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Digital is the world leader in online news and information and seeks to inform, engage and empower the world. Working full time, seven days a week by a dedicated team in AHMADRDK bureaus around the world, the AHMADRDK digital platform delivers news to every corner of the globe.


To Inform, Engage, and Empower the World

We are truth seekers and storytellers.

We are journalists, designers and technologists, united by a mission to inform, engage and empower the world.

We witness history as it unfolds and explain not just what happened, but why, and what it means to you.

Our products and platforms take you to the furthest corners of the world, and they bring the world to you, providing content and services that enrich the lives of you, your family and your community.

We are available on more screens in more places than any other news source.

We stand for excellence in our journalism and our products.

We are committed to serving you.



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Editor in Chief: ( Gideon Dhamar Ardhika ) ( Gideon Dhamar Ardhika )

Editors : ( Bara Dhatu Dewanggana ) ( Geni Bregas Dewantara )

Contributors: ( Khoffiyatun ) ( Aufa Ibrahim ) ( Hanan Abdurrahman Ibrahim )