Adobe creative cloud download, Support for Windows and macOS

Adobe Creative Cloud Download, Support For Windows And MacOS

Adobe creative cloud download, Support for Windows and macOS

Adobe creative cloud all apps

Adobe creative cloud all apps, who does not know Adobe software? Among the most famous are Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom or Acrobat. They are often, if not always, the benchmark in their respective fields. Everyone knows that these are professional software and that as such the price of licenses also plays in the big leagues. Only the era of license purchases is over, the time is for monthly payment, which in some cases can drastically reduce

Adobe Creative Cloud Download, Support For Windows And MacOS
Adobe Creative Cloud Download, Support For Windows And MacOS

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

The strength of Adobe Creative Cloud lies in the diversity of subscription plans offered. Thus, if there are formulas dedicated to SMEs, large companies or schools, we will focus here only on those made for individuals and students. So let’s cut the suspense short: $ 59.99. This is the price of the monthly subscription to have all Adobe software at your disposal. Nearly 60 euros per month, this may seem expensive, but you have to keep in mind that for this price you get access to Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Acrobat Pro, Stock, XD et and if some names don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry, we’ll go into detail later in this article.

Students will be treated even better, since the monthly subscription is $ 29.99 and even $ 19.50 the first year. However, you will have to justify your status, either by using the email address of your school / university, or by providing a supporting document, such as a student card, a transcript or a certificate of registration.

However, you may not want all of the software. No problem, Adobe has thought of you. It is possible to take out a subscription for only one software. The price then varies from $ 5.99 to $ 23.99 per month depending on the software. InCopy for example costs $ 5.99, Premiere Rush costs $ 11.99 and professional software like Photoshop costs $ 23.99 per month.

There is also a pack for photographers, it is so interesting that it will be the subject of its own article.

These amounts are subject to annual subscription conditions. The monthly rates are a little less advantageous. The invoice goes from $ 59.99 to $ 89.99 for an individual subscription.

What are the tools in this Adobe Creative Suite?

1. Photoshop

Difficult to present Photoshop as its reputation precedes it. It is neither more nor less than the most famous imaging software in the world. It brings together all the graphic tools necessary for the creation and retouching of 2D and 3D images. Thousands of brush and brush options will turn your screen into a ready-to-paint canvas. And if you prefer to work on an existing base, Photoshop is an excellent tool for merging images, for reworking them, for restoring old photos, etc.

2. Lightroom

Ligthroom is also an essential software for all photography enthusiasts. The Creative Cloud suite contains two versions of Lightroom: the normal version and the Classic version. Classic is the PC version that will allow you to work on your photos from your computer, whether or not connected to the Internet. It is the ideal tool if you want to work on your vacation photos during your trip, on the train, on the plane or in a hotel that has a fickle WiFi. The version simply named Lightroom is actually an online service that will allow you to modify, classify and store your photos directly from the Adobe cloud. However, the photo editing features are not as advanced as in the Classic version. Among the available formulas, you can choose between 20GB and 1TB of available storage space. The version including all the software will give you 100GB of storage.

3. Illustrator

Illustrator is one of those essential software for professional graphic designers. It is the software which defines the standard of vectorial drawing. AI, for friends, is the perfect tool for creating logos, anything related to typography, and any other design intended to be printed on a business card than on a 4 x 3 meter billboard.

4. InDesign

InDesign is Illustrator’s best friend. Once the logos have been created, the fonts have been chosen, it is time for the layout and this is where InDesign comes in. It’s up to you to create stylish CVs or complete magazines. The solutions are limitless, especially thanks to the integration of other tools in the suite such as InCopy which allows the involvement of writers or translators for example.

5. Adobe Premiere

The Creative Cloud suite includes, like Lightroom, two versions of Premiere intended for two very distinct uses. Premiere Pro is professional editing software for PC and Mac. Combined with After Effects for visual effects or Audition for sound effects, it is a tool of choice for experienced videographers. Premiere Rush is both an application for smartphones and tablets, and software. The goal is to simply be able to film, edit and share videos on social networks like Facebook or Instagram or video platforms like Youtube in a few clicks. Note that there are 2 other versions of Premiere that are not part of the subscription: Premiere Element, software sold € 99 in simple license, much lower than Premiere Pro in terms of possibility, and Premiere Clip,

Getting started Adobe Creative Cloud?

So much for the major graphics software, but Adobe Creative Cloud covers more than this purely graphic aspect. Indeed, we find among the available software web creation tools like Dreamweaver or Spark, interface creation tools like XD or a whole bunch of tools which make it possible to simplify the daily life of the creators whether it is for work in team with InCopy or Anywhere, to obtain resources with Font or Stock. But we must not forget that Creative Cloud is intended primarily for professionals and that as such it is not surprising to find a dozen tools oriented to marketing, customer analysis, advertising, monetization etc. Finally, since Adobe is at the origin of PDF, its Acrobat software, among others, have a good place in this suite.

Adobe offers you a free 7-day trial. Please note, after this free trial period, payment is made immediately (this is why you will be asked for your credit card details / paypal account at the time of registration). This will allow you to test the software or software you want for a few days, the time to get an idea. So just create an account, choose what type of subscription plan you want, and finally which payment method you prefer (credit cards or Paypal). You can cancel this payment after 7 days if you choose another solution.

Then, you just have to download the Adode Creative Cloud software which will allow you to download the software available in the plan to which you have just subscribed. You will notice 2 types of icons. The square corner icons are classic software and the rounded corner icons are for cloud tools.

Adobe Creative Cloud Download Free

Creative Cloud Desktop App

1. Download Windows Installer:

*Windows 10 (64-bit)

*Windows (all other versions)

2. Download macOS Installer:

*macOS v10.12 or later

*macOS v10.11 or earlier