Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers To Host Your WordPress Site

Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers, Top 2019 10 Computing Companies In World 2020 And Market Share Multi Tier 2

Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers To Host Your WordPress Site

Biggest cloud hosting providers

Biggest cloud hosting providers, considering utilizing Cloudways to host your WordPress site? Cloudways offers a unique strategy to WordPress hosting that lets you harness the facility of cloud computing, without having any particular technical data (that’s the unique half!).

Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers
Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers

In my palms-on Cloudways review, I’ll dig into precisely what it is that makes Cloudways unique, why Cloudways’ method gives you more flexibility than most different WordPress hosts and the way it works to host a WordPress web site at Cloudways.

By the top of this Cloudways review, you need to be able to decide whether Cloudways is the correct spot to host your WordPress website(s).

Cloudways Review

Cloudways does things otherwise than just about every different WordPress host.

Let me clarify, most wordPress hosts either:

Have their very own physical hardware which they lease to you. On the extra budget finish, you’ll sometimes get a little bit slice of a shared server. Use another person’s hardware, like a particular cloud internet hosting provider. For example, Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform to host all their subscribers’ sites. You don’t get to “decide” that – it’s just the infrastructure Kinsta chose.

Cloudways is completely different because it helps you to choose exactly what cloud hosting setting you need to use from five of the biggest cloud hosting providers:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Amazon Net Services (AWS)
  • Vultr
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Linode

What’s more, you may have management over the precise sources you get from your supplier and may simply scale up or down as needed.

So, if Cloudways isn’t providing the bodily hardware, what’s the advantage of utilizing Cloudways over just signing up straight at DigitalOcean or AWS?

Cloudways configures all the things for you at a server level and offers a person-friendly interface that allows you to manage and interact with that raw cloud hosting space.

Normally, trying to set up and preserve your personal cloud internet hosting area is super technical. I take into account myself fairly tech-savvy for a traditional particular person, and it’s nonetheless excess of I may take on. So except you’re a developer, hosting WordPress your self on cloud hosting is out of reach.

When you use Cloudways, though, you may still benefit from the flexibleness of cloud hosting – you simply don’t need any technical knowledge.

Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers, Top 2019 10 Computing Companies In World 2020 And Market Share Multi Tier 2
Biggest Cloud Hosting Providers, Top 2019 10 Computing Companies In World 2020 And Market Share Multi Tier 2

Cloudways will properly configure your cloud internet hosting setting and give you tons of useful instruments similar to:

  1. Built-in caching.
  2. A lot of security rules and a dedicated firewall.
  3. Easy one-click on SSL certificates.
  4. Automated backups.
  5. Easy staging areas.

Why Not Just Use a Managed WordPress Host?

Many managed WordPress hosts use cloud hosting infrastructure and provide you with those self-same convenient tools. So, what’s the difference between utilizing Cloudways and using a kind of host?

Several issues:

Select your cloud hosting provider. You’ll be able to choose from any of the five supported cloud internet hosting providers, whereas a managed WordPress host doesn’t give you any choice. No visitor’s limits. Most managed WordPress hosts put a cap on how a lot of site visitors your website can have per month. With Cloudways, there’s no arbitrary cap – it’s based mostly on the precise assets that you simply use.

Easy scaling. With a managed WordPress host, you’ll have set internet hosting plans. For instance, the “$35.00 per thirty days StartUp plan”. With Cloudways, although, you may select the precise ardware you need to use and scale it up or down as needed.

Pay as you go and no contract. With a conventional host, you’ll pay monthly at a minimum and sometimes you’ll pay yearly. With Cloudways, you’ll only pay for what you employ and are by no means locked in – you’ll be able to even pay hourly if you want!

Host several sites. Want to launch one other website? You can either share the identical server or spin up one other server if you want to give it dedicated resources. You’ll be able to host as many websites as you need (as long as you give those websites sufficient resources to run).

As you may see, most of those benefits connect with flexibility. And, I believe that’s probably the most attractive part of Cloudways. You get all the flexibility of cloud internet hosting, while nonetheless having the ability to work by a convenient, newbie-friendly interface.

Sufficient speaking – let’s check it out!

Easy methods to Launch a Server and Set up WordPress

To show you how straightforward Cloudways makes it to make use of cloud hosting for WordPress, I’ll take you through the complete setup process.

There are two fundamental phrases that you must understand with Cloudways:

Server – This can be a specific allotment of the area on a cloud hosting provider. For instance, you may get 1 GB of ram, 25 GB of storage, and so on. In the event you don’t get a variety of traffic, you’d be stunned by how rapidly even the most cost-effective DigitalOcean server loads.
Application – This can be a WordPress site. One WordPress website equals one application.

You can run as many functions as you want on a server, however only so long as your server has enough power to handle them. Again, this depends upon the precise sources every WordPress install consumes; there’s no arbitrary limit.

To get began, you’ll first choose your application. You can both install…

  1. Bare WordPress (with or without Cloudways optimizations).
  2. WordPress with WooCommerce.
  3. WordPress Multisite.

Then, you can choose your cloud internet hosting supplier, the dimensions of your server, and its location. You possibly can all the time change the size of your server when wanted, so don’t stress too much. Once more, that’s one of many distinctive things about Cloudways.

For example, I’m set to launch my web site on the two GB server from DigitalOcean:

At the bottom, you’ll see the worth of your specific configuration. You may both pay it month-to-month or simply pay hourly for the actual sources that you just consume. Once more, that’s a singular factor!

Once you click on Launch Now, you’ll have a short wait whereas Cloudways provisions your server and installs WordPress:

Then, you’re set to jet with a working WordPress site. Fairly straightforward, proper?

Managing Your Site with Cloudways

To handle your WordPress website, you should use the Purposes area in Cloudways, which reveals you a list of all of your sites:

You can too use this interface to add another WordPress site (+Add Utility).

Software Administration Dashboard

When you click on on a particular site, you’ll open the Software Administration dashboard which reveals you all the details for your site.

Right here, you’ll be capable of:

  1. Discover FTP and MySQL credentials to handle your site.
  2. View disk usage statistics.
  3. Handle your domains (Cloudways provides you a free subdomain by default, but you’ll wish to join your actual area).
  4. Set up an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt with a single click.
  5. Restore your site from one of the computerized backups.
  6. Manage developer options corresponding to Cron jobs and Git.

Straightforward Staging Sites

A staging website is principally a similar copy of your site in a protected sandbox that you can use for testing. It’s helpful for safely working on your web site without affecting your dwell website.

Cloudways makes it super straightforward to spin up a brand new staging website from the orange floating motion button in your software dashboard:

You possibly can deploy your staging web site to any server.

Then, you’ll be able to interact along with your staging website simply as if it had been a live site. Except now, the applying will get marked as staging:

Once you’re blissful that all the things are working right on your staging website, you’ll be able to open the brand new Staging Management area and push your knowledge from staging to live:

The neat thing right here is you can select whether or not to push:

  • Simply the files.
  • Simply the database.
  • Both the information and the database.

You’ll be able to robotically back up your site as a part of the process, too. You even have the option to push from dwell to staging, which is helpful for longer-time period projects. For instance, you can push your live database to your staging site to ensure your staging web site has your latest content.

All in all, the staging tool is super handy and gives you loads of flexibility.

  1. Managing Your Server(s) with Cloudways
  2. In addition to managing your particular person applications (WordPress sites), Cloudways also gives you the same interface to manage your servers:

You’ll be able to have as many servers as you need, each with their configuration. For example, you can have one server at DigitalOcean and another one at Google Cloud Platform.

While some of the choices listed here are developer-focused, there are some more handy things for casual customers, too. I’ll highlight three of the most important features.

Vertical scaling enables you to change the scale of your server, by either including/removing computing power or changing store limits. Scaling up is tremendous straightforward whereas scaling down would possibly require utilizing the cloning feature.

This allows you to instantly change your server’s sources, which isn’t one thing that you can do with most hosts.

For example, in case you discover that you just’re getting extra traffic, you may add more assets with just some clicks:

The Backups tab helps you to configure how backups work, corresponding to how usually to create new backups and how lengthy to retain backups for. You too can run an on-demand backup if wanted:

Finally, the SMTP tab enables you to configure an SMTP server to use to your server. You’ll need to set this up if you wish to ship transactional emails out of your WordPress site. I’d recommend something like Mailgun or SendGrid, both of which supply free sending plans:

Limitless Free WordPress Migrations

Should you’re presently internet hosting elsewhere and enthusiastic about making the switch to Cloudways, you’ll be able to migrate limitless WordPress websites to your Cloudways server(s) by way of the official Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin at

All you do is enter the SFTP details from your Cloudways account in the plugin’s interface and it will deal with migrating your web site to Cloudways, which is tremendously convenient.

Staff Management Functionality

If you want to give different customers access to your Cloudways account, Cloudways’ Staff feature lets you give different folks access, however only to particular servers and/or applications.

That is convenient when you’ve got a staff otherwise you just need to give a freelancer access to a selected server or web site:

What about Performance Checks?

You’ll have observed that I haven’t run any efficiency tests on this Cloudways review. I didn’t overlook, nor am I lazy.

The reason I haven’t carried out it’s because there’s no single Cloudways “hardware” to run a performance test against.

That is, your site’s performance relies on the supplier and sources that you just choose. When you give your site satisfactory assets for its traffic, it’s going to load fast on any of those cloud internet hosting providers.

AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean… these are what the massive guys use. Your site isn’t going to be slowed down by the underlying hardware.

Moreover, Cloudways gives you tons of resources to optimize your WordPress site. For example, Cloudways builds in its CDN, in addition to an efficiency stack with Varnish, Nginx, and Memcached:

Cloudways also developed the Breeze plugin, which is out there at for free. Breeze helps you implement caching, as well as performance optimization ideas such as minification and a CDN integration.

Mainly, as long as you follow primary WordPress efficiency finest practices and give your web site enough resources, your web site is going to load fast.

Cloudways Pricing

Pricing is another area at Cloudways that relies upon completely on your choices. That is, it is determined by which cloud internet hosting supplier you select and what resources you need from that supplier:

Mainly, you’ll pay regardless of the naked cloud internet hosting would price plus an additional amount to Cloudways for the handy dashboard and administration features.

You’ll solely pay one invoice to Cloudways, though – you don’t have to pay individually to the cloud hosting provider.

So, what sort of premium does Cloudways charge? Effectively, let’s have a look at the DigitalOcean plans.

In the event, you went directly to DigitalOcean and purchased their plan with 2 GB memory, 1 vCPU, and 50 GB storage, you’d pay $10.00 per month. That very same plan at Cloudways is $22.00.

One other instance – the DigitalOcean plan with 4 GB ram, 2 vCPUs, and eighty GB storage prices $20.00 per thirty days through DigitalOcean. That same plan at Cloudways costs $42.00 per month.

So principally, you seem to pay just a little over 2x what you’d pay for just the cloud hosting resources. Which may sound like a troublesome deal, however, there are two essential issues to remember:

The management dashboard is very well-designed and makes managing your site(s) a breeze. When you wanted to use DigitalOcean straight, you’d have to be a technical consumer to get something done. The worth premium is literally what lets cloud hosting be accessible to non-technical users.

The actual comparability is versus different managed WordPress hosts, and Cloudways is quite competitive there. Especially when you think about the versatile billing, limitless websites, no arbitrary site visitors limit, etc.

Ultimate Thoughts on Cloudways I’m an enormous fan of Cloudways.

Cloudways takes a modern strategy to internet hosting – cloud hosting – and makes it accessible to informal WordPress users.

You should utilize the identical infrastructure that main enterprises are utilizing… by way of a simple dashboard that makes it super straightforward to handle your web site, create staging sites, restore from backups, and more.

Past that, you get more flexibility than every other WordPress host can offer. No annual billing; you can begin or stop your internet hosting as wanted down to the hour.

You also don’t have to cope with any arbitrary limits. No visitors caps, no web site limits. As long as your server has the sources, you can do whatever you want. And if your server doesn’t have the resources? You may scale issues up with a single click… after which scale down in the future if wanted (though cutting down takes more than a single click on; you need to clone your server).

Should you’re already overwhelmed with managing your shared internet hosting account, Cloudways may not be for you. However, I think most informal customers may have no problem using Cloudways.

The nice factor is that there’s no threat to attempting it out. You will get started with a free three-day trial to expertise all the functionality. Give it an attempt to see if it works for you.

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