Alicloud or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages and Speed

Alicloud Or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages And Speed

Alicloud or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages and Speed

Alicloud or Alibaba Cloud The biggest cloud provider in China

Alicloud or Alibaba Cloud (Mandarin: 阿里 云; pinyin: Ālǐyún; lit.: ‘Ali Cloud’), also known as Aliyun, is a Chinese cloud computing company, a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud Computing was founded on September 10, 2009, with the mission of building an advanced data-centric cloud computing service company and an Internet data-sharing platform. The company attracts top technical talent both domestically and internationally and is committed to innovating in technology in the field of the Internet and e-commerce based on Alibaba Group’s experience in the e-business sector.

Alicloud Or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages And Speed
Alicloud Or Alibaba Cloud, Advantages And Speed

World-class technology will help Alibaba become the most influential Internet company and the largest e-commerce service provider in the world and will bring new experiences on the internet and e-commerce for the future.

Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing services for online businesses and Alibaba’s e-commerce ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud’s international operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore. As in August 2019, the company announced to change the name of Alibaba Cloud to Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Alibaba Cloud offers cloud services. Services are available on a pay basis when you travel and include Elastic Calculation, Data Storage, Relational Database, Large Data Processing, Anti-DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Beyond the status as the largest cloud computing company in China, Alibaba Cloud operates in 21 data center regions and 63 availability zones worldwide. In June 2017, Alibaba Cloud was placed in the Visionary quadrant of the Magic Quadrant Gartner for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide.

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History of Alicloud / Alibaba Cloud

1. September 2009 – Alibaba Cloud is established and R&D centers and subsequent operations centers are opened in Hangzhou, Beijing, and Silicon Valley.

2. November 2010 – Supporting the first Single Day (11.11) of the Taobao shopping festival, with 2.4 billion PV in 24 hours.

3. November 2012 – Becoming the first Chinese cloud service provider to pass ISO27001: 2005 (Information Security Management System).

4. January 2013 – Merged with HiChina for business

5. August 2013 – ApsaraDB architecture supports 5000 physical machines in one cluster.

6. December 2014 – Defends DDoS attacks for 14 hours, peaking at 453.8Gbit / s.

7. May 2014 – Hong Kong data center online.

8. October 2015 – Two US data centers online.

9. July 2015 – The Alibaba Group is investing the further US $ 1 billion in Alibaba Cloud.

10. August 2015 – Singapore’s first Alibaba Cloud data center opens. Singapore was announced as Alibaba Cloud’s overseas headquarters.

11. October 2015 – MaxCompute leads the Sortch Benchmark, sorting 100TB of data in 377 compared to previous Apache Spark records of 1406s.

12. October 2015 – Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference was held in Hangzhou and attracted more than 20,000 developers.

13. November 2015 – Supports the 11.11 shopping festival with a record transaction of $ 14.2 billion in 24 hours.
April 2016 – Alibaba Cloud partners with SK Holdings C&C to provide cloud services for Korean and Chinese companies.

14. May 2016 – Alibaba Group and SoftBank formalize joint venture to launch cloud services in Japan that utilize technology and solutions from Alibaba Cloud.

15. June 2016 – Alibaba Cloud expands data center operations in Singapore with the establishment of a second availability zone. Alibaba Cloud also won two new overseas certifications: the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Level 3 standard, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

16. November 2016 – Alibaba Cloud partners with Vodafone Germany for Data Center operations and to provide cloud services for German and European companies.

17. January 2017 – Alibaba becomes the official Olympic cloud service provider.

18. June 2017 – Alibaba Cloud is placed in the Visionary quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide.

19. July 2017 – The official website of Alibaba Cloud was changed from to September 2017 – Alibaba Cloud partners with Fusionex Malaysia to provide cloud solutions in Southeast Asia.

20. October 2017 – Alibaba Cloud partners with Elastic and launches a new service called Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch.

21. October 2017 – Alibaba Cloud Malaysia data center begins operations.

22. December 2017 – Alibaba Cloud India data center begins operations.

23. December 2017 – Alibaba Cloud received C5 standard certification from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for data centers in Germany and Singapore.

24. February 2018 – Alibaba Cloud Indonesia’s data center begins operations.

Advantages of using Alibaba Cloud:

1. Cloud without restrictions

Reduce latency and apply globally on the Alibaba Cloud international network of 14 data centers and manage all regions through one global account.

2. The biggest cloud provider in China

The largest cloud network access in China, including 6 deployment areas and several Availability Zones in each region.

3. Protection of your data

As a company registered in Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud adheres to high-level international certification to ensure data security.

4. Performance record-breaker

Alibaba Cloud has broken records in data sorting technology, anti-DDoS protection, and transaction processing per second.

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