Baby Boomer Deals In Sports Cars For More Comfortable Vehicles

Baby Boomer Deals In Sports Cars For More Comfortable Vehicles


Baby Boomer Deals In Sports Cars For More Comfortable Vehicles

Baby boomers trade in sports cars for more comfortable vehicles. The post-war baby boomer generation was both fifties and sixties. And apparently, as they get older, they’re shifting from sports cars to SUVs, so sales of stalker sports cars like Ford Mustang are falling, Bloomberg reports.

Baby Boomer Deals In Sports Cars For More Comfortable Vehicles
Baby Boomer Deals In Sports Cars For More Comfortable Vehicles

The man, who was born in 1946 and 1964, traditionally consists of the majority of sports car buyers in the United States. But as they move through middle age, the priorities and habits of spending change. Stuck in a sunglow sports car, hard-driving becomes more than a task for fun. And why deal with inconvenience and compromise when there are so many high-performance SUVs on the market today?

Figures compiled by Autodata Corp. show that sales of SUVs such as Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and Land Rover Discovery Sport have exploded by more than 200 percent this year, while Sales of Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette are retreating.

Earlier this month, Ford announced that it was a decommissioned flat stone assembly plant that Mustangs built in response to a nine percent drop in sales this year. Corvette fell 14 percent and Chevrolet Camaro fell 11 percent.

So far this year, boomers make up about 40 percent of Mustang buyers, up from 50 percent three years ago. Ford is on track to sell about 100,000 Mustangs this year, but in the year to July, about a quarter of production went to the company’s fleet.

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Mustang marketing manager Mark Schaller said: “We’ve seen some older boomers move on. Mustang is a direct stage vehicle.”

Porsche, too, is not immune to the recession. The brand’s sales fell 8 percent this year, but Tiger sales – arguably the most sports cars on the market, such as SUVs – rose 30 percent.

Eric Noble, president of CarLab Consulting, said: “Boomers have aged out of sports cars. When you get into your 60s, comfort becomes even more important. Sports cars will not disappear, but the market will be smaller.”

Added Noble, the next generation will not be able to catch this decline. There are only fewer generations of Xers – now ages 35 to 50 – and millennials haven’t earned enough to buy sports cars.

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