting I’ll spread it out.

Now that we’ve let the Black Light sit for about twenty minutes and it has properly bonded to the surface I’m going to take a clean microfiber towel and start buffing it off. It’s important that you don’t wipe in a circular motion just back and forth in straight lines with even strokes and gently wipe it off the surface. Lastly you’ll want to wax your vehicle. This car has been prepped by washing it. It didn’t need to be clayed because the surface is already smooth. We glazed it and now it’s time to wax it. I’ll be using Butter Wet Wax which will give it a high shine and a lot of durability against water spots, dirt repellent and UV rays.

I’m going to get started with that on the machine so I can save some time and effort. So in the same manner that you applied the glaze you can wax it by hand or machine. Take your product and add a few drop to the pad. Blotch it out over the surface that you’ll be working on starting with the hood. On the slowest speed setting you’ll spread the product out in even strokes. Butter Wet Wax can be taken off immediately or let it sit for fifteen minutes. I let it sit for a few minutes and now I’ll take it off so I can see that high shine underneath the coat of wax.

So now that your car looks amazing it’s all down to maintenance. A great way to take care of dust, finger prints and bird droppings is by using a quick detailer such as Hybrid V7. All you have to do is spray it on the surface and then with your favorite microfiber towel wipe it off and it will leave behind a high shine as well as seal the paint while taking care of any dust and debris. So we’ve just finished the detail on this Mustang. It’s been an amazing day here this car came in filthy and as you can see this car has an amazing shine now. So if you want to learn more about these products check it out on our website ChemicalGuys.Com.

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